Hackett London Used Email Marketing To Gain 122% Hike In Revenues

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Hackett-London-Logo-2013.About Hackett London

Hackett London is a retail clothing line for Men and kids, founded in 1979 in London by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings. They serve in 16 countries with 77 retail stores. Hackett London is a quintessential brand in Europe serving luxury men’s and kids’ clothing, designer tailoring and accessories.

Hackett London’s Business Objectives

Being in the industry for 35 years and with huge competition in the market, Hackett London had the below objectives:

  • Use the customer database
  • Engage the customers and drive them to their stores
  • Update the customers with new products and service
  • Increase the revenue using the database.

Strategies / Approach Adopted By Hackett London

Hackett London along with Pure360, a lead email service provider used Email marketing campaigns to achieve their objectives. With presence in 16 countries and 77 retail stores Hackett London had diversified database. There Key was,

  • Segregating and segmenting the database as per age, location, gender and interest.
  • Sending tailored email marketing campaigns .

Pure360 was able to track Hackett London customers behavior with their feature PureResponse – Open time, Time spend on the email and build history of their customer. With the history of customer behavior they zeroed up the optimum time for the recipient to send emails.

Results Achieved By Hackett London

With Pure360 – ‘Intelligent Time sending – Optimum time’ and list segmentation Hackett London was able to gain 122% hike in the revenue over a year through email marketing. Hackett London also added ‘store finder page’ in their email campaigns to track the customer’s interest to visit their stores. There were also able to gain insight about customer’s activity like time spent on their email and post clicking activities.


We learn that customer database plays a very important role in Email marketing. With proper segmentation of the data, healthy list and Email marketing – customers can be engaged and keep them updated about new products and service parallel increase the revenue.

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