Evolution of Marketing – Then & Now

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Marketing is an act of influencing people to buy a product or service. We have been witnessing this act of marketing since we have started commercialization and with the passage of time, we have witnessed the evolution of marketing.

Here, in this article, I will take you deep into this and let you know how the evolution of marketing concept happened. So stick with me to know more –

Until and unless you have clearly understood the entire concept of marketing and how its evolution took place, it is difficult for you to understand the modern-day marketing techniques and strategies.

Stats claim that around 40% of businesses consider proving ROI of their marketing activities their biggest challenge.

The concept of marketing is all about using different measures to ensure a continuous rise in the profit of any business.

Before we get into the concept of marketing and understand its evolution let us first understand why marketing is important and why do we need to study the evolution of marketing concept –

Introduction to the World of Marketing

Here is the most basic thing; until and unless someone knows about your product or service, it won’t be sold.

Thus, you need to realise the importance of marketing You can never sell your product in an empty space.

If you want to sell your product then you will have to create awareness among the people about your product. You will have to tell them its specification and how it is going to help them in solving their daily life problems.

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This awareness that we are talking about can be carried out through different marketing techniques.

The modern-day generation is getting smarter and educated day by day hence they will only purchase your products if you are able to convince them at their best.

If they are having slightest of doubt about your product, they are not going to purchase it hence you will have to aware them about your product in the best possible way through your marketing campaigns.

Your internet marketing campaigns are not only helpful in fetching the traffic and users but also it helps in retaining them or re-targeting.

You get to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers through your marketing campaigns.

No matter how good is your product or how much quality service you are providing, it will only be valued if people are aware of it.

We can never ignore the importance of marketing in any business as it is undoubtedly the backbone of any business.

Your business will cripple down if your marketing team is not able to function properly. Use the right marketing techniques and put them at the sweet spot to get the maximum out of your campaigns.

Well, when we are talking about the marketing concept, it has always been changing for many years and there are still some changes that are going on right now. From classical times to the modern contemporary word, the evolution of marketing has gone through a lot of changes and here we are going to discuss all it for sure.

The Era Of Trade And Production

These are the times when things were pretty simple for sure. The main importance of marketing and the focus was simply the exploration of the resources and trading them as well. During the mid 19th century, there is no doubt that commodities with the commercial sector where just the staple of the economy for sure.

Everything that was created was done with the hands for sure. So, there is no doubt that making products for trading was the main concept of marketing. However, with the industrial revolution, trade era came to an end and gave birth to a completely new era for sure.

This was the production era where the main focus of the marketing was on the production of more goods and hence mass production as a very important factor in here for sure. The manufacturing was done in the most efficient and effective manner which was the main concern for the business as well. So, the marketing conception became a lot simpler.

The Era of Sales

The competition began to arise with the sales era and there is no doubt that the businesses were not easily able to sell the products that were mass-produced.

Hence, the companies found it more and more difficult to sell the products to the customers. So, the concept of marketing in this era started to focus on the promotion of the products to sell them in the best way. This is something that we do until this date.

The Relationship Era

The sales era also gave way to the relationship era where the long term relationships were made between companies and consumers. The businesses started to focus on the needs and requirements of the customers more so that they could build better relationships with them.

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The Era Of Social Marketing

There is no doubt that this era was the basic game changer for the businesses for sure. With the help of the internet and social media, the evolution of digital marketing came to exist in the best way for sure.

People could easily reach out in the best way to the companies and they could stay fully in contact with each other as well. Different types of social media and communication are the main components of this era and there is no doubt that there are a lot of amazing things to come in the evolution of marketing with the change of times as well.

Let us now understand how our modern-day marketing has evolved from an ancient marketing concept–

Evolution of Marketing Concept

The evolution of marketing started during the Industrial Revolution that took place in the 18th and 19th century. We can trace the entire evolution of marketing in four different phases-

1. Production Orientation

2. Product Orientation

3. Sales Orientation

4. Customer Orientation

5. Social Orientation and so on.

Let us take the importance of marketing into consideration & understand each one of them deeply –

1. Production Orientation

Production Orientation

Production Orientation Source – Slideshare

Under this people believed that when a product’s quality is good enough it doesn’t require any additional efforts in promotion as people will anyhow purchase it. This was the widely used approach during the industrial revolution.

People focused on more production under low cost so that it can fetch better returns. Before the revolution maximum products were handmade and this entire process made the production cost of the product go high.

Due to a high production cost, producers had no option than to sell it at higher prices.

After the introduction of machinery, this production cost came comparatively down and the products were being sold at 1/10th of the original price.

Customers were ready to buy this product with happiness as it was cheaper for them than ever. In this case, there was hardly any requirement of marketing and the products were being sold with ease.

Though when we are going through this philosophy of production orientation we need to know that a few assumptions were taken while framing this philosophy like; everything that was being produced with the machinery could be sold, the production cost was kept to a minimum only and so on.

Manufacturers during this phase of the evolution of marketing concept were eyeing for more efficient production which is coming out of low-cost as to attain the maximum profit.

2. Product Orientation

Product Orientation

Product Orientation Source – Marketing Boomers

Here, a more competitive approach was taken during the production process in order to produce the most ideal product they can.

An assumption was made during this phase if the people are already having a product of certain quality they will only expect you to produce a product of better quality than that.

If they are already benefited from the core features of a product then if you want to sell your product, you will have to create something different and better.

What was happening in this phase was, every production process was setting a standard before itself.

