How to Run Carousel Ads with Perfection?

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When opting for digital ads, Facebook ads should be your brand’s no. 1 choice. Why? This is because Facebook ads are inexpensive and highly effective. Plus, there are numerous ad formats available that leverage the huge number of active members of Facebook. In this article, we are going to discuss specifically Facebook Carousel ads.

This ad format is one of the most converting ones. They are the multi-product ads that Marketers and businesses must use to gain more traffic and sales.

Stats also claim that Carousel ads perform 10 times better than other regular ads. Plus, Carousel Ads offer 72% higher CTR.

So, all in all, these ads are cost-effective, more engaging and conversion-driven, and if you opt for them, you will be getting remarkable ROI.

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Let us now deep dive into the different ads on Facebook, understand their key idiosyncrasies, so you can easily differentiate carousel ads on Facebook-

Different Facebook Ad Formats

Different Facebook Ad Formats

Different Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook advertisements work really well and hence, they must be part of your advertising campaigns. Marketers can choose from different ad formats depending on their objectives.

1. Carousel Ads

It allows you to showcase multiple images and videos in one single ad with links.

2. Image Ads

Upload high-quality images of the website or products to drive traffic.

3. Video Ads

Videos can be uploaded to attract the audience.

4. Collection Ads

Display your product catalog with collection ads. These encourage shopping and can be customized to individuals.

5. Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads play as video ads when created in Ad Manager. They run smoothly on low-speed connections.

6. Instant Experience Ads

These are mobile-optimized full-screen ads.

7. Lead Generation Ads

Lead ads are used to collect information from the audience. They run on both Facebook and Instagram.

8. Offers

You can use carousel, image, and video ads to convey offers.

9. Post Engagement Ads

Boosts posts to gain more likes, comments, and shares.

10. Page Likes

Image and video can be used to promote page for more likes.

Carousel Ads on Facebook

Carousel ads make use of multiple images and videos which make them a perfect ad format to showcase your brand. The use of different colors and features is a great way for retailers to persuade their audience to buy.

Carousel ads on Facebook again come in the following different formats:

  • Right Column
  • Facebook Feed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instant Articles
  • Interstitial, Banner, and Audience Network Native
  • Messenger

Carousel Ads on Facebook Image Specifications

When it comes to Carousel Ads Facebook best practices, image specifications play the most significant role, and you need to be aware of that. That is why let us have a look upon image specifications of these ads-

  • Image size: 1080 X 1080 pixels
  • Minimum 600 pixels width and height
  • Maximum-10 cards and Minimum-2 cards
  • Maximum image size: 30MB
  • Maintain less than 20% text on ads
  • PNG and JPG are recommended image formats

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Carousel Ads Video specifications

Next Carousel Ads Facebook best practices incorporate video specifications and you ought to pay heed upon that as well-

  • Minimum resolution: 1080 X 1080
  • Maximum-10 cards and Minimum-2 cards
  • MP4 and MOV formats are recommended
  • Maximum file size: 4GB
  • Maximum video length: 240 minutes

Carousel ads Character Specifications

  • Maximum headline: 40 characters
  • Maximum body text: 125 characters
  • Maximum link description: 20 characters

When to use the Facebook Carousel Ads?

Facebook carousel ads can be used for varied purposes. They can be used to tell the story of your brand and showcase your products in a beautiful way.

Following are the best situations to go with carousel ads:

1. Demonstrate How to Use Products

Demonstrate How to Use Products

Demonstrate How to Use Products

When you want to drive sales, it becomes essential to illustrate how your product works and what customers can get by buying your product. Carousel ads can be a good option to achieve these objectives.

In carousel ads, one gets the choice of utilizing both images and videos to illustrate products. Moreover, since this ad format utilizes a series of ad cards demonstrating features becomes easier.

2. Highlight Your Products

Demonstrating products in advertisements is not an easy task. However, a carousel ad achieves this great feat and does this with finesse. First, you can display your entire range of products in a single ad unit with the carousel ads. Second, you can also focus on specific product features in a single ad unit.

For instance, a shoemaker can beautifully portray the fine structuring of the different shoe parts with all the cards in a carousel ad.

Advertisers do not have to worry about low speed or connectivity problems that crop up in playing videos.

3. Tell the Story of Your Brand

Telling stories is an incredible method to engage and connect with your audience. Carousel ads can be used for this purpose. Take a cue from Project Repat Company. They are a quilt making company that created amazing carousel ads.

Their carousel ad used different ad cards to show how t-shirts from different places can be transformed into a beautiful quilt.

4. Promote Articles

Promote Articles

Promote Articles

Article promotions can be tricky, but this can be beautifully done by Facebook’s carousel ads. Carousel article ad can not only drive more views to your articles but it has also been found that they increase the number of newsletter sign-ups of a website.

5. Showcase the Features of Your sService

This ad format can highlight the features of your service in a clever way. Let’s take the example of Transferwise. Transferwise provides international money transferring service.

To highlight the countries in which their services are available they published a carousel ad with flags of different countries.

