Shoes Of Prey Used Web/Google Analytics To Attain 10% Hike In Sales

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Shoes of Prey LogoAbout Shoes of Prey: 

Shoes of Prey is all about a shopping experience through an online shoe festival, where a login to simple retail website allows all fashionista girls/ women out there in world to design their own shoes, customize in a perfect way that they want for wedding or any other event and then buy those handmade designs specially crafted for them. It’s founded by 3 business partner from Sydney Michael Fox, Mike Knapp and Jodie Fox in early 2009. As a new start-up, the company relies heavily on positive buzz about their products, so staying up-to-date on what’s being written about Shoes of Prey across websites and blogs is crucial.

Shoes of Prey’s business objective: 

As its founded in 2009, and being a new start-up it’s very important for it to know all positive or negative buzz about their products offered or how a website helps them to design those shoes, whether its attractive and easy enough to work within it or not. So its crucial matter for them to stay updated on whatever being written across websites and blogs about Shoes of Prey. So their only business objective was to create strong online partnerships bonds leading to sales opportunities and hike for their latest trends and products through reviews, blogs and posts.

Approach / Strategy adopted by Shoes of Prey:

The team at Shoes of Prey, implements a very smart combination of Google Alerts with Google Analytics to track online reviews and opinions related to the brand. Below are two points which they focused on most:

  1. Make effective use of GA’s Intelligence Alerts to trace converting traffic sources: this tools helps them to identify which blogs are sending traffic at their website and alerts them about visitor’s entry country wise.
  2.  To identify trustable partners worth for future time investment and scope.


Exactly same is the Polka Dot Bride which offers an illustration, so Shoes of Prey team knew that after a success of week, the blog wrote about their site and heavy response in terms of volume and traffic received from audiences achieved them to set a target sales. Thus Shoes of Prey team contacted Polka Dot Bride and then they both happened to be future partners. Working together helped them to target their readers/ customers to win a pair of shoes for wedding more effectively. As a result of this kick-start and great success of wedding shoes helped to uplift 10% in sales for sales of specially designed collection of wedding shoes.


As an inspiring entrepreneur, Michael is regularly on the search for potentially opportunities which can be profitable at same time. Thus GA’s Intelligence Alerts is only a tool that make this crucial work in a much easier way for them. He says, that reviewing Intelligence Alert tool on a daily basis and analysing reports on same make them aware of what’s happens around them, previously for which they were unknown about these unknowns and help them in ensuring effective response.

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