Waitrose Used Search Engine Marketing To Increase Its Yearly Sales By 440+%

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About Waitrose:


Started in 1904, Waitrose, a small grocery store did not anticipate, that after 100 odd years, it will have almost 300 grocery stores spread in the UK market.While the newspapers consider it as a luxury supermarket, the management considers it as one of the competitors in the grocery supermarket. It is now the sixth largest grocery retailer in the United Kingdom, with a 5% market share.

Business Objectives of Waitrose:

Apart from brick and mortar stores, Waitrose had started its online grocery store. The company wanted to:

  •  Increase its sales, both online and offline.
  • Support its brand locally.
  • Had strict budgets enforced on Cost Per Acquisition.

Strategy Adopted By Waitrose:

Waitrose appointed Jellyfish, a UK based digital marketing company, to help them increase local sales through PPC advertising and SEO management. Jellyfish was founded in 1999 when PPC advertising was just born. They are digital marketing experts and expanded its wings over UK, US and other continents. Be it PPC, SEO, Email marketing, or Analytics, Jellyfish has made its mark in the UK markets.

Jellyfish took the following steps to ensure increased sales :

  • Splitting the limited budget into desktop, tablets and mobile campaigns.
  • With the help of keywords, Jellyfish ensured that Waitrose was on top of organic searches.
  • It worked closely with the Inhouse Analytics team. The Inhouse Waitrose analytics team was using Omniture (a platform for analysing digital data, in competition with Google Analytics) for analysing data. Jellyfish  cooperated with this in-house team to monitor new and existing customers.

Results Achieved By Waitrose:

With the help of the outside agency, Jellyfish succeeded to achieve sale by 447%, while the PPC budget was increased only by 4% every year.


Briefings on the business of the company, to an outside agency should be such, that your business objectives are always in the minds of the agency.

With strict targets of not increasing cost per acquisition, Jellyfish was able to achieve an overall very high return on investment for Waitrose, year over year.                                   

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