Benefits Of Email Marketing To Scale Your Business

Benefits of Email Marketing to Scale your Business


With so much competition in the market nowadays, you need an excellent marketing strategy for making your business successful and one of those channels is Email Marketing. There are many benefits of Email Marketing, but primarily its helps in driving traffic to your website and boosting sales. Email Marketing can do wonders in marketing your business since it has incredible reach. It helps in persuading your prospects to take actions provided your content in the email is compelling enough.

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing

Statistics on the Benefits of Email Marketing

Here are some of the statistics that will make you more curious about the benefits of Email Marketing:

  1. The e-mail users worldwide is expected to rise to 2.9 billion users by the end of 2019.
  2. Every customer has an average of 1.8 accounts per user.
  3. Segmented email campaigns have a higher open rate by 14.32% in comparison to non-segmented email campaigns.
  4. For each $1 spent on Email Marketing can help you get an average ROI of $38.
  5. As per 80% professional, Email Marketing helps in customer acquisition as well as retention.
  6. 61% of the customers like to receive promotional emails from companies.
  7. Customers who receive abandoned cart notifications are more likely to complete purchases by 2.4 times.

What exactly is Email Marketing and its Benefits?

Email Marketing is a direct marketing channel wherein the electronic mails are used as a medium of communicating with the audience by sending commercial content. In simpler terms, we can say, Email Marketing is the system where emails are sent to the potential and current customers with the aim of increasing sales.

Email Marketing is about using the emails to develop a direct relationship with the customers. It helps the businesses to keep the customers informed about the latest products, deals, and promotions through personalized messages.

It mainly includes:

  1. Sending emails to the prospective and current customers with an aim to develop a relationship with them for ensuring customer loyalty and repeated business.
  2. Sending emails to the customers giving information about a product and persuading them to buy that product.
  3. Advertising the business.

How Email Marketing helps you in Scaling your Business?

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing for business growth

Nowadays, marketers need to reach more and more potential customers in minimum budget. Also, they are required to establish a personalized connection with the audience and no marketer can do this without emails.

They need to connect with the key audiences in a highly targeted manner by sending content that will highly interest the audience to motivate them to buy the product. And there can be no tool more powerful than Email Marketing to engage your target audience, foster meaningful relationship with them and then grow your business.

This is because:

#1: Email has a Wider Reach

Even though the user base of social media channels has been growing tremendously, but still, the number of email users is far more than any other social media channel. You cannot do anything without an email address on the internet. You need an email address, even if you want to sign up for Facebook or Twitter account. Similarly, if you want to make an account on any website, you need an email address.

So, we can say that email is the lifeline of the web and you need at least one active email address for being online. Hence, there is no doubt in the fact that email has a wider reach than any other social media channel.

#2: Helps in Delivering your Message

If you are wondering about using Facebook or an email to deliver your message to your audience the, no doubts, email is always the best.

90% of the emails get delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox, whereas just 2% of your fans can see your post on their news feed. This is because the Facebook tries to limit the reach of your Facebook post to promote paid advertising.

So, in case you have 1000 fans on your Facebook page, only 20 fans will see your message on their newsfeed whereas 900 of them will get the message delivered directly to their inbox through emails.

Secondly, on an email you can send audience targeted messages for which they have subscribed, this is not possible through social media. Hence, Email Marketing has many advantages and it is still the most powerful channel for putting across your message.

#3: Helps in Driving Conversions

All the marketing efforts are done with an aim to boost conversions. The main goal of any marketer to convert any lead or potential customer to a paying customer. For doing so, there are many advantages of Email Marketing.

The average click-through rate of a tweet is just 0.5% in comparison to an email which is around 3%. It means the emails have almost 6 times the click-through rates than a tweet. Also, you can easily measure the results of your Email Marketing efforts based on various metrics.

You can also integrate your Email Marketing efforts with your CRM that will further provide you with more opportunities to fully utilize the benefits of Email Marketing for small business.

#4: Email Provides you Higher ROI

There are no doubts in the fact that emails are the most cost-effective way of marketing. As mentioned earlier, for each $1 spent on Email Marketing can help you get an average ROI of $38 which means you can enjoy 3800% returns on your investments.

It is possible because emails give you an opportunity to send highly targeted and personalized messages to the users in comparison to social media channels. In social media, one single post or tweet is meant for all the followers irrespective of their age, location, interest, etc.

