How to build a Successful Career in SEO in India

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Wish to work in SEO?  Will building a career in SEO be a good choice for you?

Career in SEO

    In today’s post, I thought I’d delve into SEO career opportunities and tackle such question for the advantage of those entering in the SEO field, to help manage them in their investigation of the (possibly) most lucrative and exciting universe of SEO.

    I have met many people while working in this industry and solicited a couple of them how they would suggest about starting their career in SEO. In the event that you are enthusiastic about internet marketing and need a job in SEO, read a portion of the tips my fellow SEO associate has shared-[Image1- SEO Ned Poulter-Source- Twitter]

  • It’s the same old story, but I got into SEO almost by accident. I was lucky enough to study the excellent Digital Marketing course at Manchester Metropolitan University conducted by David Edmunson-Bird. Being a bit of a geek anyway and seeing the clear opportunities in digital I showed real passion in the subject and David responded by helping to guide my focus, teaching me, and eventually introducing me to Simon Wharton at PushON who I went on to get my first graduate job. I have those two to thank for where I am today. – Ned Poulter, Online Marketing Manager at Miinto.

Relatively very few individuals study SEO at University.

Most of the people who work in SEO are the individuals who “fell” into this profession, and started their career accidently. Some way or the other, they stumbled upon SEO as their career because of- either the sheer thrill or the curiosity or the popularity of SEO career opportunities.

career in SEO

SEO career opportunities

Practically every little or huge businesses that have a site is currently putting resources into SEO to get best positioning in Google search results. Career in SEO in India is becoming popular and in the event that you see the history and recent ads on prominent job portals, you will find that requirement for SEO experts in India is becoming regular.

     My aim is not to disclose to you the right job boards to watch; it is to reveal you the things, an internet marketing company is searching for in a basic-level SEO. In addition, I’ll update you with best tips to choose a SEO career path that ensures great career growth in SEO.

Let’s delve into the details of how to make career in SEO in India-

Why to Choose SEO as Your Career

1. Great Demand of SEO Services

With an increase in the demand of Search Engine Optimization services, employment opportunities in the industry are likewise expanding. Presently, when online businesses have expanded in number and doing awesome business, a specialist SEO has turned into the need of the organizations. Consequently, you can expect more openings for work in the Internet Marketing industry.

2. A LOT of individuals are recognized internationally because of their Search Engine Optimization SEO Careers[Image Rand Fishkin SEO Expert Moz- source-Moz-]

There are professionals who have successfully used SEO career opportunities and recognized as internet marketing experts all across the world. The rundown is too long to be cited here yet a portion of the names incorporates- Rob from Blackwood Productions, Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz, Jill Wahlen from High Rankings, and numerous others.

 3. Search Engine Experts earn Good Money

Compensation for SEO professionals is equivalent to or much higher than that of engineers, developers, architects, designers, marketers and advertisers. Pay rates over Rs.25+lacs/annum are not an exception for SEO experts in India. As a solo SEO expert, you can even make more profit. All freelance sites have job opportunities in SEO and getting offers like $40+/Hr would not be far away if you are known as an expert in SEO in India.

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4. Just Web–Designing is not sufficient

Truth be told, intelligent customers expect that when they contract some individual to make their site, the site should be SEO-friendly. Therefore, on the off chance that you are great as both- a Web Designer and a SEO Expert; you will for sure be an asset for your company. Need of having search engine friendly sites creates scope of SEO friendly web designers.

5. Next Step for Advertising or Marketing Professionals is SEO

The Web has changed the way organizations work together, so to some degree today’s advertisers and marketers need to know some SEO information if they want to be successful in their marketing career. SEO career scope is also quite beneficial for language specialists.

How SEO in India has emerged as a Career

  • According to a study by ASSOCHAM, Indian E-commerce Industry has crossed $38B Mark in 2016

    career in SEO

    growth of e-commerce in SEO career

  • According to a Jan 2016 report by GroupM, online Ad Spend in India has crossed Billion Dollars in 2016[Image5- online Ad Spend in India- source –digital Vidya]

             The booming prevalence of E-commerce industry in India is directly proportional to the popularity of internet marketing, and for businesses to optimize their online presence; it has become must to have good ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)- which is the territory of an SEO expert.

