Webinar Recording: How To Create A Data-Driven Content Marketing Engine

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‘Content is the king’, of course there are no two ways about that. To lay emphasis on the same, CEO of Contify, Mohit Bhakuni led a webinar on ‘How To Create A Data-Driven Content Marketing Engine’.

Primarily, he threw light upon ‘How do you measure that the content you are building is an effective content?’ Did you ever gave it a thought? Here is how it can be done, a step-by-step guide in the form of key takeaways:

  1. Firstly, discover what is the idea that your competitors are communicating to the outside world. Analyse, what is having the maximum impact, what is working and not working.
  2. How to distribute the content. A content generated and not distributed properly is of no use. Which content is generating large engagement.
  3. Producing the content and benchmarking it against competitors.

Q & A during webinar with Mohit Bhakuni

Q) How do we get data collected for our competitors at one place? Does it work for B2C business as well?

Mohit: There are many ways to collect data. Specific ways have to do with identifying few things like what handles Facebook pages, what LinkedIn companies are there from where you would like to source data from. You can also define keywords for which you would want to fetch data from social media platforms. For example, google news and we also have our own crawlers for that purpose.

Q) What kind of feedbacks is included in the engagement metrics?

Mohit: Engagement metrics include retweets, favourites, likes, comments and shares. Anytime the user engages or interacts with any piece of content it is included in the engagement metrics.

Q) How much does the tweet costs?

Mohit: Cost of each tweet depends upon the number of competitors, and keywords link try and how much volume of information is available out there for those keywords. In general, the starting price is Rs. 10k per month for 10k posts fetched from different places.

Q) Do we have any tools for individuals?

Mohit: This depends if the person is freelancer or person within the organization. You can try YouSkills for that.

Q) Any other platform like quantify?

Mohit: Yes there are but not in India. One is Trackmeon which is based in US. There is also Rivarlikin which also based in the US. There are some other platforms too but most of them are based are focused on US and European markets. They don’t have customized technique as a fundamental design. It is where quantifier differs.

Q) How to increase the engagement on your blog?

Mohit: AContent marketers use the tool and analyze what is getting more engagement. Compare what type of content strategy is getting more engagement and channel. Use intelligent tools like this for that purpose. What piece is getting more engagement and on what platform.

Q) What other tools you suggest other than Quantifier?

Mohit: There is no other tool than Quantifier since it is one of the most advanced and sophisticated tool designed specifically for the purpose of tapping competitors in social media listing. There are companies which are using for general purpose social media listening. There are many tools for general purpose social media listening like simply measured, randiancings.

Q) Are free tools useful? What other competitors to do to get ranked?

Mohit: Free tools are usually not very useful since they simply dub the content available and make you figure out things for yourself. Paid tools analyze, curate the information and clean the system for irrelevant and junk information coming in.

Q) Are there any specific tools for Middle Eastern markets?

Mohit: Yes, you can try Quantifier since it allows international languages to come to the platform and search.

Q) Can anyone be able to use the tool to analyze the engagement rate based on keywords in content?

Mohit: Yes, you can. In the Sourcing manager, you can add keywords to analyze the engagement rates according to the keywords in the content.

Q) Do you cater to startups as well?

Mohit: Have personal agenda to help startups to grow and establish startups.

Q) How do you count number of visitors to the blog?

Mohit: Google analytics tracks that directly.

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