Webinar Recording: 3 Simple Methods Used In Sourcing Highly Targeted Prospects

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Even though an individual is a great marketer or one of the best sales personnel, but what really matters is the strategy correct? Is the sourcing happening from the right contact, is a great cause of concern.

It is important to analyse and trace the answer to the question- ‘how can one source contacts using simple search methods?’ Some might be wondering if there are any particular softwares that can help to streamline the process of sourcing.

To clarify the doubts, digital marketing practitioner, consultant and Digital Vidya’s lead program leader for email marketing- Nithyanandan Ramakrishna ka Nithy, Senior Marketing Manager, Strategic Outsourcing Services Pvt. Ltd., led a webinar for the community. During the webinar, Nithy shared certain tips on sourcing profiles via leveraging search engine giant Google.

The key takeaways of the webinar are enlisted as follows:

  • Instead of finding database from vendor for getting data, it is recommended to buy data
  • Using interface for getting data we are connected to LinkedIn
  • Building Company name, person’s name and website will work in favour

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