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Deepak Patel hails from a small town Chopan which is 100kms far from Varansi. This place is surrounded with mountains & rivers. His father is a small businessman and mother is a housewife. Since his childhood, Deepak was interested in technology & internet. After starting his carrier in digital marketing in 2012, a year after he started his blog Travel n’ Thrill with a concept of promoting Indian tourism places. Although, it was started just as a passion and a love for India to explore India’s scripture & epic stories for which India is known for but now he takes it more seriously from th benefit point of view. This travel blogger who solely handles everything considers that Digital Marketing helped a lot for the promotion of his travel blog. 

How did you decide to become a travel blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Deepak: I was always interested in exploring new places and adventure sites in the country. Actually, I don’t think that travelling and exploring new things means always to visit to a new and famous place. We can also discover important and noteworthy points in ancient and untouched natural sites. As I have a strong desire to visit all those unexplored places which are attractive for their natural, cultural and mythological wealth, I preferred visiting those places or searching more about them in my leisure. This ultimately made me a travel blogger; this was not a thoughtful choice. I just started writing blogs for the places which are loved by me and visited by me.

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What are the categories one can blog about as a travel blogger? What areas do you focus on?

Deepak: Although, it depends upon the preferences and choices of the writer that on what categories he or she wants to highlight the travel blog but it should be in an organized manner definitely. I put emphasis upon making my travel writing simplified and easy to read for my readers and that’s why, I prefer writing on different categories about every tourism site such as adventure activities, culture, festivals, activities, food and art of every region apart from mentioning the geographical and physical features. For those who blog for the purpose of travel guide, it is also important to add a category of climate and ‘best time to visit’ to a place.

Photographs impact travel blogs to a great extent. In your opinion, what are the elements that go into presenting a photograph?

Deepak: Yes, this is right. Photograph leaves a deep impact of a place on reader. There are various important things one should keep in mind while posting photographs with a travel blog. Representing the culture, geographical features, food, people and their costumes in photograph is very important to create imagery in the eyes of the blog reader. Moreover, a travel blogger should not forget to post at least one distinct item of daily or occasion use in the place about which the blog is being written.

How do you keep yourself updated on the latest trends about travel blogging? Which are the top sites and travel blogs you visit every day?

Deepak: Travelling runs in my blood as a passion and that’s why, I can’t even imagine to get detached of travelling. Yes, of course when I don’t get time to travel really, I search some top travel websites in internet and learn about the latest traveling sites. Travel magazines and online travel blogs are my biggest source of collecting information to keep myself updated about the latest travelling sites. Also, my reliable friends suggest me places and tell more about the sites they have already visited that helps me in blogging. . . The sites and blogs I visit everyday are as follows –

Please share the list of your favorite blogging tools along with their purpose, which you use regularly.

Deepak: These are few most important tools that I used it before publishing my content: 

  • Coschedule ( – Headline Analyzer
  • Wordcounter ( – Word limit, Keywords Density
  • Hemingway ( – Readability Score
  • Grammarly ( – This is the most important tools that I used this to correct my spelling or other grammatical errors.

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Which influencers and thought leaders you look up to when it comes to travel blogging?

Deepak: There is no person who influences me to blog on travelling but mythological and religious prosperity of India and adventurous places in the country always motivate me to go ahead in this direction. The keen desire of exploring untouched beauty of India and discovering unexplored tourism spots here in my thought leader to enrich my blog with more and more reader-oriented travel contents.

If you were to list top 5 reasons for your success as a blogger, what would those be?

Deepak: Well, I don’t have to think much to answer this question because I already have a list of reasonable things that motivated me to become a blogger. Here are the 5 reasons for my success as a blogger –

  • Passion for Writing

The first thing I will say that helped me to become a blogger is my passion for reading and writing. I am interested to read more and more interesting contents on various topics. Similarly, when I read other authors, I feel a deep passion within me for writing.

  • Creative Ideas

The second important thing which is responsible to make me a blogger is my treasure of creative ideas. My mind diverts always towards the things that gives rise to new and interesting ideas for writing.

