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Wish to know the secret behind a successful digital marketing strategy? Do you wish to engage with your customers? Do you want to create a better brand visibility so as to reach out to a larger base of audience? You have landed at the right place so you need not worry anymore!

Digital Vidya’s CEO & Co-founder, Pradeep Chopra hailing from a strong digital marketing background brings along in-depth knowledge of several concepts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing etc. revolving around digital marketing’s framework.

Pradeep who has personally trained and advised over 1,500 professionals to help them meet their business objectives, led an orientation session on Digital Marketing for Customer Acquisition. Herein, he discussed about the entire framework on how to increase the revenue by up to 5 times by leveraging digital marketing by putting forth real-life examples. He also exemplified not only local but also global digital marketing case studies.

Q & A During Webinar With Pradeep Chopra

Q- What is the structure of Digital Marketing course?

A- At Digital Vidya, our promise is that you do not just learn Digital Marketing theoretically, but experience it and build enough confidence so that you are able to produce real results. In the course, there are instructor-led live sessions depending upon the batch you choose. In those live sessions you learn various concepts, tools, case studies, you get assignments and exercises and that gets reviewed. But, the real value is when you do those assignments between two live sessions. Like you do a live audit of a site through an SEO tool, you use email marketing tools to measure the reputation of your domain, you create social media or digital marketing strategy, you run live campaigns say on Facebook or Google Adwords. So, all of that helps you to practically experience this power and at any point of time if you have any doubt, you can be connected with your lead trainers who are connected with you throughout the duration of this course, so that any challenge you face, you can go beyond that.

So, that makes this structure truly amazing in terms of you getting the value and as it was shared, if anyone of you is building a career, we have an internal placement cell. Over these five years, over 3,000 organizations have been touched. So, we will be able to help you to get a job or move forward in your career through the placement cell if that is your objective.

Q- Why did we choose online as a medium?

A- We started our journey 5 years back and at that point of time, we used to do two days workshop. At that point of time, the concern that we were addressing through our workshop was ‘why social media?’. Over a period of time, why social media is over, its how and digital because it has crossed digital and for that we realized that the course structure is not sufficient, so a workshop is not sufficient and we needed a course structure, so we started doing that around three and a half years back.

Thus, initially we realized that if we were to call you ongoingly every week, it would be huge time and money being wasted in travel. So, we started piloting with online courses around three and a half years back. It was then that we realized lot of advantages which we didn’t even imagine initially other than helping you save time and money. We realized that given it is online, we could get you the best lead trainer for every module.

Our SEO lead trainer is based out of Vietnam, he had SEO practice at GroupM, similarly rest of the other lead trainers who are practitioners who are doing those different aspects day in-day out are the only ones who lead the respective modules. So, every module has an individual expert who is located anywhere in the world and that is only possible because of online. Then, we realized the kind of people who participate, majority of them are professionals, in three or six months they get to travel. So, your chances of missing the sessions are reduced if it is online, you could be anywhere else and still attend the session. Even if you miss a session, you will be getting the recording of the session so that you can review that even if you have attended that. Thus, the chances of missing the session are very low, if it is online.

Also, throughout the duration of this course, you are connected with your fellow participants and with your lead trainers so that you can go beyond all the challenges you face to fulfill your individual objectives, that is another reason and advantage of online. While we started piloting three and a half years back in 2013, we actually stopped doing offline programmes because we realized online because makes a lot more sense.

Today, another advantage that we got is variety of people from different geographies. People across middle Asia and Australia, of course India is still dominating, but those are the kind of people in our programme.

Q- I am in channel sales, how can I switch over?

A- Almost 40% of the people are into sales and marketing. Lot of very-very senior sales people like inside sales lead at SAP India have been part of the programme. So, today whether you are in sales or marketing, digital is integral. Typically, as a sales person, you would not be doing it on behalf of the organization. For example: you will not be running the Facebook page of your organization but your individual presence like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, can be used and leveraged to help you out to expand your reach and help you build engagement with the potential and existing customers through these mediums.

So, if you are into sales, my recommendation to you is rather than switching on to a Digital Marketing role, especially of you have a lot of experience, look for a role where digital is integral to overall sales’ role. A lot of large organizations today are looking for people like that. While they are looking at dedicated Digital Marketing professionals at a senior level, they look at people who have a lot of sales background and no digital background.

Digital Vidya also conducted a similar kind of workshop for TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) in India.

Have a look at this webinar to discover career opportunities in digital marketing and select from amongst them.

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