Whereas in Email Marketing you can collect more personalized data about the customers and use it to send more relevant messages to them. You can collect data regarding the gender, location, and their preferences and segment them in the different email lists to send messages that will highly interest them.

#5: Emails are Preferred Communication Channel

When it comes to professionalism, emails are the most preferred way of communication than any social media channels. Social media is more about people, hanging out with family and friends to share photos, videos, and stay connected with them. So, people like more to be communicated via emails about the new products and deals.

#6 It Provides Open Platform

Emails are the open communication platform where the visibility or access to the information is not controlled by anyone. You can use any email provider and send across information to your prospective customers.

Unlike Facebook or other social media platforms, you do not have to spend any money to increase the visibility of your post. You just need to spend time building your email list and then enjoying the free communication with the audience without any restrictions.

#7: Emails will not go Anywhere

The other main advantage of Email Marketing is that it is not going anywhere soon. Rather, it will be here forever. So, there is less risk that your investment of time and efforts for building the email list will go in vain.

The Email Marketing has a long history of stability, the very first Email Marketing campaign sent in 1978 is still active and has been growing since then. The functionalities may have evolved to provide better user experience, but the purpose is still the same.

Now, you can send even more beautiful branded emails using the templates that allow you to effectively communicate your messages to the users.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing benefits

Now, there is no doubt in the fact that Email Marketing is still the most cost-effective manner of reaching out to customers and promote your business. The advantages of Email Marketing are far better than any other form of marketing.

It provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a better return on investments by developing direct and deeper relationship with wide a range of customers and that too at very less cost and time.

Here are few of the main benefits of Email Marketing:

#1: Cost Effective

The first and foremost benefits of Email Marketing are that it has very low cost in comparison to other mainstream marketing channels. You may need to invest in a good Email Marketing tool that will help you in automating, tracking, and evaluating the Email Marketing results. But, if you compare it with the number of emails that you can send, the cost of tools is very less.

#2: Helps in Increasing Brand Awareness

When you send emails, the customers are directly exposed to your business and brand. The strategically designed email templates and targeted content help in creating brand value. This helps in keeping your brand top of the customers’ mind. Hence, if they want to buy a specific product or service. They can easily recall your brand and your business have better chances of converting those leads into paying customers.

#3: Segmentation of Contacts

One of the other benefits of Email Marketing is that you can segment the customers based on the location, gender, preferences, and other criteria in a different email list and send targeted content to those lists based on their preferences.

For instance, if you have a sale going in a particular outlet, then you can send the email notifying about the sale only to the people living in that area. This gives you the full control of what you want the customers to see rather than using the same marketing content for all the audience. Segmentation helps in ensuring the higher conversion rates since it allows you to personalize the message according to the needs of the audience.

#4: Allows you to Integrate an Easy Call to Action

Email Marketing is one such marketing platform that allows you to integrate an easy call to action with links that can redirect straight to the checkout. It is a great advantage of Email Marketing which allows the customer to buy the product in just two clicks.

#5: Ease of Creation

You do not need any specific technical skills to run a successful Email Marketing campaign. You just need to get hold of the functionalities of an Email Marketing software to create impressive emails using the templates, logos, graphics, and videos.

Most of the tools come with the easy drag and drop options that can help you create very visually appealing emails in just a few clicks. You can even send the simple text emails also using these platforms.

#6: Analyzing the Results of Marketing Efforts

You cannot take full advantage of your marketing efforts if you do not measure the results periodically and take corrective action time to time. Hence, another key benefits of Email Marketing is that it allows you to measure the results of your efforts in terms of valuable metrics like delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates, and subscriber rates. This helps you in understanding about the customer’s preferences and interest. You can simply measure the result using the Email Marketing tool that you are using and find the information to which the customers are more responsive. This helps in preparing a better strategy and plan to target the audiences more successfully.

#7: Easily Shareable

No other marketing form is as easy to share as is Email Marketing. The audiences or subscribers can easily share the deals, offers, or promotions with their friends and family by just simply clicking the forward button. Also, the subscribers who are sharing your content act as your brand evangelist who introduces your brand to a new market and in this way your brand gets more exposure and credibility.

#8: Immediate Results

You can see the results of the Email Marketing campaign within minutes of the first email being sent. For instance, if you are putting up a 24-hour sale and you send that info to the leads through emails, then it creates a sense of urgency in their mind and motivates them to take action quickly.

