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Top 10 Search Engine Resources to Learn SEO


In today’s highly competitive internet atmosphere, search engines are well packed with websites fighting over keyword competition. I frequent many SEO and online marketing forums on a daily basis and oftentimes there is a debate about the SEO industry, its updates, new changes, new possibilities and best resources, from where search professionals can stay updated and learn SEO in a far-reaching and all-embracing fashion.  

Learn SEO

Learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization

      After being involved in a number of such debates, I got to know about some of the best search engine resources that search marketing experts prefer to subscribe. What they look for in an SEO blog is not only that it covers latest SEO news, but also how it helps new search professionals learn basics of SEO, understand effective but intrigue SEO strategies and analyze how SEO can help them optimize their search marketing.

If you are also amongst those, who have been in search of some best places on how to learn SEO easily, the 10 resources given below are the best places for you. 

Let us turn them inside out-

10 Best Resources to Learn SEO

1.) Search Engine Journal

Learn SEO

Search Engine Journal to learn SEO

  • Launched in 2003, Search Engine Journal is one of the best search engine resources to learn SEO online. It is quite unique and comprehensive in its community-based approach towards search marketing content. Follow it to know all about search engine optimization and marketing.
  • Search Engine Journal is the best place to learn how to do SEO, and know about important SEO trends, SEO strategies, search marketing news, and personalities in the search industry. SEJ is amongst the best places for interactive-marketing community to collaborate and innovate their ways to success in internet marketing. 
  • SEJ blogs also thrive on different guest contributors selected by company’s editorial panel, which means you are always going to learn SEO in a wider perspective that incorporates all the aspects of search marketing.
  • Learning SEO through SEJ is also fun as it includes some fun videos, detailed analysis, great and interactive comments, which make the whole process more interesting and enjoyable.

Some of the top SEJ blogs to learn SEO-

  • Semantic SEO Strategy: How to Do SEO in 2017
  • #AskanSEO: Questions on What Affects SEO Visibility
  • Why SEO Campaigns Fail (And How to Change That)
  • The Single Best Anchor Text for SEO That No One Is Talking About

2.) Moz

Learn SEO

Moz to learn SEO

  • Moz is considered as one of the first websites search marketers should follow when they start SEO learning. Moz was started in the year 2004, and since then it has been ruling the industry.  From informative Beginner’s Search Engine Guides to Mozinars to accessing their knowledge base, there is no better place for internet marketing and SEO education then Moz.
  • Moz is also one of the richest resources of best SEO tools like Keyword Research Tool, SEO Audit & Crawl Tool, Backlink Search Tool, Rank Tracking Tool, SEO Tool Bar, etc. which aid search marketers automate their SEO campaigns and ensure more conversions.
  • ‘Learn SEO’ section of Moz broadens your search marketing with best SEO resources for all skill levels. You can easily get started with “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO”, “The Local Learning Centre” and “The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing”.
  • Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO toolset that helps marketers boost their search engine rankings in the most target-oriented way possible.

Some of the Latest SEO blogs of Moz to learn SEO easily-

  • It’s Time to Stop Doing On-Page SEO Like It’s 2012
  • Google Search Console Reliability: Webmaster Tools on Trial
  • How to Choose a Good SEO Company for Your Business or Website – Whiteboard Friday
  • 8 Predictions for SEO in 2017

 3.) Search Engine Land

Learn SEO

Search Engine Land to learn SEO

  • Undoubtedly, Search Engine Land is one of the most popular SEO blogs on web that covers almost all the topics related to search engine marketing, and oftentimes, Search Engine Land would be the first one to break SEO news and to stay updated about SEO, you must follow their blogs.
  • Follow Search Engine Land blogs to clear all your doubts about any particular Seo topics as it incorporates so many articles on one subject and aids you get the answers of most of your SEO questions. As a leading daily publication, Search Engine Land covers all the different aspects of the search marketing.
  • Search Engine Land is the best place to know breaking stories, feature announcements, industry trends, and product changes at popular search marketing platforms preferred by SEO professionals.
  • SEO section of Search Engine Land includes how to guides e.g. how to learn SEO, Google algorithms updates, Bing Webmaster Tools, Bing SEO Tips, Google search console updates, etc. to help search professionals successfully run SEO campaigns.

