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A-Z Guide to Choosing the Best E-Marketing Institute

Emarketing institute

Are you looking for the best E-Marketing Institute to start your career in the Digital Industry?



E-Marketing is the next big career opportunity with endless scope. E-Marketing has become prevalent in the current scenario. Just in a few years, E-Marketing has increased by leaps and bounds.

However, the best part of E-Marketing is that it not only benefitted the marketers and advertisers but also offered a promising platform to aspiring E-Marketers.

With the rapidly emerging E-Marketing industry, it is expected that almost 85% of job opportunities will be created by 2020.

With the digital transformation, a majority of businesses have already turned digital. Their overall marketing strategy is dominated by E-Marketing.

This extensive use of E-Marketing strategies in the business has lead to an increase in the demand for E-Marketers.

E-Marketing is one of the hottest jobs in the market today. Moreover, this E-Marketing industry is booming because it is not only for a certain group of individuals but for almost everyone.

There is no qualification hindrance when it comes to learning E-Marketing.

Gone were the days when students only used to think about choosing a career from the available 3-4 options. With the emergence of  E-Marketing, people are making a profitable career.

If you too looking forward to becoming a part of this booming industry by taking up an E-Marketing Course, you have landed on the right page.

There are many training institutes that specialize in providing E-Marketing training but the confusion arrives when it is time to choose one from the available options.

Some people tend to choose the institutes on the basis of suggestions provided by their family, friends and even acquaintances.

This might be helpful but it certainly does not guarantee that whatever might have worked for them will also work for you.

To help you choose the right E-Marketing institute, here are some vital tips that you need to take into consideration.

Top 10 tips to choose the right E-Marketing Institute

1. Credibility of the Institute

Credibility of the institute
Credibility of the institute

Credibility is the most powerful asset of any business, whether it is a brand, a corporate or even a training institute.

As a matter of fact, whenever you find a training institute claiming to be the best E-Marketing institute, all you need to do is to check the reputation and credibility of the institute.

After all, there is a difference between what is said and what is done. Thus, do not fall for the trap and recheck the institute’s reputation.

To build a strong career in Digital Marketing, you have to be extra cautious while choosing the best E-Marketing institute. Blindly trusting anyone can prove to be dangerous and all you will do is regret later.

Conduct online research on the types of E-Marketing institutes. Compare and contrast them on the basis of their presence in the E-Marketing industry.

2. Updated Course Curriculum of E-Marketing Institute

Updated course curriculum
Updated course curriculum

E-Marketing Course Curriculum is of utmost importance. It is the most valuable part of E-Marketing Training. It includes everything that you are going to learn in the E-Marketing landscape.

Thus, while choosing the best E-Marketing institute, think more about the course curriculum. An updated and industry-relevant curriculum is what an E-Marketing Course the perfect one.

Moreover, you also need to go through the entire curriculum to check if it has everything that is required to cover all the aspects of E-Marketing.

Compare the course curriculum of various E-Marketing institutes to check the relevance and also see whether the recent updates are added or not.

The Course Curriculum of an E-Marketing Institute consists of:

(i) Search Engine Optimization

(ii) Search Engine Marketing

(iii) Social Media Marketing

(iv) Email Marketing

(v) Web Analytics

(vi) Inbound Marketing

(vii) Facebook Marketing

(viii) Affiliate Marketing

(ix) Mobile Web Marketing

(x) Content Marketing

3. Expert Faculty of E-Marketing Institute

Expert faculty
Expert faculty

Experienced and expert faculty is the backbone of every E-Marketing Institute. After all, they are the ones who will be shaping your future by imparting essential E-Marketing knowledge.

You cannot judge the value of an E-Marketing institute without having detailed information about the faculty.

As E-Marketing is all about applying practical knowledge in the real-world cases, you have to check whether the faculty is efficient enough in providing practical experience as well.

For this, you have to make sure that the instructor has hands-on experience in the module that he is going to teach.

You can also conduct research on the educational as well as professional background of the trainers through online portals like LinkedIn. This will give you a complete overview of the faculty.

4. Demo Class

Demo class
Demo class

A good E-Marketing institute usually offers a demo class to the students to make sure that they have a precisely good idea about the teaching methodology. This lets the students have an independent assessment of the teaching quality.

So, if you are unsure about joining an E-Marketing institute, check whether an option of Demo Class is available to you.

