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Webinar Recording: Social Selling For Our Community

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There are no two-ways about the fact that selling will always be a social occupation and B2B buying process. To enlighten the same, industry experts Apurva Chamaria, VP & Head Global Brands- HCL together with Gaurav Kakkar, Digital Marketing Head-HCL led a webinar on ‘Social Selling for Our Community’ for the community.
Undoubtedly, social media selling was initially about branding, however, now it has taken a turn and now is about leading. The era of cold calling is almost dead and does not prevail anymore. Instead, now it is the time for listening to the targeted set of audience via social media listening tools.
Apurva primarily highlighted upon ‘What to be done in social selling’ in the form of 6 major elements, that are enlisted as follows:
  1. Understanding social platform by creating a social persona. Having a consistence persona on social media is crucial such that people do not get confused.
  2. Creating, collating and publishing content: On social media, one can create value to the user just by curating content.
  3. Identifying the prospects
  4. Listening to topics that interest people
  5. Approachinh a prospect
  6. Engaging prospects and nurturing the existin clientele
While, Gaurav led emphasis on ‘How to do Social Selling’. via certain stages:
  1. Stage 1: How to make yourself searchable- Add company name, same photograph, add skills in the title of LinkedIn account, being active on social media channnels for better social persona. Creating account on
  2. Stage 2: Publish high quality content: Scheduling content, hunt content – smartbrief, LinkedIn Pulse, Klout (HootSuite, WordPress and
  3. Stage 3: Identifying prospects: Riffle, LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  4. Stage 4: Listening and indentifying topics that interests prospects- persona template, newsle etc.
  5. Stage5: Approaching Prospects- Create personalized prospect requests, components of perfect LinkedIn invitation message.
  6. Stage 6: Engaging with prospects and nurturing leads

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