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The Psychology Of Color And Size In E-Marketing

Psychology in marketing is still a rather untapped landscape, Psychology used to be a body of theories. Today, many of these theories have been debunked while others have been transformed into laws, actual laws of ‘human behavior’. It’s been proven purchase decisions are made in the unconscious mind. People may say the word consciously, but […]

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MaassMedia Used Google/Web Analytics To Gain 10% Increase In Leads Generation

About Maass Media: MaassMedia, LLC, is a boutique digital analytics consulting firm, head-quartered in Philadelphia since 2008. The team of MaassMedia experts  provides their services across digital analytics under the sub categories below: Analytics engineering Statistics and analysis Data visualization Testing and optimization All of the above sub categories focus on building a data driven environment […]

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Top 5 Do’s Of E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is an e-mail sent to attract potential customers or with the purpose of providing information and advertising which can be regarded as e-mail marketing in its broadest sense. As times are progressing, email marketing is becoming the most widely used and effective route to business expansion. These e-mails might be flooding your inbox, […]

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