BrightGuage Used Inbound Marketing To Gain 152% Increase In Revenue

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brightguageAbout BrightGuage

Two brothers Eric and Brain Dosal established BrightGuage in 2010. Company’s main focus was on IT service industry. Very soon BrightGuage had become expert in simplifying data visualization and data analysis for its big customer base. BrightGuage software was a Saas business intelligence platform. It enabled managed IT service provider (MSP) to generate customized performance report and dashboard based on their unique data sources.

Business Objective of BrightGuage

Business objective of company was very clear. Company’s strategy was based on 3 simple fundamentals:

  1. Securely import data from customer
  2. Organize,customize and analyze data
  3. Visualize and share data

In the beginning, company was using variety of tools and software to attract prospect. But, due to lack of formal process they would generate very few leads. Also, BrightGuage lacked analytical tool to develop a strategy based on their current market performance. By using Google Analytics they could only measure page views and web traffic. But, there was no way to find out what was the contribution of their website to convert leads into customer. At the end of the process only some were converted into customers and others were not. Company used MailChimp to send emails to prospect. But there was no facility in MailChimp to provide in-depth analytics. There was no way to understand prospect behaviour or their expectation from company. It was difficult for the company to support their monthly subscription and achieve their revenue goal. To solve this lead issue, Co-founder and CEO of BrightGuage Eric Dosal found solution. He decided to adopt Hubspot’s new inbound marketing strategy. Also, he built inbound sales process which helped BrightGuage to retain more customers.

“HubSpot is more than just software, we’re now part of a community that helps educate us and improve our business.”- Eric Dosal, Co-founder and CEO BrightGauge Software

Strategy Adopted by BrightGuage

Eric and his team focused on learning inbound marketing and sales strategy from Hubspot’s inbound sales expert. They enrolled in Hubspot’s inbound sales training program. With the help of Hubspot’s consultant they learned to develop custom sales process of their own using Hubspot’s software. Along with this, they learned best practices to attract lead. Eric and his team developed new inbound marketing strategy. This strategy was based upon four key elements:

  1. Instead of using new sales process each time they decide to stick on the repetitive process as it will be more scalable and measurable.
  2. They decide to send emails to prospect/ customers having personal touch instead of canned emails. So, one should not feel that they were talking with machine. No canned emails for prospects.
  3. Quick follow-up process for new leads.
  4. Study and learn detailed characteristic of buyer person. Ask only specific questions to buyer on Hubspot’s lead form.

Based on the information collected in lead form, BrightGuage personalized web experiences for leads. On the website, prospect were guided by company’s request demo landing page. Once lead converted on this page they were tagged as SQL (Sales Qualified Lead). BrightGuage had set-up one trigger in HubSpot. This trigger sent email and text message to sales representative once lead converted into SQL. Company’s objective was to reach prospect within first 15-20 minutes of visit. Fast turnaround and rapid responsiveness became the most prominent features of BrightGuage.

Before follow-up call to prospect sales, the representatives of the company used to study prospect’s need and expectations. Which was resulted in more relevant and specific conversation with prospect. To get  the detailed information about prospect, BrightGuage used HubSpot’s contact. From HubSpot’s contact feature they could easily collect information such as page view, content download about prospect. This helped them to understand prospect’s interest and their knowledge about BrightGuage. This step helped company to build trust among prospect in a big way. Based upon contact’s history sales representative asked only relevant and open-ended questions to prospect. This inbound marketing strategy helped to increase the chances of successful initial call. Account manager at BrightGuage also used HubSpot to track and retain customer base. Account managers and marketing team worked together to send bi-weekly product release note to their customer. This is in the form of email which was generated using Hubspot’s email tool. This email tool had unique features such as automated marketing analysis and personalization. Also, it allows to attract new subscriber and grow email list. These features were smartly used by BrightGuage to send emails to prospect with personal touch. HubSpot contact database had a feature to collect data from every single touch point between prospect and brand. This feature was smartly used by BrightGuage to create smartlist. Smartlist was a list of people who did not open email or read product update after third send. With the help this list account manager easily identified list of people who were least engaged in complete process. This inbound marketing strategy helped to decrease monthly attrition by 55%.

Result Achieved by BrightGuage

The new inbound marketing strategy and HubSpot software helped company in a bigger way. Within a year using HubSpot, BrightGuage had been able to increase their paying customer count by 87%. Revenue increased by 150%. Also, they managed to decrease their monthly attrition by 55%. This software not only helped to grow leads and figures but it helped to build long-term customer relationship and trust.

“At the end of the day it’s people that we’re dealing with. They want to be a part of something special and they appreciate when you take that extra step.” – Eric Dosal, Co-founder and CEO BrightGauge Software


In today’s business world competition is very high. Daily new things and technology are coming in market. It is very critical for any business to generate lead and convert them into potential customers. BrightGuage also faced same problem. But adopting new inbound marketing strategy and HubSpot’s software they managed to overcome this problem. HubSpot’s software has many unique features such email tool, contact database, data analysis in a one view etc. Using it smartly one can definitely grow their business. Right software, right marketing strategy and personal attention to prospect surely results in potential customer.

Image Credit- Hubspot

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