       In past, SEO was not a profession choice. Web designers and website admins used to optimize their sites for search engines. They used to take after some simple techniques and Google used to demonstrate their site in its top search results. SEO was not troublesome in past when Google was having exceptionally basic algorithm. In any case, soon, Google began to improve its algorithm and getting site in Google got to be troublesome for website admins.

   As we know each problem comes with an opportunity, so this one too became an opportunity and gave a rise to SEO career path. Since, web designers and site owner were searching for experts who can get their site on first page of Google and a few people who knew the trap began giving services to improve ranking of sites to be on the first page of Google.

Hence, SEO is not simply career, it is an amalgamation of various skills that search-professionals use to get site on the first page of search engines like Google or Bing.

Reasons behind increase in the Scope of SEO in India

career in SEO

Scope of SEO in India

  1. Increased utilization of search engines to search for information on web
  2. Large brand publicists are utilizing SEO effectively in India and Internationally
  3. Traditional or Direct advertisers are progressively embracing SEO
  4. Growth in the quantity of local search requests with mobile web searches
  5. Organic SEO listings on Google search result pages are more dependable than Ads
  6. Google is quick in advancing and making demographic targeted and geo targeted search results possible

Couple of Indian SEO Experts of International Repute

[image7- Neil Patel SEO Expert- source- Twitter]Neil Patel: Neil Patel began his first organization at 16 years old, he has been perceived as a main 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by then USA President Obama. He has helped huge corporations, for example, AOL, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Viacom in taking full advantages of the web.[Image8- Dharmesh Shah SEO Expert- Source- Twitter]

Dharmesh Shah: Dharmesh Shah is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of HubSpot. HubSpot is a marketing automation software company and one of the key defenders of “Inbound Marketing”. With HubSpot, organizations get an across the board marketing solutions- blogging, online networking, analytics, email, automation and more. 

What skills are required to go on a SEO Career Path in India

career in SEO

skills essential for SEO career in India

       As I’ve said earlier, SEO is a blend of technique and science, so on the off chance that you originate from the Science Background and are technically skilled, SEO can enhance your CV by making you connect with the practical part of the business. SEO career path in India will be quite befitting, beneficial and equally convenient for you.

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In the event that you originate from the Art/Commerce Background, then SEO may show up somewhat complicated because of the requirements of some basic technical skills. However, good news for you is that – most technical parts of SEO are anything but difficult to learn and actualize- which means individuals from Art/Commerce Background can also appreciate good job opportunities in SEO.

Online industry is becoming regular and SEO is playing an imperative part in conveying the visitors to the site and every one of the organizations are spending an immense amount of money in SEO. It’s a standout amongst the most eventful territories that increases SEO demand in India and hence there are a decent number of job opportunities in SEO.

      SEO career path has a brilliant future for you in the event that you have awesome analytical aptitudes. You have to stay aware of the most recent SEO updates, have enthusiasm for research and have the capacity to design smart and inventive marketing strategy to beat your rival, and have an edge over all others.

Job Categories/Designations related to SEO Career Path in India

A significant number of the SEO/SEM firms, especially the bigger firms, have representatives in these job/categories:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Local SEO Expert
  • SEO Guarantee Expert
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Offline Marketing/Advertising
  • Public Relations/Reputation Management
  • Link Building
  • Paid Search/PPC Management
  • SEO Resellers

SEO Career Scope as a Freelancer/ Entrepreneur

Here are a few tips for those looking to choose SEO career path as a Freelancer in SEO in India

  • By collaborating with website designer of Web Design Companies as their customers regularly require SEO services.
  • Attend conferences and meet individuals in the internet marketing industry. 
  • Social networking sites, for example, are great spots to meet individuals who require SEO/SEM administrations.
  • Offer free or trial SEO services to construct confide in your business. Follow verbal referrals.
  • You should try to attend SEO workshops in your city as they offer great networking opportunities.
  • Use Freelance Portals like- Upwork, WorknHire, Freelancer, Guru, Craiglist, etc.

Certification & Training for choosing SEO Career Path in India

At present, there is no official governing body for the SEO in India and there are no settled standards to follow.

