Webinar Recording: Content Marketing Your Key To Success In Digital Marketing

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Content marketing in the current era is more about publishing in Social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. and making personalized content which target customers according to their likes /dislikes. Also, it involves analytics, which helps to understand the user behavior & how better marketers can engage with them.

The crux of content marketing lies in getting the time & attention of the audience.

Content marketing life cycle starts with creating or curating the content, getting it published through various mediums / platforms, distributing it using various marketing techniques, optimizing it based upon user generated content or analytics and growing your audience base. The loop continues with an audience funneling back the contents in the form of comments which helps marketers in making a better content & thereby increasing the audience base again. The success of the marketers lies how they leverage the audience feedbacks to form better contents.

The various ways of getting Quality Content for marketing:

A) Building collection of interesting content which is available online (related to your domain) & repackaging to make a story (combination of visual & content) which can be published for marketing.

B) Creating original contents with good visual designs

C) Creating contents & taking inspiration from content which went viral

Some considerations while creating contents involves is

A) It should have more quality

B) It should have visual as well as textual contents

C) Contents which are more shareable

D) More of Mass appeal

E) User generated content – engaging more with the users

F) Build a content brand with a well thought strategy that can make the audience tick.

Building a content brand involves understanding the audience, creating inspiring content, and creating original content which can draw huge user engagement.

Optimization of content marketing can be done by creating appealing titles/headlines; SEO, so that it is easily discovered; creating content which are appealing on all social mediums and that is sharable on mobile platforms.

Success of content being marketed can be measured by testing its appeal amongst a small group of people; knowing its virality potential on social platforms; looking for web traffic growth; tracking opening & click rates on email platform.

1. What are the various tools that can be used in different steps of content marketing from start to end?

A combination of tools can be used to manage your multiple social accounts & distribution channels  (Collaborative dashboards) from content management to publishing like hootsuite, Buffer etc and there are publishing tools like WordPress (very useful as it can change the SEO titles & meta titles, use different templates). For measuring there are tools like google analytics.

2. For small & medium businesses which is the best approach to create high volume quality contents?

It’s advisable to go for quality contents that create maximum engagements, since there is a higher probability of your next content post getting rejected when churning out contents in high volume which doesn’t create any engagement (how Facebook algorithms works). It’s always better to go for high quality content which creates higher engagements than huge volume content which doesn’t create any engagement.

3. What are the Great ways to optimize video based content?

The best way to do is create a video which arouses the curiosity & test it with a small group of people to check its virality. What matters is the creativity involved & how different it is.

4. Difference between ‘Content curation’ & ‘Content creation’?

Content curation involves a lot of research on a particular subject or domain that is already available & then creating; repackaging contents based upon it. Content creation involves creating contents from the scratch that is original.

5. Top Things that should be kept in mind while leveraging organic SEO.

The quality of the contents & the popularity the content in the social platforms matters if it has to rank better in the search engines which are equally important as the keywords used for SEO.

6. What are the essential guidelines when experimenting with different tools for content marketing?

The best way that can be done is by following the blogs of the thought leaders talking about the latest trends

7. Are there any guidelines involved in using copyrighted content?

When using copyrighted contents it’s always best to get the permission of the author & give proper attributes while using content or images. Also understand the legalities involved while using the copyrighted content

Content Marketing is one of the emerging areas in the field of Digital Marketing. But the question here is, how much effective it is for Digital Marketers? Want to know about this? Understand the key elements of content marketing through below mentioned Webinar led by Mr. Aloke Bajpai, CEO, ixigo.com:

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