#9: Higher Return on Investments

The best Email Marketing benefit is that it is very cost-effective. You can see very good returns with just the very less amount of investment through email-marketing in comparison with other social media platforms.

#10: Global Reach

With Email Marketing, you can reach the target audience, no matter where they are and what time zone they are living in. You can reach out to them directly through their inboxes. So, they are no certain boundaries in respect to reachability to audiences.

#11: No Limitation on Amount of Content

Unlike, various social media channels, there are no restrictions on the amount of content that you can share with the audience through Email Marketing. But, it is the best practice to keep the message short to gain more attention of the audience.

#12: Helps in Encouraging Two-way Communication with Audience

One of the Email Marketing benefits is that it does not necessarily have to be a one-way communication. You can create your content in such a way that it instigates the dialog between the two parties. But, make sure to respond to the emails in a timely manner to improve credibility.

#13: Ensured Delivery

Unlike, search engine optimization and social media platforms that use some kind of algorithm to decide the reachability of the content on certain parameters, there are no such roadblocks in case of emails. If a user has subscribed to receive email notifications from you, then it will surely be delivered to that person.

#14: Helps in Driving Conversions and Boosting Sales

The targeted content and strategically used call to action buttons help in persuading the audience to buy your product. This helps in converting potential leads to paying customers.

Case Study on Benefits of Email Marketing

Here is a case study that will help you learn about the advantages of Email Marketing

About the Big Cup Little Cup

Benefits of email marketing

Big cup little cup

The company is “Big Cup Little Cup”. It is an online retailer of Nespresso Compatible coffee capsule who is more focused on delivering high-quality products to the customers.

Business Objective

Their main business objective of using Email Marketing was to attract the audience to drive higher traffic on their website so as to convert those leads into customers.

Challenges Faced

The Big Cup Little cup was a new brand in the market with very limited budget. They wanted a strategy that can deliver incredible results with that small budget.

The Strategy Adopted

Their first and foremost aim was to increase the number of email subscribers and conversion rate on the website visitors. For this purpose, they decided to move the newsletter sign-up box to a prominent position “above the fold” on their website.

They also made following changes to the emails they were sending out:

  1. An automatically triggered welcome email was set up. So, every new subscriber used to receive that email.
  2. A discount of 15% was offered on the first purchases.
  3. They created a three-stage nursery program for the first-time customers.

The automatically triggered welcome email informed the subscriber about the 15% discount on the first purchase. This helped in persuading the subscriber to place their first order and take advantage of the discount as soon as possible. This email design gave them wonderful conversion rates.

The three-stage nursery program was created to help in improving the customer experience and making them more aware of the brand:

  • The first email provided the audience with the recipes and tips for making perfect coffee.

    Benefits of email marketing

    Email marketing subject line

  • The next one explained about the procedure of recycling the coffee capsule packaging.

    Benefits of email marketing

    Email marketing content

  • And, the last one talked about some facts of the coffee with the subtle sales message and persuading the subscribers to try the different kinds of coffee.

    Benefits of email marketing

    Big cup little cup email marketing

The emails were sent at a gap of 7 days with different subject lines and content to see what content performed the best.

Results Achieved

This email campaign had tremendous success. The coffee brand saw almost 4x times growth in their revenue with 20% of the conversions due to the Email Marketing campaign. The welcome email itself helped them achieve an average conversion rate of 33% and earn almost £12.59 revenue per email and the nursery program achieved an open rate of over 60%.

The company then started a new program to avail more benefits of Email Marketing wherein they started sending emails to the existing customers to remind them to re-order coffee capsule from time to time.


Sending the right message at the right time to the subscribers can help you achieve desired results.


Emails are still more powerful tool than any other platform like Facebook or Twitter. It simply works great and drive powerful returns. The only thing you need to learn is to use it effectively to achieve the desired results and enjoy the benefits of Email Marketing. Just take some time out to learn the essentials of Email Marketing and implement it in your business for the growth and success.

Email Marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and very personal way of reaching your target customers. Thus, to get an in-depth understanding of Email Marketing, join our Email Marketing Course.

Data reference: Forbes, Constant Contacts

Photo credits: Backtoyoumarketing, Stedb, Businessviser, Adestra, Cafepod

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