An Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Traffic Using Social Bookmarking

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Digital marketing is never an easy job and as a marketer, you need to act on different strategies if you want to provide your website with quality traffic and best conversions.

Social bookmarking is an effective method to drive quality traffic towards your website.

Through this article we will try to understand it more widely and how can you grow traffic through it.

Before getting any deeper it is very important that we know the basics of social bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Now, as the name suggests it is a type of bookmarking where the bookmarked content is not limited to an individual rather it can be viewed by users of that bookmarking platform as well.

There are a number of social bookmarking sites that allow you to bookmark your favoUrite content on their platform.

Now the bookmarked content is not private, it is public and the users of those social bookmarking sites can access the content.

The popular social bookmarking sites are-

Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious, BizSugar, Blog Engage, Design Bump, Design Float, DZone, SERPd, and Tip’d.

Social bookmarking is extremely helpful when you are looking to gain traffic for your website.

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What is Social Bookmarking?

Your target on these social bookmarking platforms should be the same as it is on search engines; you must aim to get on the top of the search results.

It might not seem that easy to get a good rank on these social bookmarking platforms but believe me, you can make it happen if you are following the right path.

There are certain measures which you need to follow if you want to make your content appear on the front page of these websites.

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Get a Proper Introduction to Social Bookmarking

You might have come across the term social bookmarking in certain situations and wondered what it was in the first place. Social Bookmarking is just the process that people use in order to store, search, manage, and organize certain bookmarks of the web pages on the internet these days.

The users are able to save all the links which are provided for different web pages that they are interested in or have the intention of sharing with the rest of the world. They can use the social bookmarking website in order to keep these links of the websites. The bookmarks are basically available to the public and can be seen by site members.

There are so many different types of social bookmarking options that are properly organized by some users and these bookmarks apply the keywords or the ‘tags’ in the content of the site. Now that means some other user will be able to view these specific bookmarks when they search for the tag that is associated with the particular post.

They will also be able to view the user count for the bookmarks as well. There are also some cases where the people are easily able to vote and comment on the items which are bookmarked in the best way.

Social Bookmarking has some other name as well and it is often known as folksonomy, social classification, collaborative tagging, social indexing, and so much more. The balanced combination of the words taxonomy and folk gave birth to the name Folksonomy. Hence it can be defined as the taxonomy that is generated by a particular person or even a group which consists of many people.

How Does Social Bookmarking Assist In Website Promotion

There is no doubt that once your website is listed properly on a particular site of social bookmarking, it will generate some high-quality traffic for sure. There are so many different websites which tend to represent the entire opportunity that you get to achieve some traffic for your website in the best way.

To be honest, these are the sites which provide some of the best people and these are the people that constitute the viral traffic. These are the people that reach the website of yours from a social bookmarking website and then make your website appear on top of the search results. Isn’t that something that you would want for your website?

Apart from that, the search engines will also list the amazing bookmarking sites. So, in case the website of yours is already bookmarked, there is a chance that it will get to the top of the search results on Google. This is not the end to the list of benefits that we have in store you. When you have at least one social bookmarking website, then people will want to tag you in others as well. Now that might sound strange but it really helps in website promotion.

Below we have mentioned a few of the best tactics that you need to emphasize upon if you want to get a good rank on these social bookmarking platforms.

So without getting any delays, let’s get started –

Steps to Follow to Grow Traffic Using Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Content

Basic Social Media Content Types

Basic Social Media Content Types

Content is undoubtedly the most important factor which decides the ranking of your web-page, whether it is on search engine or on these social bookmarking platforms.

The power of quality content can never be underestimated.

You might attract users with catchy headlines but if your content is not up to the mark then you are not going to get anything from it. There’s no point in bookmarking trash contents.

Make your content interesting, information-rich and interactive. If it’s boring, users will not stay on your webpage for much longer.

Getting traffic is easy but conversions never happen with trash content.

The content should be free from any spelling and grammar errors because that’s only going to increase the problem for you if you want to get a good rank.

If you will continuously post trash content on these social bookmarking sites then you might also end up earning a permanent ban from posting content on the platforms. So content is undoubtedly the real king.

2. Headlines



A good piece of content won’t get enough attraction if the headlines are not up to the mark. Headlines are really helpful.

Even a trash content can get huge attraction if the headline is well framed. So think about your quality content, it requires a top-notch headline.

A headline should be catchy and it should compel the users to go and read the entire content.