Some of the latest search marketing stories of Search Engine Land are-

  • Updated for 2017 — Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide
  • How to check which URLs have been indexed without upsetting Google: A follow-up
  • Do organic keyword rankings matter anymore?
  • Using agile project management for SEO & digital marketing

4.) Webmaster World

Learn SEO

Webmaster World to Learn SEO

  • Follow Webmaster World to get some of the best search engine tips with their practical aspects. Resources of Webmaster World are filled with concrete examples that help marketers understand typical internet marketing, web design and website development concepts in the easiest possible manner.
  • To run a successful SEO campaign, it is must to have the knowledge about search ranking factors, coding, design, promotion, maintenance, and marketing. Webmaster World is one of the oldest and trusted places that offers most authentic, effective and comprehensive information about internet marketing.
  • Webmaster World is considered as a service to the website administrator community, and its members discuss here about the processes, strategies, techniques and tips important for doing successful business on the Internet.
  • You can take Webmaster World as part of your extended site development and search marketing team, which will guide you make more effective and result oriented digital marketing campaigns.

Some of the top SEO posts of Webmaster World to Learn SEO online-

  • Google Updates and SERP Changes – February 2017 
  • SEO techniques to make a forum rank higher
  • How to persuade client of value of long tail SEO
  • Do blogs get SEO bonus?

 5.) Search Engine Watch

Learn SEO

Search Engine Watch to Learn SEO

  • Search Engine Watch is considered as one of the best SEO resources to learn SEO online in the most comprehensive and well-updated fashion. It provides some of the best SEO tips and information and if you wish to know about searching the web, search marketing functioning, analysis of the search engine industry, you need to follow Search Engine Watch resources.
  • Search Engine Watch is best friend of search professionals who wish to improve ability of their sites to be found in search engine ranking pages. It provides all the latest news, updates, reports, journals related to search engines optimization, and helps professionals apply effective global and local SEO strategies to channelize their SEO campaigns.
  • Search Engine Watch aids you understand how SEO as an umbrella for all the methods essential to ensure the visibility of your website can help you rank high on SERPs.
  • Follow Search Engine Watch to know best SEO tips on how to build strong site architecture and provide clear navigation that can help search engines index your site quickly and optimize your search marketing.

Some of the latest SEO news of Search Engine Watch are-

  • What can we learn from the winners and losers of organic search in 2016?
  • Seven ways to elevate your personal and professional SEO performance in 2017
  • Building your SEO strategy in 2017: what’s most important?
  • Five proven SEO strategies for retailers to use in 2017

 6.) SEO by the Sea

Learn SEO

SEO by the Sea to learn SEO

  • SEO by the Sea helps search professionals keep an eye on SEO information directly from the search engines such as patent filings and whitepapers. Follow SEO by the Sea blogs to know some of the assumptions and processes behind how search engines work, how they rank web pages and to learn SEO step by step.
  • Bill Slawski is the president and founder of SEO by the Sea, and his blogs are considered as the #1 place on how to learn SEO easily. He has been engaged in professional SEO and online marketing consulting since 1996. He goes through every search engine patent he can get his hands on and translates them for the search-marketing professionals.
  • Follow SEO by the Sea blogs to keep yourself abreast of what search engines are capable of and how they can help you channelize your search engine optimization campaigns in more target-oriented fashion.
  • SEO by the Sea is the best place for you if you wish to know how web sites and search engines interact, what are the essential factors to channelize successful internet marketing campaigns and other queries regarding search engine functionality.

Some of the Recent stories published by SEO by the Sea-

  • How Google May Respond to Reverse Engineering of Spam Detection
  • Do Search Click-Throughs Help Determine Whether a Page Appears in Google Search Results?
  • Google News Recommendations and the Google Knowledge Base
  • Image Search and Trends in Google Search Using FreeBase Entity Numbers

7.) SERoundtable

Learn SEO


  • Follow SERoundtable to know about the reports on the most interesting threads taking place at the Search Engine Marketing forums. SERoundtable enlists some of the most known names of SEM forums, and hence it helps marketers know all the latest updates about search engine marketing and related techniques.
  • Guest authors who are expert in SEO also posts at SERoundtable, and most of the time this would be the place where your longing to get information about a particular SEO topic will get satiated. The motivation behind starting SERoundtable is to provide a single source for search professionals to know the most interesting threads covered at search engine marketing forums.
  • Search Engine Roundtable will help you save your valuable time clicking through different forum threads to find the true gems, as this is one place where all such important SEO details are available for you.
  • For all the search professionals, SERoundtable is one of the most exciting resources to stay up to date on changes in search engine marketing and how to learn SEO step by step.

