Four Main Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Digital Vidya Webinars

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Passing out from a good B-School, getting a job in Marketing in one of the top Forbes 500 Company, drawing a handsome salary all sounds really easy and appealing. But in today’s era, marketing is the most competitive and bloodthirsty field to work. Digital marketing is the most sought after field in marketing nowadays.

According to the research done by “Gartner,Inc” there will be around  4.4 million digital marketing job available in the next two years. Everything is moving towards digital now. Every organisation uses SEO, email marketing, Facebook & twitter advertisement. But for successful implementation of digital marketing in the organisation the most important requirement is “HUMAN COMPETENCY”. Hence, it’s very important to learn about digital marketing for those who wants to gain a competitive advantage over others. But hectic job schedules, busy lifestyles, shortage of time creating hindrances for them. But Digital Vidya came up with the solution of bringing uninterrupted learning to the busy workplaces and professionals i.e. Digital Vidya webinars.

Now you will be able to tuck behind your computer monitor, snacking on a gourmet avocado quesadillas with a pipping hot chai in hand.

Four main reasons to go for Digital Vidya webinars are:-

1. Gain Knowledge – Through Digital Vidya webinars, you will be exposed to a big pool of knowledge of digital marketing. You will get the chance to interact, solve your queries from the Industry expertise whom you admire in the Social media world.

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It offers customized Social Media/Digital Marketing Webinar for corporations, individuals and institutions who are interested in leveraging Digital Marketing.

2. Add Credibility –Digital Vidya is the first to launch Social media marketing workshop in India has a wide range of corporate network throughout the Industry.Big corporate customers like Yahoo,,ebay,make my trip, Infosys,IBM, Spicejet and many more associated with the organisation.

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 Besides that you will get a certificate from Digital Vidya which on successful completion of the course. It will add great value and weightage to your curriculum vitae. DV also provides Job assistance to certified professionals.

3. Extensive social networking: Enjoy once in a lifetime working opportunity with the social media industry expertise. Top social media pros will share social media tips and strategies. If you will go through  the webinars already held at Digital Vidya you will come to know that there is no better place than this where you can will get to learn so much.


i. Social tactics tracks: You will gain actionable tracks to improve your marketing  strategy through Facebook, twitter, podcast, Linkedin, You tube, google+ and pinterest.

ii. Social strategy track: It will help you discover new ways to draw ideal customers to your business.

iii. Community management track: It will help you build community and ultimately sell your products and services  via social media.

iii. Content marketing track: you will discover how successful bloggers,video marketers and  podcasters operate.

4. Boundary_less learning: You are  sitting on the bank of amazon river or at a spa in Thailand,you can still continue with Digital Vidya webinars.

*t&c applied – You have a laptop and internet connection 😛

Through webinars Digital Vidya is reaching to the learners irrespective of geographical boundaries, locations. Get  ready for a new way of learning, leave the old methods of learning behind and make room for valuable learning.Discover the best techniques of digital marketing and stay ahead.

Happy Learning!


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  1. The traditional teacher-student transaction is replaced by webinar mode of teaching. With more internet penetration in India, webinars are fast catching up with students, working professions who wants to add more skills, etc. These methods offer flexibility of time and one can learn at his/her own pace. DV is bridging the gap in clearing the hurdles of learning by offering quality courses with quality people at the helm.

  2. Smita Pawar

    Great Read. Digital Vidya webinar does give more information and there is a lot more exposure to sharing of knowledge than expected.


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