31 Digital Marketing Tips for Sure Business Success in 2019

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Businesses across the globe are looking for optimized online presence that can connect with the right kinds of audiences, convince them to convert for the favourable actions that boost the sales potential. Contemporary Digital Marketing Tips play a pivotal role in the process.

Frankly speaking, marketing has gone to the next level in recent years.

With the evolution of digital marketing and increased usage of digital devices, every business out there is aiming for best digital marketing campaigns to earn leads.

Here we are providing you with the best digital marketing tips in 2019 so that you can not only enhance your campaigns but also earn expected leads.

Since most of the people these days are using the internet to search for their interest and more than half of the internet user is involved in social media in one way or other.

Considering this fact, it has become extremely important for businesses to understand the essence of digital marketing.

As per the industry experts, by the end of 2021, digital ad spend around the world will cross $375 billion.

Most of the startups these days are shifting their marketing techniques to digital.

They are aiming towards digital means to get the attention of their potential customer and further lead them to conversion. This guide will provide digital marketing tips for startups so that they can flourish as per their expectations.

Introduction to the Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners

Gone are those days when posters and banners could serve the marketing purpose for your business.

We are living in a digital era and our priority should be shifted accordingly. But we have seen a number of failures as well in this field and that is why we must know the basics of digital marketing first and then certain digital marketing tips that will enhance your campaigns.

Since the introduction of digital marketing in 1990-2000, we have come across various phases of it.

It has evolved a lot in the past couple of years and set a standard bar for businesses.

Since everybody wants to engage in digital marketing the competition has gone to the next level and you can’t expect to generate sufficient amount of leads by making simple efforts.

Digital marketing is something which also tests your patience in the long run. Sometimes you might be doing everything as recommended but you might not be getting the results as per the expectations.

There you have to show patience, you have to trust in your campaign and believe that results will show up. Be consistent with your efforts and do not lose hope.

It’s not just about SEO, PPC or any other marketing campaigns rather generating leads requires you to have proper knowledge of different digital marketing aspects along with digital marketing tips.

So without getting any further delays, let’s get started with our digital marketing tips for beginners and startups–

Top 31 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks in 2019

1. Know your Customer

Image result for know your customer

For whom are you running these digital marketing campaigns?

Potential customers.

So why not go for knowing your customer before going for any digital marketing campaign.

You can only run your campaign easily and effectively if you know what your customers want from you. If their expectations and your performance are totally going in the opposite direction then you can never get what you desire from a campaign.

Your efforts will go in vain if you are doing it irrelevantly. First, figure out what they want and then only go for launching a campaign.

2. Creativity

As it has been wisely said, “The first impression is the last impression” you should concentrate on how you are conveying your message.

Be creative in whatever you are doing under your digital marketing campaign.

Unless and until you are able to attract your potential customer you won’t be able to lead them to the conversion which is your end goal.

One more thing, while being creative do not overdo with anything. It should look natural and précised. Overdoing is only going to put a non-professional impact on you before the audience.

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3. Follow Rules

This is one of the extremely important digital marketing tips for startups and beginners.

You must follow the rules of different search engines like google, yahoo, bing and so on. They provide you with a set of rules, always go through that before launching your first campaign.

Not giving proper attention to the rules provided by the search engines can harm your campaign adversely. Sometimes search engine may also remove your ad totally hence keep this thing in mind that you are not ignoring the rules and regulations while going for your ad campaign.

4. Focus on different stages

You can’t just create a digital marketing strategy for all stages, it should vary according to different stages of a sales funnel. This is one of the most crucial digital marketing tips and tricks but often ignored.

People end up following a common strategy for the entire stages of conversion.

What happens during this is, it becomes impossible for marketers to tackle the challenges that appear at different stages. Make a full plan for the entire conversion process and then frame your strategy accordingly.

5. Do not go for a common plan

Each and every business has a different background and working.

They may have unique targets as well. Products and services may vary differ largely depending upon different businesses. Hence you need unique plans for different businesses.

A common plan will not work for two different businesses.

The marketing plan not only depends upon the product or service but also on the type of market a business has fallen into. Hence it becomes compulsory for you as a marketer to look at all factors before framing your plan for the marketing campaign.

6. Better CTAs

Image result for CTA or call to action

CTA or call to action is highly popular under digital marketing campaigns these days hence we are involving this point under this guide for digital marketing tips and tricks.

Create as strong CTA as you can.

You need to make that appealing and at the same time, it should not seem a click-bait.

Offer some kind of discount through your call to action button and chances are high that you may earn a click.

7. Keywords are highly important

While writing about digital marketing tips for beginners, one can never ignore the role of keywords.

