Bring Out Your “A” Game With These 5 Social Media Certification Courses

Bring Out Your “A” Game with these 5 Social Media Certification Courses

If this article has caught your attention then I’m safely assuming that you’re someone who is seriously working to build a career either as a Digital Marketer or more specifically as a Social Media expert looking for social media certification. Why should I assume so?

Simple, if you’re seeking information on social media certification, you’ve got to be serious about it. After all, attempting a social media certification is a serious undertaking, one that requires considerable commitment and resources.

While it’s always a good idea to take up a good quality full-time course and a social media certification from a reputed institute, one should also look out for freely available courses and certificates those are provided by reputed companies and platforms, mostly as part of their content marketing initiatives.

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. 

Don’t assume that these won’t be of good quality simply because these are freely or easily available. If the course provider is a credible resource then these courses are generally very well crafted and backed by credible research and statistics.

The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network. – Kami Huyse

If you’re at a beginner or intermediate level or looking to get updated with specific platforms, I’m listing out 5 credible and useful Social Media Certification courses for you in this article, provided by some reputed platforms.

Put some efforts into these well put together social media certification courses, and bring out your “A” game as a Social Media expert. After all, being an “A” player means not leaving out anything important and paying attention to the details.

So here’s to all those who are striving to be part of the “A” team.

5 Social Media Certification Programs To Advance Your Career

1. Facebook Blueprint

Social Media Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification Program?

Facebook Blueprint is the professional social media training certification program offered globally by Facebook about marketing on both Facebook and Instagram, the two key ad platforms of the Social Media giant.

There are three ways to learn with this program, as mentioned the following:

(i) Blueprint eLearning 

An online education program that teaches the best practices of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

(ii) Blueprint Certification

A certification program that measures your understanding of Facebook advertising products and services. One can earn social media certification by passing two of the required exams.

(iii) Blueprint Live

An in-person social media training certification program that teaches how to implement Facebook and Instagram advertising principles in your marketing plans.

(Source: Facebook Blueprint Program Help Center)

Why Is Facebook Certification Valuable To You?

Since both Facebook and Instagram are the behemoths of Social Media advertising, securing a professional certificate from Facebook’s official learning centre holds a high value on a Digital Marketer CV.

Being certified and proficient in advertising on both these platforms is especially important because of the deceptively simple nature of advertising platforms. We all know that starting an ad campaign is super simple on both Facebook and Instagram. It doesn’t require any specific technical or even marketing skills when it comes to just executing a campaign. That’s the catch.

Just because it’s technically simple and do-able, doesn’t mean that the same applies to the strategy too. It works when a lot is not at stake and when the ad budgets are experimental and insignificant. When the budgets go high/ consistent and an important campaign needs to be rolled out, an experienced Social Media marketer with in-depth strategy becomes crucial.

That’s when a Facebook Blueprint Certification makes you stand out as a valuable Social Media professional.

Interesting Trivia: Just after the Facebook Blueprint program was rolled out in March 2015, there were already more than a million enrollments within the first 18 months.

Link to the Program:

2. Certified Social Media Marketing Masters Course (CSMMM) By Digital Vidya

What Is A Certified Social Media Marketing Masters Course By Digital Vidya?

Certified Social Media Marketing Masters Course by Digital Vidya is a widely sought-after and well regarded online learning and social media certification program in the country.

This is a hands-on learning based classroom style virtual social media training certification led by a live instructor. The syllabus for the course focuses on building both the Social Media basics as well as leading the participants to the more advanced topics and strategies for leading Social Media platforms.

The program is conducted on weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays so that working professionals can make the best use of it without the hassle of managing both work and learning.

social media certification

Certified Social Media Marketing Masters Course (CSMMM) by Digital Vidya

Why Is This Social Media Certification Program Valuable To You?

This professional certificate is used by Digital Marketers to propel their professional career by building Social Media Marketing prowess through this certificate. At the same time, it is also a great place to start for budding marketers who are looking to know how to do Social Media Marketing.

Special Features Of This Course Include:

  • Live instructor-led classroom-style sessions
  • Lifetime access to the latest learning content in presentations and video formats
  • Research-based internship opportunities
  • Hands-on learning through live projects and assignments
  • Access to Discussion Forum with 24×7 support from the trainers
  • Widely recognized by both the industry and the govt. Of India under Vskills initiative

This course is hailed as one of the best offerings in the country and this is the closest that working professionals can get to a classroom style immersive learning to advance or kick-start their careers in Social Media Marketing.

Interesting Trivia: Digital Vidya has trained 26500+ professionals (incl. CXO’s) from 10,000+ brands in 1900+ pieces of training across Asia since 2009

Link to Program:

3. Hootsuite Academy Certification

Social Media Certification

Hootsuite Certification

What Is Hootsuite Academy Certification Program?

Hootsuite Academy is the education and training arm of the one of the most preferred Social Media tools suite out there. It is an extensive online social media training certification platform that offers both free and paid programs.

Some of the tutorials and courses offered by Hootsuite are free of cost. However, the professional Social Media Certifications are paid. This social media certification fee is a one-time fee.