Make it short, simple and interesting. You have got only a few words to show your creativity, do it.

Interesting and catchy headlines will give your content the exposure it deserves. When it comes to understanding what is Social Bookmarking in SEO, it is very important to pay attention to the adept use of headlines in the content.

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3. Description

The headline is like a catchy line on the invitation card and description is what the card holds inside. The headline will no doubt provide you with the attention but the description will help you in keeping that attention.

You need to make sure that you are creating the description with great precision because a lot of users might not go to your actual content if they are not impressed with your description even if you are able to attract them with your catchy headline.

The description should be short and written in simple words but in a unique and interesting manner. It should be meaningful and should not contain false promises that don’t match with your actual content.

Focus on keeping it short (around 100-150 words) because no user would be keen to read the description which is similar to a short form of article.

Play with your words as much as you can but make sure that actual meaning is not changed and the description is comprehensive. You are not there to get your users perplexed.

A number of social bookmarking sites also put a word limit on the description so you need to make sure that you are well behind the mark.

4. First Paragraph

Writing the Perfect First Paragraph

Writing the Perfect First Paragraph

You have done enough with the attraction part and users are now on your actual content. Next thing that guides on What is Social Bookmarking in SEO suggests is a paragraph.

Now the real game begins, you have to make sure that they are not disappointed with what you promised in the headline and a short description.

In order to start well with your content, the first step is to create an awesome first paragraph.

Your first paragraph will provide your users with a glimpse of your content. It is a kind of briefing of your entire content.

The first paragraph of your content should contain simple words that are used in such a way that it is interesting and compelling.

You want to make sure that the user’s interest to read the entire content increases after going through your first paragraph.

5. Submission Time

Yes, the submission time of your content on these social bookmarking platforms also matters a lot when it is about deciding the ranking of your content on these platforms.

A number of social bookmarking platforms only provide you with 24hrs after the submission to get onto the front page.

You want to make sure that you are using that time gap at your best. Posting your content when your potential audience is offline will simply waste the time and opportunity for you.

According to experts if you are posting your content before 10 AM US central time then it is never going to be beneficial for your ranking.

Most the experts believe that posting your content around 3 PM US central time will give your content with the best exposure.

Try out these timings by yourself and figure out what suits the best for your content. Your main job is to make your audience go through what you have published.

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6. Right Category

While submitting your content make sure that you are submitting it to the right category. Because that can impact the ranking of your content majorly.

If your content is about health and fitness then it should lie in that category only and not in technology. If you are not able to add your content in the right category then you will end up getting nothing from the campaign.

Find out the social bookmarking site which has the category that you desire for and submits in the right category to get the best reach.

7. Profile

Your profile will matter but in the start, you can’t do much about that because you have just started. As you grow old on the social bookmarking sites you need to make sure that you maintain a good profile.

If you are the person who has posted an ample amount of quality content on the platform then the chances are high that whatever you will post will get the best exposure.

You will have to earn links from various sites otherwise your profile will be considered suspicious.

8. Language

The Language of Content

Your language of the content also matters when you are looking for getting a good rank on social bookmarking sites.

Since English is a universally accepted language we would recommend you to submit your content in English language only.

Publishing your content in the local language will no doubt give you the local traffic but when you are aiming for worldwide exposure submission must be done in English language only.

9. Collaboration

You can also cooperate with other social bookmarkers because that will only increase your reach in that world.

You will be exposed to their audience as well and that is all that you want; maximum exposure.

10. Publish the Right Thing

We understand that you want to get the best attention from your users and want conversions but in pursuit of doing this make sure that you are not publishing wrong things.

The facts that you state in your content must be true and genuine.

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How to make a Bookmark

Below are the steps that you need to follow to learn how to make a bookmark-

1. Choose a Social Bookmarking Site

2. Upload bookmarks and the links

3. Then link to Social Media Channels

4. Include best and relevant tags

5. Download the extensions

Final Words 

So this was all about social bookmarking, how can you get the best traffic from it and how to make a bookmark.

Social bookmarking can provide your website and the content with a great exposure that you want and if you do everything as stated above you can get the traffic of your dreams from it.

If you are still not into the social bookmarking then it is the time for you to start because you don’t want to miss out a great opportunity for the enhancement of your marketing campaign.

Enrolling in Social Media Course will enable you to learn and master the right use of Social Bookmarking Sites to boost your Search Engine Rankings.

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