If you are into digital marketing then you must be aware of the importance of keywords under any digital marketing campaign. You can’t expect to get your webpage on the first page of the search engine without proper usage of keywords.

There are many tools like keyword planner through which you can get the entire analysis about the keyword or keyphrase that you are going to target in your contents.

Be wise while choosing your target keyword from these tools.

8. Avoid stuffing of keywords

Another point related to keywords but it is one of the biggest mistakes that digital marketers make all around the world.

In pursuit of using keywords maximum times, they end up stuffing their content with keywords that only degrades the quality of the content and search engines also punish you for that.

Your usage of keywords should look natural and it should not give a sense of forced usage otherwise Google is smart enough to detect that and you will be facing the impact in your webpage’s ranking.

9. Incorporate your SEO strategies well

Image result for SEO

This is probably the crux of this guide of digital marketing tips and tricks.

You are never going to get the exposure if your SEO strategies are not well incorporated. Every digital marketer knows about SEO but the difference is created in the incorporation of your strategies.

First of all, you need to have a proper plan regarding your SEO campaign. You must know what you are going to do here, then make another plan to execute the former plan. Execution is must and it should be done in a proper manner as well.

This is one of the most useful digital marketing tips for startups as well.

10. Write about your brand and working as well

Yes, we know that through your digital marketing campaign you are targeting on the exposure of your products or services but do not just talk about your products or services whenever you are writing content.

You should equally talk about your brand and your working while you are describing your product.

Explaining your brand’s identity and working under content not only exposes your brand but also strengthens the trust between you and your audience.

Your credibility enhances when you go on doing such practices.

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11. Optimize URLs

This is helpful for your SEO.

I have seen a number of SEO campaigns running where people totally forget to optimize their URLs and that is why I have put this under these digital marketing tips. Your webpage’s URL plays a very crucial role in your SEO and you can never ignore working on it.

Long-tail URLs should be replaced with shorter and catchy URLs.

You can also fill in your keyword if that’s possible but do not force it. Work on your URL because that is going to play an important factor while deciding your webpage’s rank. This one is again one of the highly result-oriented digital marketing tips for startups.

12. Use proper words in your ads

This is where a number of advertisers make a mistake; they end up using improper words in their advertisements which is never appreciated. There is a set pattern that you need to follow while writing any advertisement.

Yes, creativity is appreciated but don’t overdo with it.

For an example, you must write the first letter of your word as Capital but don’t make all the letters capital like CAPITAL because that is going to leave a bad impact on viewer’s mind and that is what you want to avoid at any cost.

So make sure you are using the correct form of words in your ads.

13. Do not forget punctuation

A lot of content creators are doing this thing wrong; they don’t use proper punctuation while creating their web or any other form of content.

Punctuation not only enhances the quality of your content but also it makes your viewers consider you as a professional.

Proper use of comma, hyphen and other punctuation marks is very crucial if you want to create impeccable content.

14. Avoid irrelevant abbreviations

Using abbreviations has become a trend these days and there’s nothing wrong with that as well.

You can also use them in your ad campaigns but make sure that you are not using irrelevant abbreviations.

What do we mean by irrelevant abbreviations?

Basically, the abbreviations which are unknown to others are called as irrelevant abbreviations. Using LOL, ASAP is good but using DIAE for doing it at earliest is irrelevant.

15. Keep updating your website

Image result for website updating

This is one of the most important digital marketing tips and tricks that require your attention.

Don’t let your viewers get bored of your website, in order to avoid that keep updating your website regularly.

I have seen peoples who haven’t updated their websites since 2010. Such practices will not help in retaining your viewers for the long term.

16. The website should be mobile-friendly

Most of the people these days have shifted their interest towards mobile phones rather than pc.

People prefer to browse the internet on their mobile phones. Hence you need to optimize your website for mobile phones and make it mobile-friendly in order to get maximum attention.

Here you have to notice one thing, your website should not only be compatible with mobile phones but also different browsers on mobile phones. A lot of website owners are not working on this factor and this is the major reason why they are not getting enough traffic.

17. Make long-term plans

You haven’t started this business only for a couple of months/years.

You have long-term goals for your business then why not frame your marketing strategies for long-term?

Do not only focus on getting customers but also on retaining them. Make a top-notch strategy that is going to help you in getting your desired goals in the long term.

Your marketing strategies should not only benefit you for a span of time but also for the long term.

18. Do not miss your metadata

Your metadata of the website (alt text, description, etc) plays a crucial role in deciding your website’s search engine ranking and that is why I have put this under digital marketing tips and tricks.

