MaassMedia Used Google/Web Analytics To Gain 10% Increase In Leads Generation

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Case Studies, Web Analytics

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About Maass Media:

MaassMedia, LLC, is a boutique digital analytics consulting firm, head-quartered in Philadelphia since 2008. The team of MaassMedia experts  provides their services across digital analytics under the sub categories below:

  • Analytics engineering
  • Statistics and analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Testing and optimization

All of the above sub categories focus on building a data driven environment for the business to take well planned actions and also simultaneously help them to enhance their digital presence.In simple words, MaassMedia actually help their clients to improve their e-marketing initiatives and customer experience.

MaassMedia’s Business objectives:

While working for a large telecommunication client who wish to generate more leads for its B2B business, MaassMedia team have the clear goals and set objectives for them as :-

  1. To measure the impact of display touch points on leads generation. It means how the display campaign works in combination with the other channels to drive leads among small and medium-sized business customers.
  2. To leverage those channels which were best suited to the allocated budgets and have maximum reach to their prospective clients.
Strategy/Approaches adopted by MaassMedia:

The consulting team started with keeping their basics right by opting an efficient strategy-‘ Right skills with right tools’. MaassMedia leveraged their expertise ,along with certification, on Google analytics Tool. They partnered with Google to customize a data-driven attribution model which compliment their business model. The Model calculates the impact of display campaigns and display touch points by measuring customer likeliness to show interest ( and fill out forms) in the services provided by the telecommunication giant.

It also helped in understanding the complexity of the cost-per-lead metrics for every aspect of the display campaign. It actually helped in keeping the check on return on investment of the company.

Results achieved by MaassMedia:

The new attribution model produced some outstanding results for the company.It not only helped in driving more leads thereby eliminating the unnecessary expenditure that was earlier invested in unfruitful display campaigns. The list of benefits is given below:-

  1. The experts were able to uncover specific networks, placements and creatives which brought dramatic changes in the valuations of the campaigns. The new attribution model helped in identifying placements that generated 58% more leads when compared with the previous last-click model.After Implementation, there was an overall 10% incremental leads above projections, keeping the cost-per-lead metrics flat. It means cost per lead remain constant even with more number of leads.
  2. Most importantly, the whole strategy mentioned above helped the experts’  team in gaining confidence to make the right data-driven decisions based on display advertising. .

The results stated above are enough to prove the worthiness of display advertising and web analytics. There is a very important saying in business that ‘ people who have believe in their work should pursue a  job, while people who have belief in themselves should pursue their own business’. Therefore, web analytics help people become entrepreneurs by giving them confidence in their decisions.

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