If a particular E-Marketing institute provides a Demo Class, make sure to attend that. This will help you in clearing all your doubts regarding the course, the teaching pattern and other important details.

Taking the Demo Class will help you in judging whether you want to continue getting taught by that particular faculty or not.

5. Industry-Relevant Certifications

Industry-relevant certifications
Industry-relevant certifications

Certifications are the main reason behind taking up an E-Marketing Course. They are proof that you are a certified professional and also adds on to your skills and expertise.

Certifications help the employers to evaluate your potential and thus offers lucrative job opportunities.

In the manner, getting E-Marketing institute certifications help you to prove your worth as an E-Marketing professional. This further enhances your resume value and adds credibility.

While choosing an E-Marketing institute, ensure that the institute is registered so that you get an authorized  E-Marketing institute certification which can boost your resume value.

In a nutshell, E-Marketing institute certifications are the add ons that highlight your profiles and gives you better chances of selection.

6. Testimonials


Testimonials and Customer Reviews are the best way to gain knowledge about an E-Marketing institute. The E-Marketing institute reviews from alumni can help you to get a better idea about the institute.

Already existing students have learning experience which they share through testimonials and E-Marketing institute reviews. You can use these testimonials to your advantage.

Ensure that you seek information through a couple of reviews and do not just depend on one review.

To get a better overview of E-Marketing institute reviews, you can use Google & Facebook. You can also directly contact with the ex-students to understand the teaching style, course & even placement opportunities.

Testimonials are a great source gaining information as they provide some additional information about the institute which you can not find anywhere else.

7. Flexible Batches

Flexible batches
Flexible batches

Not only students look for E-Marketing Training but there are working professionals who also pursue E-Marketing course to enhance their expertise and build marketing skills.

If you are a working professional or a regular college student, you have to check whether E-Marketing institute has flexible timings or not.

Working professionals generally have time on weekends or are free after office hours during weekdays. So, check whether the institute provides classes during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or on evenings during weekdays.

There is absolutely no point of joining an E-Marketing institute where the batch timings are not compatible with your timings.

8. Live Project Experience

Live project experience
Live project experience

E-Marketing is more of a practical concept. It requires regular application & execution of Internet Marketing strategies. You can become an efficient E-Marketer only if you have some practical exposure.

E-Marketing knowledge can be gained easily but the real quest starts when you have to apply those theoretical learnings practically.

Just theoretical E-Marketing knowledge is not sufficient for you to crack an E-Marketing institute.

Thus, ensure not to choose an E-Marketing institute that provides practical learnings as well. These practical learnings can be in the form of assignments and case studies.

The best way to have a lucrative career in E-Marketing is by getting the right practical training with real-time projects.

9. Fee Structure of the E-Marketing Institute

Fee structure
Fee structure

A majority of students and working professionals who are looking forward to pursuing an E-Marketing course are more concerned about fees.

One of the common questions that they come up with is “Is the course really worth spending this much of amount?”

The course fee is one of the most important factors that persuade a student/professional to join an E-Marketing Institute.

The course of various E-Marketing institutes varies on the basis of:

(i) Course – Whether it is an in-depth course or a specialized version

(ii) Duration – Is the duration of the course 3 months or 6 months or even more

(iii) Type of Training – Whether the institute provides online or offline training

Choosing an E-Marketing institute is quite a responsible task. It can either make or break your career. Thus, merely choosing an E-Marketing Institute on the basis of fees is not a smart choice.

Do not compromise your career by choosing an E-Marketing Institute on the basis of the fees and then regretting later.

10. Placement Assistance & Internship

Placement assistance
Placement assistance

An institute that offers placement assistance and internships are worth choosing. The main motive behind joining an E-Marketing institute is to get a good and growth-oriented job.

Thus, while choosing an E-Marketing institute, you have to make sure that they have a dedicated Placement cell that works hard to give you the best job opportunities.

Have a look at all the recently placed students and where they are working. Contact them to check whether they are satisfied with the placement cell or not.


Investing in an E-Marketing Institute is a type of future investment that will reap many benefits. Merely choosing any institute is not recommended at all. You would not like to play with your career right?

Thus, if you are looking forward to joining an E-Marketing institute & getting certified as an E-Marketer, you have to follow the above-mentioned tips to choose the best E-Marketing institute.

You can enroll yourself in any of the top schools of Digital Marketing to kick start your career.

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