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5 Steps To Add A Google Analytics Tab At Your Facebook Page For Regular Web Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help web administrators to monitor incoming traffic to the website. Using this toolkit, site administrators can get concrete data about visitors. The analytics data is presented across various pivots such as: Number of people who visited the site Number of unique visitors Path chosen by people to visit the site (whether […]

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3 Most Useful Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Joining a social media platform shall never be an accidental affair to any professional marketer. It must be a planned endeavor and should never be underestimated while compared to traditional marketing channels. The benefits of social media marketing are multidimensional which address different issues together, such as branding or brand improvement, lead generation, building good […]

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Atominsight Used Web Analytics To Generate Revenues Of More Than $5 bn For Its Client

About Atominsight Atominsight, a marketing consultancy firm, was founded under the flagship brand Atom Supplies Ltd (ASL) in 2009. The motto of origin is to serve its sibling ASL in e-commerce and business consulting space. However, the growing reputation of the company has broaden its horizon to a million pound billing for external clients. Over the […]

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Web Analytics In Action On Twitter To Help You Analyse The Important Tweets

Here is a good news for digital marketing geeks and those who really want to achieve heights in marketing their businesses through digital medium. Everyone must be aware of tools like Google Analytics, IBM Analytics, Facebook Analytics etc. which helps you monitor your activities and trends. Now here come very new and latest tool called […]

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