Virgin Limited Edition Leveraged Email Marketing To Increase CTR By 100%

by | May 23, 2014 | Case Studies, Email Marketing

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logoAbout Virgin Limited Edition: A prime collection of resorts at exotic locations around the world which is a part of the Richard Branson’s Virgin Group of business.

Email template

The new email  template of Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin Limited Edition’s Business Objectives: The main objectives were to utilize email as a marketing channel to increase inquiries from clients for the different resort locations; and increase email open rates and click through rates (CTR). Thereby, driving more traffic to its website.

Approach Adopted By Virgin Limited Edition: The Virgin Limited Edition team wanted to utilize its existing email programme to create more engagement with the clients and increase the booking of its resorts. They understood that the only way to do this was to revamp the existing email template. The team; therefore, worked with eCircle, a leading online marketing service provider and came up with a template which had the following features:

  • A robust HTML template that can be used repeatedly in the future.
  • Simple and professionally designed template which is consistent with the Virgin’s brand.
  • A template which can accommodate any message content without compromising the design.

The Results Achieved By Virgin Limited Edition: The Virgin team experienced a 30% increase in the email open rate and a 100 % increase in the CTR. This significantly increased the customer inquiries, increased traffic to the website and thereby higher resort bookings.

Learnings: Earlier the Virgin team used simple template which was less creative and this attracted lesser prospects and customers. But after the revamping exercise the company experienced more inquiries and higher booking rates.

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  1. Nikhita Reddy

    Nice post. But I think results achieved should have been elaborated a bit more, after all the results reflect the real success achieved by the company. The strategy adopted by virgin limited edition was really good.


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