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Facebook vs Twitter Ads: What To Choose?

Facebook vs Twitter Ads: What To Choose?

Digital Marketing is given huge attention in India. Social Media being a part of it given huge attention because of various advantages it gives to marketers. As Facebook and Twitter are leading the pack Indian marketers are in dilemma of choosing one over the other. To remove that confusion one must know the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

1. To start off Facebook has 116,000,000 user base in India while twitter around 22,000,000. This number alone might be the reason to Advertise on Facebook over Twitter but it should not be the sole reason. Twitter market is not small and it is on the rise.

2. Facebook has 3 broad categories- Demographics, Interests, Behaviors- to target audience of your choice which was never allowed by any other platform in the past. Twitter also has the targeting option but they are not as comprehensive as Facebook but have improved drastically in recent time. On Facebook people can target audience based on life events, how old of a parent they are, digital activities like console gamers, Facebook page Admin, Internet browser used, mobile phone used and many others. This was to tell how deep Facebook Targeting system is. Twitter has more personal advertising options. They also have some unique elements like TV ad targeting.

3. Facebook allows you to choose 1 of 9 campaign objectives like getting more likes on page, sending people to website etc. Twitter upped it’s game by providing campaign objective which is in beta testing. Twitter allows for no objective based campaign also. This objective based campaign helped Facebook in Advertising more effectively and advertisers getting the benefit of it.

4. Both work on same concept of bidding which can be manually adjusted by marketers. Twitter pricing system is different than Facebook’s in a way that you only pay when an action is taken towards the aligned campaign goal and not organic engagement. You are also not charged more than another advertiser’s bid.  This allows it to distinguish it from it’s competitor.

It all boils down to Who has more potential customers? Who provides more engagement? What it costs?Twitter vs Facebook

5. Facebook tend to have lower bids and overall cost. Clicks on Facebook are less costly as compared to Twitter except in some cases. Impressions are more effective on Facebook because of Targeting options. When it comes to actual cost and bidding is way ahead of twitter. Twitter needs to better it’s prices to compete with not only Facebook but google as well.

6. More relevant people see your ad more engagement you get. How the bidding system works on Facebook allows ads to have much larger reach than Twitter with much better prices. Ads on social media is about getting you name and campaign on front which Facebook has a handle on. Facebook potential reach is unmatched and of course for their ads as well.

7. Twitter has less ads compared to Facebook which allows them to click on what they see. Twitter ads delivers a higher click-through rates. This is because of smooth integration of ads into news feed, popular topics and conversation streams.

8. Twitter and Facebook both have similar number of engagements per minute. This shows people are more likely to engage on Twitter than Facebook, even though Facebook barely beats twitter in total number of engagement (382,000 on Facebook and 350,000 on twitter. According to a recent study). This difference shows it’s hard to choose what to choose for your advertising campaign.

9. For most sites Facebook drives more than 20% of traffic than Twitter. Facebook is much better when it comes to off-site traffic referrals.

10. Facebook ads are the number one source of paid traffic to convert for paid app downloads. Facebook made their mobile app ad Friendly while twitter ads blend in with everything else. Most of User access Facebook through mobile. Mobile is becoming huge part of Digital Marketing and one must understand the importance of mobile marketing in order to stay in competition.


Facebook is clear winner when choosing a platform to advertise. That doesn’t mean twitter can be left out with constant improvement in their ad tools and increasing reach. They also have better click through and some unique advantages. Twitter users are also more active during a live event than Facebook users. Twitter ads cannot be created by users in India, it has to made by Komli which is associated with twitter in making ads for Indian users. This is also one of the biggest disadvantage. Every platform has it’s advantages as for now Facebook is the way to go but not for long.

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