6. Tell About Different Offers

Besides the brand story, product catalog, and product features, offers are another vital thing that can be flawlessly conveyed through carousel ads. The Sky is a brand that realized this and displayed their Christmas offers on different products by utilizing the Facebook carousel ads.

7. Showcase the Benefits of Products

Since this ad format has the option of going for both images and videos. This makes the carousel ad a brilliant way to showcase how customers will be benefited from a product.

Product benefits need a demonstration of product features and use. For this, brands can go with images to highlight what features the product has. Further, they can also utilize videos to highlight each and every product feature in detail.

Facebook Carousel Ad Performance

If you are reading this article, you must be wondering if Facebook carousel ads are as effective as general post ads and if carousel ads are better than them. Well, let’s lay your doubts to rest here.

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, Carousel ads are better performing than general or one image ads.

They have been found to deliver higher engagement, click-through rates, and traffic. They also result in a reduction of cost per click by 46%.  This reduced cost can be attributed to better ad quality scores because of more engagements.

Carousel ads do not produce the same result for every type of industry.

For some industries, one image or video ads may perform better. To gauge the performance of carousel ads you need to run a campaign and compare it with other ad formats for your industry.

How to Set Up Carousel Ads on Facebook

When it comes to learning how to setup Carousel Ads on Facebook, there are two methods by which you can know how to set up Carousel Ads on Facebook.

1. From the Facebook Page

Let’s check out the first method in which you can directly create the ad from your page. From the top right corner of your page, find the ‘Promote’ button. After clicking it select the ‘Promote your website’ option.

An ad window will open where you will be asked to upload the images and write the headline corresponding to each ad card. Later you will also need to specify the budget, audience, duration of the campaign. Once you are done click on ‘Promote.’

2. Adverts Manager

Facebook Business Manager is another place where you can create your carousel ad campaign. In the ad manager, click on ‘create ad’ and then choose one objective. Increasing conversion rates, driving traffic to the website, and app installations are some of the objectives.

After selecting an objective, specify your budget and audience. Once you have done that come to ‘advert creative.’ Select the ‘Multiple images in one ad’ option. This will create a carousel ad.

Upload your images, provide suitable headlines, and make the ad live.

Adeptly following these two methods will help you learn how to set up carousel ads on Facebook like an expert.

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Carousel Ads Facebook Best Practices

After knowing how to set up carousel ads on Facebook, the next thing you need to do is knowing the carousel ads Facebook best practices, so let us have a look upon those as well:

1. The First Image/Video Should be a Winner

Facebook post feed is swarmed with content. There exists a fierce competition for grabbing a user’s attention. Therefore, for the first ad card, you have to use an image/video that is attention-grabbing and is self-explanatory.

Additionally, also maintain a consistency of style and message to avoid confusing your audience.

2. Create a Panorama Image Effect

The panorama effect can only be created with this ad format. If you want to display a visual delight to Facebook users with impactful messaging, carousel ads are the right ad format.

3. Stick to Facebook’s Dimensions

If you wish to maximize your return on carousel ads you need to follow Facebook’s recommended specifications. We have already mentioned the image, video, and character specifications above.

4. Try Using All the Ad Components

While great visuals are good for capturing people’s attention, it is the headline, CTA, and description that persuade people to click. Therefore, give attention to that and write a suitable message to encourage people to take your desired action. 

5. Tell a Story

Tell a Story

Tell a Story

Evoking emotions is the best way to connect with your audience and that can be done when you are telling a story. Yes, you can display different products through carousel ads, but why not make this a little further and tell a narrative through the images?

Display one image that continues to other series of images. This will compel the user to find out more and make them feel as if they are progressing in a story. 

6. Order the Ad Cards Carefully

One of the biggest advantages of a carousel ad is that multiple images and videos can be used. Facebook can later decide which series of images or videos work best and in which order.

Once the campaign starts running you can always restrict running the underperforming series and continue running the best one. Do remember to opt-out of the automatic optimization option, if you want to achieve the panorama effect or tell a story. 

7. Link Each Ad Card to an Appropriate Landing Page

Lastly, link each ad card to their appropriate landing page. It is the landing page where the conversion occurs. For example, if you are advertising a geyser. Take your audience to the sales page of geysers.

Some of the Best Carousel Ad Examples

Let’s check out some best carousel ads:

1. Deezer

Carousel Ad Examples - Deezer

Carousel Ad Examples – Deezer

To announce that Beatles music will be available on the Deezer app. The company made use of a beautiful carousel ad that featured the Beatles in a panoramic view.

2. Fallout

Carousel Ad Examples - Fallout

Carousel Ad Examples – Fallout

Bethesda Game Studios to promote their Fallout 4 game shared the game’s rating and review from popular gaming websites.

Final Thoughts

If you want to do a lot with one ad unit, Facebook’s carousel ads are a great option. Try optimizing your ads and experiment with the ad card series. You can also do A/B testing to allow the best performing ad to run.

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Want to learn and master how to set up carousel ads on Facebook? Then Facebook Marketing Course would be the right pick for you. You will get to learn everything about the Facebook ads, plus a dedicated live training session will guide you about the carousel ads best practices.

In case of any doubts about the carousel ads on Facebook? feel free to ask us in the comments.

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