Since customers were seeking for a product with more and more unique features, manufacturers were also aiming towards producing a better and better product. They were doing their best to solve the problem of the diverse needs of customers.

But there was a downside during this approach of production – the prices of the product were going up at a high rate.

Since every time the product contained more and more features, this leads the manufacturers to increase the price of the product and sometimes even the customer themselves were not in a position to pay the prices for what they seek were seeking from the product.

3. Sales Orientation

Sales Orientation

Sales Orientation Source – Slideshare

By this time people started to recognize the importance of the promotion process and why they should introduce marketing to their business.

Producers started to realize that mere production of quality products is not enough for their business’s growth rather they will also have to invest in the promotion process.

They realized that it was extremely difficult for them to move the product out of their firm without a proper promotion or advertising.

What we know today about marketing was realized at that period of time. They started to feel that no matter how much quality their products contain, people won’t buy it if they are kept to mum.

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During this phase, the manufacturers were only eyeing on two things – producing the best quality product they can and convincing the people at their best to buy the products that they have produced.

They started using different tactics to influence people to buy their products. Even high-pressure tactics were being introduced to boost up sales.

This philosophy is being followed since the 1940s and the marketing which we are following currently is entirely based on the same philosophy.

4. Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation Source – Slideshare

Under this philosophy, the main aim of the businesses is to understand and satisfy the expectations of the customer.

This is undoubtedly the most ideal condition of any business where they try to figure out what are the actual needs of the customer and what they expect from their seller.

Since the 1950s this philosophy has been considered as the fundamental aim of any business.

Customer satisfaction was the main aim of businesses under this phase of the evolution of marketing. They focused on the customer more than just their product.

What they produced depended upon what the customer desires and expects from them.

First of all the businesses commence with the customer and once they are all clear about their needs and desires, they move on to the next step; production.

What they are going to produce and how the production process will proceed depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Under this philosophy many assumptions were made as well like; firms are going to produce only those products that are being desired by the customer, the entire management will work to enhance their programs for the prime satisfaction of their customer and the business focuses on the long-term goals rather than the quick sales.

Under this philosophy, marketing campaigns grew as well.

Businesses came to know about their audience’s desires only through their marketing campaign and they were able to aware them about their product through their marketing campaigns only.

5. Social or Societal Marketing Orientation

Societal Marketing

Societal Marketing Source – iEduNote

Till now marketing campaigns were completely oriented on business, sales, products, and customer. We were not paying attention to the environmental degradation that was happening due to our activities.

Marketing theory went through a refinement during this phase when the marketers and the business owners started paying attention towards the environment.

They started to recognize how their activities are harming our nature and eventually creating harm for our society as well.

Consumer welfare came into play during this phase of the evolution of marketing. Here the aim of businesses shifted towards providing humans with a quality lifestyle and along with that ensuring a pollution-free environment around us.

Now the businesses were not just focusing on producing quality products rather they were focused on producing environment-friendly products.

Their aim shifted from complete customer satisfaction to customer welfare as well as social welfare.

Environment safety was the major aim of businesses and this philosophy of environment protection is being followed even today and that is what we call as Green Marketing.

Now let us understand how digital marketing evolve during the past few decades –

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Evolution of Digital Marketing Source – Medium

Digital marketing came into play during the 1990s-2000s and we have witnessed its great dynamics in this commercial world.

There were times when traditional marketing campaigns were causing pain in the neck for all the marketers and even by the following hardest schedule we were not getting enough leads.

The traditional marketing techniques limited our reach and it became extremely hard for businesses to let their product reach the great dynamics of the world.

Digital marketing has opened a number of opportunities for us to give our product the best exposure that it deserves.

Since the entire world is going digital and around half of the world’s population is active on the internet, we can reach out to a huge number of audiences through digital means.

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Evolution of marketing is incomplete if we are not talking about the evolution of digital marketing.

Evolution of the internet and our lifestyle has been the primary reason behind the extraordinary evolution of digital marketing that we are witnessing these days.

Growth in the usage of smartphones, internet, and other technological devices has contributed to the evolution of digital marketing.

With the evolution of internet came social media and we all know how popular it is these days. Social media provided the marketers with a window through which reaching out to their targeted audience became an easy job.

People started using smartphones more often than ever during the past two decades and this leads the marketers to explore this as an opportunity to reach out to a large number of audiences.

Targeting people became an easy job since the efforts were minimal and the results were extraordinary. This became the reason behind such upliftment of digital marketing.

Businesses start noticing the difference that digital marketing was making to their sales and this marked to the extreme popularity of this concept during that phase.

Content marketing, SEO and other digital glossaries were being explored and search engines also kept on getting smarter day by day. The competition among different digital marketers rose up and this also enhanced the quality of their campaigns.

The word; digital marketing that we know today has gone through a number of phases. The great dynamic nature of digital marketing is the result of so many refinements that it went through during the past two decades.

Digital marketing has not only helped in the growth of businesses but also it has helped in increasing the employment percentage.

Now there is a huge requirement of human resource in digital marketing sectors in various domains like Copywriting, content writer, SEO manager, social media manager and so on.

Final Words

Evolution of marketing didn’t occur in a short span of time rather it went through a number of phases and what we are seeing today is the result of refinements that it went through.

We should realize the importance of marketing. Undoubtedly marketing is the backbone of business and we are going to see different aspects of it in the upcoming future.

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Evolution of marketing in an omnipresent process that will keep taking place at regular intervals.

Enrolling in Digital Marketing Certification Course can enable you to learn and master the best marketing practices.

In case of any doubts about the evolution of marketing, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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