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Understanding the Theories & Applications of HR Analytics

While HR departments are generating data of tremendous volumes, variety, and veracity, every Human Resource the department is being questioned as to how they measure the talent. HR analytics proves to be the missing link between HR data and talent analytics. HR Departments struggled for decades to derive valuable insights from the piles of data […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Tuples in Python

Tuples in Python are gaining popularity & have become an inevitable part of Python. The meteoric rise in popularity index of Python has made it the leader of the pack of languages like PHP, SWIFT, and Objective-C. Since the last two years, Python has been competing for Number 1 position on the TIOBE Index with […]

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How is Data Science Career Path Profitable?

The existential need of Data scientists across multiple business verticals has grown radically by over 650% since 2012 as per the 2018 LinkedIn report. Despite the pressing demands, only 35,000 people in the US possess the market appropriate data science skills. While there are hundreds of giants who are incessantly hiring data science resources, there […]

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A Comprehensive Guide On Data Engineering

With the progress in the data space, data engineering has emerged into a separate role which works closely in collaboration with data science. These two go hand in hand to provide comprehensive solutions to add value to any business. Data engineering definition says that, a role which majorly focuses on the end application of collecting […]

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Bias Variance Tradeoff In Machine Learning

Data engineers are constantly involved in managing data as well as organizing the same. While doing this, they are also required to keep themselves updated regularly with the new trends and the inconsistencies which may significantly impact the business goals. Keeping this thought into consideration, we have come up with this post on bias-variance tradeoff. According […]

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