You should not leave your metadata incomplete otherwise your website may be punished over its ranking on the search engine. Optimizing metadata in the correct way can rather benefit you a lot in improving your website’s search engine ranking.

19. Optimize your site for local customers

Image result for site optimization for local customers

Through your website, you are not only targeting users from all around the world but also local users as well.

In order to target them well, you need to optimize your website for them.

Include local information like the address of your company or you can also go for using keywords that are based on the location.

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20. Avoid mismatching

This happens a lot of time with a number of marketers.

When someone makes a search on search engine and ends up landing on your website then they must get what they are looking for.

The content that you have on your webpage should match the expectations of the searcher. It should not be like if they are searching for ‘motorbikes’ and your webpage talks about ‘cars’. Make sure that mismatching doesn’t occur because that will harm your webpage’s search engine ranking as the bounce-back rates increase.

21. Include share button

Image result for share button

Another crucial point which many of the people miss.

You need to put a share button on every blog that you publish on your website. You want to make your content reach the maximum number of peoples and putting a share button can make a lot of difference to that.

You need to provide your viewers with an option to share the content with their friends and family members.

22. Be flexible

Sometimes you will see that your customers will shift their preferences, during that time you need not panic rather you should change yourself accordingly. You need to be flexible to those shifts.

Since digital marketing also keeps on changing with time, you need to adopt those changes in your campaigns.

23. Consistency in design while launching

Whenever you are going to launch your marketing campaign on different platforms make sure that you are consistent with the design and message one each and every platform.

This is very crucial as changing your message or design might disturb the core idea of the campaign and that is only going to be detrimental for your campaign.

24. Backlinks are important

Image result for backlinks

This is among the most crucial digital marketing tips for startups and beginners.

You need to earn backlinks from reputed sources. Getting quality backlinks can help you a lot in increasing your overall search engine ranking.

Domain authority scores also boost up when you are getting quality backlinks. Make sure that you are ‘earning’ quality backlinks only.

25. Try something new

Watching the same type of thing over and over again can turn out to be boring and that happens with a lot of marketing campaigns.

Change is very important as it retains the interest of the viewer.

You must experiment in your marketing campaign. You can do so by trying to change your advertisement design, writing contents differently, and so on. But make sure that your core message doesn’t get cloaked.

26. Share the positive reviews

If you are doing everything correctly and your product is also good for people, you must get positive reviews from your customers.

Do not forget to share them on social media or on your blog.

Sharing positive reviews will strengthen the trust between you and your audience. They will believe you more and it also helps them to understand that good things are happening.

27. Use Visual Content

Image result for visual content

We are living in the 21st century and most of the people prefer to watch than to read hence focus on including visual contents in your marketing campaigns.

You can include infographics, images, short-videos and so on for marketing.

Using YouTube for marketing is also one of the best digital marketing tips for the beginners and startups that you can follow. YouTube has got a huge fan base and along with that, you can showcase your products in a better way through videos.

28. Be cautious about your social media posts

Do not post anything blindly rather check it twice and thrice.

Since your maximum audience is present there, on social media and they are mostly active hence you don’t want to commit any mistakes in your posts on social media.

You can also get them checked with someone professional before publishing. Develop quality content which is short and precise for your social media page.

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29. Personalization of content

It is an extremely important point; you should personalize the contents so that they are specifically directed towards your business.

You don’t want to use general content that is being used by a similar type of businesses rather bring something new into that and make it specific to your business. It will increase your reputation in the market.

Following others can provide you with results but that will not last long but if you will put in something unique in your campaigns then you will be appreciated as well as your campaigns will provide you results for a long period of time.

30. Respond to your viewer’s reactions

You are going to get reactions on your social media pages, they might be positive as well as negative but your job is to reply to them.

Be humble with your response and handle every situation wisely.

Hates are common and you may also face a number of negative comments but don’t panic because that is very usual when you are developing. Treat them nicely and try to earn their trust.

31. Be patient

Good things take time to occur, hence you must keep patience.

Do not burst out when you are not getting expected results rather be consistent and you will see wonders at the right moment. Digital marketing takes time to show its impact and a good digital marketer waits for that moment.

Do not change your plans every day if you are not getting results.

Final Words

So these were a few digital marketing tips for beginners and startups.

These digital marketing tips and tricks are going to boost up your campaign and expose your brand to a wide number of peoples. Digital marketing has become a lot more powerful than ever and it can do wonders to your business hence you must know how to use it at fullest.

These digital marketing tips will enhance your campaigns for sure. In case you want to learn and master digital marketing, enrolling in Digital Marketing Course will be the right option for you.

How important do you find the aforementioned Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks? Did we miss any of the tips that you were expecting in this list? Share with us in the comments below.

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