TiVo Partners Leveraged Google Analytics To Increase Its Mobile App Usage And Play Sessions By 54 %

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Businesses are not only about selling anymore. These days there are various strategies that are being adopted in order to stand out in the crowd. Launching a website, promoting its features using various online marketing tools, updating it regularly etc. will definitely help the business to sustain in the competition but it is not enough to achieve the desired results. It is very important to have a system in place to measure each and every aspect associated to the website. The number of people visiting a website alone need not necessarily give a clear picture. The objective should be to convert the visitors of the website into prospective clients. There are various factors that need to be carefully scrutinised in order to measure the website performance and traffic.

Businesses have understood the importance of their online presence irrespective of their size. One such example is TiVo Partners. TiVo used Google analytical tools to increase its mobile app usage which gave a huge boost to their business.

Google Analytics is a widely used analytical solution by businesses to get a complete insight about the visitors and effectiveness of their marketing strategy. The various salient features of Google analytics like easy-to-use, flexibility etc. make it even more sought as an analytical tool. Organizations, irrespective of their size have started using Google analytics to measure their performance backed up by data. This further helps to optimise the marketing strategies, improvise the features etc.

TiVo_logo_2011_Black_RGB_300dpiAbout TiVo

TiVo is a renowned digital video recorder company established in the year 1997. TiVo is a pioneer in providing advanced television. They have spread their wings not only in the local market but have also managed to establish a successful presence in the global market. An amalgamation of traditional and modern TV technology helps TiVo to provide various consumer products and software for good viewing experience. TiVo are also pioneers in television audience research and interactive advertising. TiVo helps to measure the number of audience that a particular program is fetching. At the same time, interactive advertising helps to promote brands using various online and offline media which in turn helps the brand to communicate effectively with their customers.

Business Objective of TiVo

TiVo came up with an app for smartphones and tablets. This app allows the user to browse through and schedule the recordings. The app also allows the user to download the shows streamed live or recorded in their mobile while on the go.

The following were the three major objectives of TiVo:

  1. To understand and measure user behaviour while using mobile app.
  2. To analyse the pattern associated with various categories in app usage.
  3. To analyse the most popular content and how it is being accessed.

TiVo had a log-based tracking solution in place which needed huge customization and strong development knowledge. People belonging to the team were not able to access the complete data and as a result, the transparency was at stake.

In order to overcome these issues, TiVo wanted to use an analytical tool along with their tracking system which would be well within their budget.

Strategy Adopted by TiVo

TiVo partnered with a leading Google Analytics certified Partner E-Nor, to achieve their business objectives. E-Nor is a Silicon Valley, California based global digital analytics and marketing optimization consulting firm. E-Nor helps organizations to become more data-driven. E-Nor is a pioneer in digital intelligence. They implement advanced analytical tools, marketing strategies and training. E-Nor helps the organizations to use various data to take important data driven decisions.

E-Nor used Universal Analytics to leverage the Custom dimension feature of the app. With the help of this analytical tool, E-Nor was able to measure the data elements like device and user environment details concerned with visitors which TiVo wanted to analyse. These elements were used as a base to generate the report for user behaviour.

It was also important to analyse the user behaviour within the app. In order to achieve this, E-Nor developed an Event Tracking model which helped to track the customers course of action. Each and every minute aspect like screen, button, link, click etc. was monitored. The other major key tools used in this analysis were Advanced Segments which allow the user to analyse the subsets of the traffic like Paid traffic, conversions etc. and Custom Reports which allow to analyse using dimensions of the users’ choice.

Results Achieved by TiVo

The following were the results achieved by TiVo:

  1. TiVo could use simple in-app tracking system and could get regular updates to the app.
  2. The device usage could be clearly analysed by generating reports for the same.
  3. TiVo could clearly identify the type of contents being consumed by the user along with the identification of means of consumption.
  4. With a new product launch, the number of active users increased by 27%.
  5. There was a 40% increase in the number of mobile app sessions and screen views after the launch of TiVo Raomio DVR.
  6. There was a 54% increase in the play sessions.
  7. There was an 80% increase in the usage of out-of-home streaming feature which helped TiVo to take a major decision to make an investment towards this feature.
  8. Insight report on customer streaming usage helped TiVo to prepare themselves for the additional load on the servers.
  9. Making optimized contents and appropriate recommendations like What to watch now availablecould be made possible, because of the data available about interactions on content discovery app features.
  10. In-home and Out-of-home contents on the app could be monitored and these insights were further used in press releases to influence other B2B and B2C customers.

Google analytics helped E-Nor and TiVo to generate a detailed report on user behaviour and performance which helped to understand the key features playing a major role towards the success of the new mobile app version. The features were optimized as per the user requirement.


The key factors influencing a business should be identified and acted upon at the earliest. Google Analytics plays a major role in identifying these key aspects which in turn help the organization to optimize their contents, features etc. TiVo used Google Analytics to identify some of its most important business influencing aspects like which type of content is being viewed, how it is being viewed ( live or recorded), mode of access like WiFi network or wired connection, devices used to access the app etc. Apart from generating the reports for the entire analysis, Google analytics also provides continuous support and analysis even when the app is further updated.

Google Analytics with its robust features helped TiVo to achieve its objective!

Image Credit: TiVo Partners

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