Technologia Used Multi-Channel Funnel Capability of Google/Web Analytics To Gain 120% Increase In Conversions

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logo-technologia-frAbout Technologia:

Specialized trainings are required to thrive in today’s dynamic and socially connected world. The key areas for corporate trainings are:

  • Information technology
  • Project management
  • Human capital management
  • Communications

Technologia, a leading IT firm, offers just this. Headquartered in Montreal and founded in 1996, the company offers customized training seminars to individuals and enterprises located in Montréal, Québec City and Gatineau.  Its unique training approach is recognized and accredited by many government firms and private businesses. At Technologia, many expert trainers offer about 300 seminars and 160 courses. The Technologia staff tweaks the trainings to better suit unique needs of clients. Majority of the courses offered by Technologia are in French and a few courses are in English. E-Learning Space is a key initiative driven by Technologia in partnership with CrossKnowledge. It provides excellent online trainings project management and human capital management.

Staying true tofooter-trainers its mission “Know more. Worth more”, the company endeavors to help individuals become more skillful, efficient, versatile and productive in their professional journey.

Technologia’s enjoys over 2000 clients due to wide range of course offerings they have —, many of which are distinguished entities as part of the Top 500 businesses in Québec and Canada.

  • Operating systems and networks
  • Database management
  • Information security,
  • Personnel management
  • Cloud computing
  • Web Development
  • Effective  Communication

98% of individuals out of 120,600 trained by the company have recommended it for its state of the art training program.

The Challenge Faced by Technologia:

Since its inception, Technologia had successfully used the traditional search marketing in the form of cost-per-click model. The conversions and transactions in Web Analytics are routinely credited to the last search or advertisement that referred the user.

However, in year 2011, Technologia wanted to upgrade its approach. It had a compelling need to know the role played by prior search queries, along with advertisements and referrals in that conversion. The company had a goal to better adjust its ad budget ultimately to increase conversions and grow the business.


This is where Adviso, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, stepped-in and led the project to help Technologia formulate and renew its internet marketing strategy.

Adviso was aware of the fact that trainings offered by Technologia are expensive and meant for serious customers. It was evident that people conducted thorough research and visited Technologia site multiple times. It was crucial for Adviso to understand path to conversion before last click and what really influenced the customer before he committed to finally purchase a Technologia training. Adviso needed detailed stats on time passed between user’s initial interest and user’s final purchase.

Enter Multi-Channel Funnel, a new Google Analytics feature that helped fulfill exact needs Adviso and Technologia were facing.

What Is Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF)?

Each website gets traffic to various sources a.k.a. channels. Some examples of channels are:

  • Paid search
  • Organic search
  • Social network
  • Other advertising
  • Referrals
  • Direct browse or bookmark

When people commit to spend money and buy a product on a website, they are given pointer to a product on that website by directly searching for it or by a different blog, email referral, affiliates, display ad etc.

Multi-Channel funnel keeps track of sequence of clicks and interactions that led to a conversion and financial transaction on a website. All funnel reports show not just the path to final purchase, but also display how marketing efforts through diverse channels are working together.


By default, history of 30 days is maintained by this system. Multi-channel funnel can also be configured to record conversion paths for 1-90 days. If users spend more than a certain amount of time on the site — that data is recorded by multi channel funnels as well.

Usage of Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics Feature by Adviso and Technologia:

Multi-Channel Funnel displays four different types of reports:

  • Assisted Conversion Report –  shows number and value of sales and conversions started and finished by each channel
  • Top Conversion Paths – shows conversion paths i.e. step wise journey taken by customers during purchase
  • Time Lag Report – shows duration of user activity leading to final purchase activity
  • Path Length report – shows how long it took for users to turn into customers

In July 2011, Adviso first started to use Top Conversion Path report that showed purchases influenced by at least two channels. This gave them a view of starting point and subsequent interaction points for each sale in last 30 days. Additionally, the report included detailed insights for all online interactions including paid ads, referrals and searches.

Results Achieved by Adviso and Technologia :

After a month, Technologia and Adviso analyzed Top Conversion Report and discerned that 18% of their search paths included paid advertising. Before using multi channel funnels, when Technologia would look at traditional last click result, they could never accurately estimate the number of sales. However, influence of advertising was significant — it had played a 57% more role in its online commercial transactions than what Technologia had originally thought.


As a result of this crucial discovery, Technologia raised its online ad budget by nearly 100%. Consequently, its online conversions are now up by 120% and its business is flourishing day by day.


Web Analytics is a growing field and it is imperative to upgrade tools and techniques to accurately analyze traffic in order to understand customer behavior and grow online business. In traditional analytics, only the last search or ad is credited with an ecommerce transaction. However, marketers have an increasing need to get data about prior website referrals, visitor clicks in various parts of websites, and actual text of search queries that led to final purchase.

Multi-Channel Funnel reporting is a highly valuable feature in Google Analytics toolkit.

It helps web marketers take a deep dive into consumer’s journey from first click to final purchase and keeps track of all intermittent touch points in this journey.

Technologia and Adviso upgraded their Analytics practice by efficiently using Multi-Channel Funnel Top Conversion report. This move helped them uncover hidden insights about factors that influence customers to purchase a product, tweak their online marketing strategy appropriately and boost the business revenue in a significant way.

Sources: Google Images

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