Be that as it may, a few reputed institutions have begun to offer International Certification for SEO. Taking these courses can upgrade your SEO resume.

career in SEO


Digital Vidya gives Advanced Search Engine Optimization Certification, which is acknowledged and respected by top MNCs and other IT organizations in India and abroad as well. 

What amount does SEO professionals earn in India?

career in SEO

Earning from SEO career in India

In Asian nations like India, the normal compensation for SEO is in the middle of Rs 3.0 lacs – Rs7.0 lacs for every year.

On an average, salary of a fresher SEO in India begins from Rs. 20,000 every month to Rs. 25,000 every month. One can acquire more than Rs. 50,000.00/month following 4 to 5 years of experience. However, like other job fields; the pay relies upon different diverse variables like No. of years of Experience, Certification, Educational Qualification, Employer Type, Company Size, City and so forth.

There are a huge number of job opportunities in SEO and a considerable lot of the sets of responsibilities incorporate involvement in search marketing, analytics and SMO. Requirement for both basic level and experienced SEO/SEM experts will develop until search engines exist in this world.

Having skills like, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Content marketing will help you win more pay which may extend from Rs.50,000.00 to Rs.1.5 lacs/month relying upon your training, position and organization you are working with.

In the event that you turn into a Freelance SEO jobs: SEO expert + Content Writer + Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, you can gain great looking sum and appreciate better than average way of life.

How to find best SEO Jobs

In the event that you are a fresher, then Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata are great urban communities for search engine optimization careers. Some of the best job opportunities in SEO can be found on as the vast majority of these occupations are through referrals. In addition-

  • The SEMPO Job Board posts an assortment of web search engine optimization related job opportunities
  • The DMA Career Center publicizes a substantial number of employment opportunities in SEO/SEM. You can seek by keywords and additionally by area and employment titles.
  • The well-known job board Indeed gives a site page dedicated to accessible SEO in India Jobs.
  • Twitter gives convenient messages about SEO demand in India.
  • Simply Hired offers a site page concentrated on SEO jobs.
  • SEOmoz records SEO related employments. The website page incorporates various job categories.
  • com gives search engine job postings. You can easily look by job titles.

Future of SEO Demand in India  

career in SEO

Future of SEO

Today, SEO has developed as a hot job opportunity, and demand for SEO experts is going to constantly increase because of the increment in digital awareness, a prevalence of Smart Phones, developing online Competition, expanding web and mobile users in India.

Fate of SEO is Safe. Search engine optimization will stay as prominent profession alternative until individuals will utilize search engines.

    As a result of growing SEO demand in India, many graduates and website specialists are learning SEO to fabricate their profession. Yes, it might turn out to be more troublesome for new individuals to enter in SEO vocation with restricted abilities. On the off chance that you are considering beginning your career in SEO, it’s a great opportunity to take decision and act now accordingly.

Never forget that, SEO continues evolving. You should continue refreshing your insight about SEO, Marketing, and Algorithm changes and so on.


As I stated, SEO is not only a profession choice; SEO is an important must have skill, which will help you assemble your career in Digital Marketing successfully. SEO career path is a piece of internet marketing which is developing in India quickly.

Learning SEO is great start for your career in the event that you are passionate about marketing, sites, blogging, social media, analytics and adapting to new aptitudes. Best part about SEO is you don’t require high capability, what you need is passion, logic, sound judgment, patience and commitment. 

Recent analysis proves that SEO is essential for producing leads, it will stay critical for advertising channel in generating new clients and converting them. More organizations will put their marketing budget in SEO, which will generate more demand for adept SEO experts in India. 

Have any doubts about SEO? Want to learn more about Career Growth in SEO? -Meet me in comments.

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  1. Jiya

    Great Post Shivendra..
    I think that SEO is a great career choice for anyone who wants to work in a field that merges art and science.
    One of the things I enjoy most about SEO is that it’s never boring. There’s always something to experiment, there’s always something more to learn. It’s definitely a field full of amazingly intelligent people, many of whom have their own businesses, so it’s quite competitive.

  2. Udit Khanna

    Digital Marketing is breaking all the borders and catching everyone’s eye and SEO falls in it as well. SEO is indeed the main component of online marketing because it helps in getting leads and selling products online very fast and that’s why the career in SEO is opening many opportunities and giving a safe career.


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