SFMOMA Used Web / Google Analytics To Experience 15% Better Measurement Accuracy

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SFMOMA-Museum-StoreAbout SFMOMA:

SFMOMA i.e. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art founded in early 1935 to be the first museum of contemporary art work and later in 1995 again became the first museum to launch its institutional website SFMOMA.org. In this website, there are almost 9000 artwork along with famous archives of video and audio contents for its visitors. The site also offers online features like social media, multimedia and blogs to explore about modern arts and serve as a mean to connect with SFMOMA community. It also has a detailed calendar specifying all its events and exhibition if visitors want to attend along with online store to purchase any of its art work.

SFMOMA’s Business Objective: 

The frequency of online visitors were quite high of about 4 times than physical visitors for the same museum. So to meet online demand regarding content or blog or exhibition was difficult to maintain in terms of accuracy with current web analytics. They were also unable to track the key investments usage in the site. Hence, the primary goal was first to develop dynamic, rich content base to keep on engaging visitors. Some of the other objectives were:

  • To align business goals with web analytics data and maintain data accuracy.
  • To grab full popularity by having strong insights on its rich, dynamic content.
  • Finally to develop an effective marketing campaign which will help in increasing its e-commerce revenue.

Approach / Strategy adopted by SFMOMA:

SFMOMA decided to go with the latest version of Google Analytics and said bye-bye to old web analytics system. They aligned business objectives in such a way to form Goal settings in GA’s system that helped them to get best solution that was required. They customised tracking code so as to calculate accurate ROI based on visiting rate of customers which was previously miscalculated because of double-counting. SEMOMA had done some changes in implementation plan to get best content categories and report on it to analyse. To measure video/audio media engagement they made use of Event Tracking. They also set up e-commerce tracking to monitor all valuable actions by visitors that could be taken into consideration for website. Last but not least they establish a habit of using tags for campaign to measure the effectiveness of all social media platforms, email and banner ads. Finally with this SFMOMA was ready to build strategic resource and marketing planning.


Because of switching from old analytics to Google Analytics with robust plan, they saw a tremendous improvement in available insights and also about their online presence. SFMOMA gained a 15% realization in data accuracy, and so were more confident in making decisions depended on the data. They were now able to finalize what content suites best to users and made changes accordingly to keep up user’s interest. Also, all marketing campaigns were aligned to sales revenue and goal conversions.


The new data from Google analytics and report analysis helped SFMOMA to produce effective insights regarding the usage of website and what all marketing efforts are required. They also learned to make some enhancement towards design of website. They are now able to optimize according to user engagement content and correlate the marketing campaign with most popular campaign. Thus, SFMOMA is now equally capable of running its website as comapred to its physical museum and is raedy to become online leader.

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  1. Aparna

    Generation of correct numeric values using good analytical tool would help to understand the performance of a page rather than being misled by wrong calculation. Google Analytics, way to go !!!


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