  • Keen Observation

One more thing which I think should be appreciated for making me a blogger is my keen observation. I observe cultures, arts, activities, food habits, living ideas and lifestyle of people everywhere I go.

  • Ready to Write Ever


I am ambitious enough to write at any hour of the day or night (if I have time). In this way, I don’t forget the ideas that come in my mind instantly and

  • An Explorer

The last but not the least to say is that I am an explorer. I love to explore new things and ideas in every place I visit. So, whatever I explore I write in my blogs.

Please share top mistakes you’ve learnt from your journey as a travel blogger.

Deepak:  The top mistakes I have learnt from my journey as a travel blogger are as follows –

  • Writing Boring Headlines

It is always a bad idea to write boring headlines that I realized later. Then, I changed all my crappy headlines and turned them into an interesting one. This made my write-ups catchy and inviting to readers.

  • Not including Images

Although, I mostly take care of posting photos with my contents but I realized that whenever I forgot to give links to photos in my travel write-ups, they were responded lesser by the readers.

  • Unorganized Content

This is another mistake that I should share; messy and unorganized content could never help me come up with something interesting. A short but organized content can do the whole job good.

  • Not proofreading the work

I prefer reading my content always after writing but earlier, when I was not experienced, I sometimes posted my articles without reading twice and it could not help my write-ups to be ignored by my readers.

Is it possible to make a career in travel blogging? Please share 3-5 tips about travel blogging for aspiring travel bloggers.

Deepak: Yes, it is possible to make a mind-blowing career in travel blogging. Some good travel blogging tips have been mentioned below –

  • Creating useful content

The most important thing one needs for good travel blogging it creation of useful contents every time. Posting one magnetic content and four boring write-ups after that will never work. So, I always try to be unique and innovative while writing a travel blog.

  • Being Regular

Regularity in travel blogging indicates that you are really serious and interested in travel blogging. 

  • Proofreading

To avoid redundancy and unnecessary content from your travel blog, it’s important to proofread whatever one writes.

  • Nabbing the social media handles

Well, publishing the travel contents on wordpress is a single part of blogging but social media is another important part. So, create a facebook page, twitter profile, instagram account and other social media handles to share the information about your blog there to increase the number of your followers. .

In your view, which are the most important skills one should have or acquire for success in travel blogging?

Deepak: The biggest thing I learnt during my career as a travel blogger is going deeper into the cultural roots and rich traditions. The way in which the Indian tradition connects various parts and people of India with each other is really marvelous. This seems wonderful about the country that maintains peace of mind, helps to move towards the growth and offers relaxation. Here are the important skills that I think are required in one for becoming a successful travel blogger –

  • Picking a good blog name

Yes, it is important to give interesting and catchy headlines to your contents but it is the most important thing to pick a good blog name that can really attract people.

  • Work on a Theme

One should have an outstanding theme to work on when it comes upon travel blogging. A good theme can lead towards the best result.

  • Regular Blogging

Although, exaggerating a travel blog with lots of travel contents can leave a negative impact upon readers still not posting even a single post whole week can also bother the readers. So, one should be regular to post at a normal proportion every week.

  • Interesting Information

Nobody wants to know about a place that he/she knows already, so I always try to serve something new and unsaid to my readers. For this, I often work hard for exploring untouched, new information.

What are your future plans? How do you plan to leverage your existing success as a Travel Blogger?

Deepak: I love being a travel blogger and my future plans definitely revolve around travel blogging. I plan smartly to be successful in this direction. I have decided few criteria and strategies to work on such as using smart technologies, digital marketing ideas for promoting my blogs and writing innovative travel contents that can interest readers. Moreover, I keep myself updated regarding the latest trends of travel blogging.

What do you think travel blogging will look like in 5 years? Will it still be around?

Deepak: The modern generation loves to read lovable travel blogs for planning their trips to particular countries all around the world. This shows that there is an exciting and fabulous future of travel blogging in next 5 years. People not only prefer reading travel blogs but also seek long term benefits and featured content crafting ideas used in the content.

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