20 Top Snapchat Marketing Campaigns from Global Brands to Learn From

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Snapchat is the latest Social bling that is something in vogue. Its booming popularity and great target base are influencing brands to come up with some engaging, intrigue and interesting Snapchat Marketing Campaigns for creating buzz and awareness for their new launches.

Seeing great acceptance and conversions on Snapchat, Indian marketers are also thinking to explore the platform and for them, I thought to enlist some of the best international Snapchat Marketing Campaigns to learn from. So, let us peep into them-

20 Global Snapchat Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

1. X-Men: Apocalypse – Movie Promotion

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • To promote the release of the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie, the marketing team went full gaga and created great X-Men filters
  • Marketers created variety of filters that were related to X-Men on the release day of the movie and created immense buzz
  • The Snapchat Marketing Campaigns run for X-Men approximately received 1.5 Billion views

2. Terminator: Genisys – Movie Promotion

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Again one of the most interesting Snapchat Marketing Campaigns used for promoting the release of the movie Terminator
  • Marketing team created a custom filter and users can overlay the filter onto themselves or onto their pets
  • Cross promoting of Snapchat Marketing Campaigns is one of the best ways to increase the organic reach of your filter and that is why the movie actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger promoted the Terminator Snapchat Marketing Campaigns on Facebook
  • His Facebook post about the Terminator Snapchat filter gained around 3,000 shares and 55,000 likes

3. Blue Santa – Mumbai Indian

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Mumbai Indian team launched its Snapchat handle MI_Paltanand made its presence felt on Snapchat with an interesting campaign called MI Blue Santa
  • Gozoop is Mumbai Indian’s Social Media Agency that conceptualized and executed this Blue Santa Snapchat Marketing Campaigns from start to finish
  • All the interactions between fans and blue Santa were broadcast live on Snapchat

4. Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

  • Social Marketing Team of Mission Impossible used self-destructing feature of Snapchat to tell the story of Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation
  • Each mission on Snapchat for Mission Impossible –Rogue Nation was introduced by Tom Cruise with a Self Destructing Snap
  • With ‘mission month’ Snapchat Marketing Campaigns team launched challenges with a 24-hour time limit

5. Taco Bell – Cinco de Mayo

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Taco Bell created a filter for Cinco de Mayo (An annual celebration observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory)  that was viewed 224 Million times
  • The audience response was overwhelming and audiences thoroughly enjoyed playing with the filter
  • Marketing team allowed users to personalize snaps and stories and share it with their loved ones

6. Sphero from Star Wars – Toy Launch

  • Star Wars marketing team used Snapchat influencers for promoting their new toy, Sphero
  • Shaun McBride, one of their Snapchat Influencers got around 2 million Snapchat views every day
  • As per Wall Street Journal, the Sphero toy from Star Wars sold out in a matter of hours and their campaign got more than 10 million views

7. The MTV VMAs – Behind the Scenes

  • In 2015 VMAs, MTV came up with Live Story on Snapchat
  • This campaign allowed users in the area to post videos and pictures to the live Snapchat Story. Different behind the scenes footages onto the story were shared by audiences and celebrities
  • 12+ million people viewed the Snapchat Story of MTV VMAs while around 10 million people tuned in to watch the VMAs on TV

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8. UNICEF – BringBackOurChildhood

  • One of the most important Snapchat Marketing Campaigns was run by UNICEF named as #BringBackOurChildhood
  • UNICEF launched this campaign by connecting with the influencers on Snapchat for creating awareness around the sufferings of girls who were abducted by Boko Haram

9. Mondelez – A Candy Competition

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Mondelez, a company that produces tasty candy bars utilizes Snapchat Marketing Campaigns for increasing brand awareness and sales
  • They created a competition on Snapchat in which users could enter by snapping a photo of their chocolate bar, modifying it through the drawing tools of Snapchat and then sending it to the TIMEOUTAU Snapchat account
  • Users designed some amazing creations that Mondelez displayed on its website and the winner of the competition won $10,000!