Some of the Recent Entries to Search Engine Roundtable are-

  • Google Won’t Tell Webmasters Which Links They Do Not Count For Spam Reasons
  • Google Asks SEOs To Describe Themselves In A Word
  • Google: There Is No One Recipe For Search Rankings Success 
  • Wix Challenges SEOs To Outrank Them For SEO Hero 

 8.) TheSEMPost

Learn SEO

TheSEMPost to learn SEO

  • Launched in year 2014, TheSEMPost is widely popular for offering a fresh look to search marketing industry as it incorporates all the most important news of search industry along with commentary about why it is important and how it can influence your online marketing campaigns.
  • Follow TheSEMPost to get plenty of ideas, best SEO tips, and organic & local SEO strategies. Following TheSEMPost will help you get some of the best tips on everything from SEO and PPC to social media, content marketing and email marketing strategies. Jennifer Slegg is a long time Search Industry expert and the founder of TheSEMPost.
  • Slegg was previously working with Engine Watch & ClickZ, and she has been writing about the SEO industry for over 15 years. She also handpicks industry experts and asks them to share their experiences in blogs and other SEO resources of TheSEMPost so that search professionals can learn how to do SEO.
  • Follow TheSEMPost to know latest news and insights about the digital marketing field. It not only helps you with its SEO reports but also aids you know SEO techniques that will affect your SEO campaigns in a lucrative fashion.

Latest SEO news of TheSEMPost to learn SEO online-

  • Google Will Be Transparent About Substantial Penguin Changes
  • No More Numbered Updates for Google Penguin
  • Google Crawl Budget: What SEOs Need to Know About Googlebot Crawling
  • How Google Ranks “Top Stories” News in Search Results

9.) Google SEO Optimization Guide

Learn SEO

Google SEO Optimization guide to learn SEO

  • This is a detailed guide about the best SEO practices straight from Google. This 30-page guide will help you learn what Google looks for and how to rule in SEO competition despite being a starter.
  • Follow it to get best tips of writing metas, local SEO techniques when choosing a URL, and other SEO strategies that optimize your SEO campaigns and let your site be best for your visitors.
  • Your online business may be smaller or larger, but the search engine optimization topics discussed in this SEO guide should apply to the sites of all sizes. It offers fresh ideas on how to improve your website, generate leads, create unique and accurate page titles, improve site structure, make your site easier to navigate, etc.
  • From basics of Search marketing, email marketing to content marketing, Google SEO optimization guide is the best answer to how to learn SEO. Effective tips on how to write better anchor text, how to optimize use of images and use heading tags aptly, how to utilize mobile SEO and promote your site in right ways and make use of free webmaster tools, this helps you learn SEO quite comprehensively.

Top SEO topics covered in Google SEO Optimization Guide-

  • How to Create unique Accurate page titles
  • How to make use of “description” meta tag
  • How to improve structure of your URLs
  • How to offer quality content and SEO services

10.) SEMrush

Learn SEO

SEMrush to learn SEO

  • Started out in 2008, SEMrush is a small group of SEO and IT specialists who are dedicated to make online competition be fair, transparent, and effective with equal opportunities for everyone. As world’s leading competitive research services for online marketing, SEMrush provides comprehensive SEO resources for search professionals to learn SEO easily.
  • Along with some of the best SEO blogs, SEMrush also offers SEO site audit tools on the market, which means they are well aware about every single aspect of search marketing, and following their blogs and using other SEO resources will help search professionals learn SEO quite comprehensively
  • Follow SEMrush blogs, knowledge base, and Webinars to learn SEO online, understand analytics, advertising research, backlinks, video advertising, keyword research, product listing, etc.
  • SEMrush is global and with 29 databases, 27 regions and 17 languages, it aims to share its expertise and experience with search professionals and marketing specialists all around the globe.

Some best SEO blogs of SEMrush for SEO learning-

  • Mastering Your International SEO: Tips from Experts
  • How to Develop Your International SEO Strategy
  • 10 Golden Strategies to Boost Your Local Search Rankings
  • Case Study: How an SEO Company Grew Revenue by 704% with SEMrush
  • 15 SEO Experts Share Link Building and Keyword Research Predictions for 2017


All the over-mentioned SEO resources will clear all your SEO questions, doubts and confusions. They let you know latest SEO news; trends and practices that can help you optimize your SEO campaigns and ensure conversions.

Wish to know more about SEO, go through this blog about 20 best SEO books

Did I miss any of your favorite SEO resource? Do update me in comments below!

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