Why Is This Social Media Marketing Certification Valuable To You?

“Businesses are rapidly increasing their investment in social media marketing, and we’re seeing this first hand.”

  • Ryan Johnson, Categories Director at Upwork

There has been a certain tectonic shift in the way brands approach their marketing strategies over a period of time and how the budget allocation happens. Social Media has affirmed its solid presence as a powerful Digital Marketing channel and now it has even started getting the lion’s share from the marketing budget allocation.

When big budgets come into pictures, brands look to bring in professionals and domain experts on board. That’s when a reputed professional certificate in Social Media Marketing from a well-known resource like Hootsuite plays an important role on your CV.

Hootsuite academy provides rich learning resources in an entertaining format of interesting videos and learning resources from a wide variety of industry experts, all via its online academy.

“Hootsuite Academy is the one place that entrepreneurs can find the most up-to-date information from people who do it every day. Professionals at the forefront of social media marketing, outreach and user engagement—both within Hootsuite and from the industry at large—share their know-how and provide guidance on how to use social media as a tool for attracting customers and to align social media to your business goals.”

  • Cameron Uganec, Senior Director of Social, community and Education at Hootsuite (Source: Small Business Computing)

Once candidates have passed Hootsuite Academy’s Social Media Marketing Certification (worth $199), they get listed in Hootsuite’s Certified Professionals Directory. They also continue to enjoy free access to updated course material so that the candidates can stay updated with the latest Social Marketing trends.

Interesting Trivia: Hootsuite Academy claims to have trained more than 200,000 professionals in Social Media Marketing skills and out of those more than 30,000 professionals have been certified.

Link to the Program:

4. Social Media Marketing 101 By Buffer

Social Media Certification

Social Media Marketing 101 By Buffer

What Is Social Media Marketing 101 Learning Program By Buffer?

Social Media Marketing 101 by Buffer is a lean and mean learning program for budding Social Media Marketers. This is specifically designed for a quick and fast-paced, implementation-oriented learning for its users.

This is an email course which comes with latest tips, tricks, hacks and strategies for giving your Social Media Growth Strategies the required push. In this social media marketing certification course, there would be 25 daily lessons sent via email.

The curriculum is power-packed with how-to information, video tutorials, data, examples and exercises etc to ensure a cutting-edge no-nonsense learning experience for you.

Social Media Certification

Social Media Marketing 101 by Buffer

Why Is This Social Media Marketing Certification Course Valuable To You?

Learning Social Media is one thing and learning to growth hack your Social Media Marketing is another. This course is for the growth hacking. The precise and actionable tips and strategies in this course are focused on pushing growth.

This is a fast-paced course which cuts all the unnecessary frills and gets straight to the business. The emails hit your mailbox and so you don’t have to go looking for anything. The fundamentals are smartly divided into 25 easily consumable lessons for clear understanding.

The lessons come in various formats so that the learning methods are used as relevant to the topic. And most importantly, you get a lot of exercises to really get your hands dirty and see the impact of your learning.

This course really means business when it comes to imparting knowledge on Social Media Marketing Growth Strategies.

Link to the Program:

5. Social Media & Mobile Marketing Course By Digital Academy

What Is Social Media & Mobile Marketing Course By Digital Academy?

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Course is a flagship program offered by Digital Academy to help both the student and the professionals develop a professional career built upon the Social Media Marketing fundamentals and skill-sets in the new era of Social Media led by the growth of mobile.

The key differentiator about this program is two-fold:

  • The program’s curriculum focuses on the usage of Social Media in various aspects of the business like brand building, communication strategies, customer service, loyalty marketing, public relations etc.
  • It is integrated with the fundamentals of mobile marketing that has become the main focus of all modern digital marketing strategies.

For this purpose, the course is divided into two modules – (a) Social Media Marketing (b) Mobile Marketing.

Social Media Certification

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Course by Digital Academy

Why Is This Social Media Certification Program Valuable To You?

There are very few courses and social media certification programs that mainly focus on the usage of Social Media in the bigger picture of a brand’s overall strategy.

Most programs focus merely on theory and case studies. But the real benefit of the learning comes out when the learning is done in correlation with practical usage afterwards. Both the modules for Social Media and Mobile Marketing are designed keeping this in mind. This is the real value that you get out of this program.

By successfully completing this program, the participant will be able to plan, execute, and monitor a successful brand campaign on social media, covering the following functional areas.

  • Designing a strategic social media campaign for a brand
  • Recommend social media action plans to senior management
  • Social Media crisis management for brands
  • Monitoring/measuring the social media success of a brand

(Source: As described on the program’s home page)

If you’re looking for a program that will provide you with a definitive edge as a Digital Marketer in your job or business, then this program is for you.

Link to the Program :

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know our top picks for Social Media Certification programs, all you need to do is to go out and enroll yourself for the one that’s best suitable for your learning requirements.

If you’re as serious about your career as a Social Media Marketer as we think you are, then what are you waiting for?

The best time to get yourself professionally certified was yesterday, the second best time is today.

Carpe diem!

Image Courtesy: Digital Vidya, Buffer, Digital Academy

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