10. GrubHub – Hiring

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • GrubHub, an online food ordering company ran a successful Snapchat Marketing Campaign
  • Company was looking for an intern with Snapchat Skillz
  • By using a Snapchat Image Sequence given below they ran their hiring campaign on Snapchat which was very creative in creating buzz amongst youngsters

11. World Wildlife Fund – #LastSelfie

  • The World Wildlife Fund came up with Snapchat Marketing Campaigns for raising awareness about different endangered species
  • Their marketing team designed and executed the creative #LastSelfie hashtag campaign that created quite a good rage across all social platforms as well

12. DJ Khaled – Snapchat All-Star

  • DJ Khaled has become a Snapchat all-star with his successful Snapchat Marketing Campaigns
  • He is first of his kinds of celebrities who enjoy such presence on Snapchat and brands can learn A TON from what he’s doing on the platform
  • His snaps on Snapchat are attracting around 3-4 million viewers
  • Some fun mantras given by him like “bless up” and “keys to wisdom” are gaining lots of popularity on the platform

13. General Electric

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Despite being an old electronics company, General Electric also came up with an awesome Snapchat Campaign that is very creative and engaging
  • Their marketing team created a buzz for them via Snapchat Marketing Campaigns within a short period of time
  • Company produces regular stream of fun facts and brain teasers on Snapchat that entertain their followers on regular basis

14. Burberry – Spring Sneak Peak

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Burberry created some extra hype for their Spring 2016 Fashion Show by using some best Snapchat Marketing Campaigns to learn from
  • Company revealed their newest line of clothes by using a series of snaps
  • Marketing team came up with pictures and videos featuring their designers and models, plus, they conducted live-snapped the actual show
  • They also quite smartly piggybacked the rage and hype they previously created

15. Major League Soccer – Player Takeovers

  • MLS decide to give an entire week to Snapchat takeovers via its Player Takeover Snapchat Campaign
  • Takeover campaign was a campaign in which someone else takes over and runs your Snapchat account
  • In this campaign, each day MLS handed over its Snapchat account to a new soccer star and the stars were responsible to promote this on their own accounts
  • They came up with fun and highly engaging content on the MLS account on their day that helped Takeovers enjoy great Snapchat following

16. Target – Holiday Geofilters

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Target started using geofilters around different holiday events
  • Their marketing team came up with Holiday geofilters around their physical stores that helped them increase brand awareness and sales
  • This one is considered as one of the top Snapchat Marketing Campaigns to learn from

17. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Fox recently came up with remake of the all the classic, “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
  • For its promotion, company did a partnership with Snapchat and created a trio of Snapcode activations that went live during the telecast
  • This was again a first of its kind campaigns that created great buzz via the Snap ads run by Fox along with a custom lens leading up to the telecast

18. Netflix and Gilmore Girls

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • For the launching of four new episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, marketing team came up with an awareness campaign for the launch
  • They printed and distributed around 10,000 cups to a group of 200 coffee shops around the country and each of cups had a snap code
  • Snapping that code pulled up the image below, which was quite a unique campaign that not only intrigued but also entertained the audiences

19. Gatorade’s #GatoradeDunk Lens

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • During Super Bowl 50, Gatorade came up with a customized sponsored Snapchat lens that were specially designed for football fans
  • The “#GatoradeDunk” lens asked users to simulate being “dunked” with their drink
  • Promotion of the lens is done by star Serena Williams who is one of the company’s sponsored athletes
  • Campaign generated around 100 Million views over Super Bowl weekend

20. Mountain Dew

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

  • Mountain Dew came up with a Snapchat Marketing Campaign for launching its new flavour – Kickstart Morning Drink
  • Snapchat campaign of Mountain Dew asked users to create a real-time story for Mountain Dew and it instantly became a rage on the Social Platform

Master your Snapchat Marketing Skills!

On the concluding note, I hope aforestated 20 Snapchat Marketing Campaigns would help you understand the kind of creativity and smartness these international brands used to bewitch their audiences and create an ardent fan base on Snapchat.

Creativity, uniqueness, relevance, and timing are the success keys of successful Snapchat Campaigns. Joining Social Media Course is considered useful in understanding how Snapchat campaigns work for brands and it will help you master your Snapchat Marketing Skills in the most practical way possible

Which Snapchat Campaign you find most interesting and inspiring? – Update me in comments.



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