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Top 10 Competitors Analysis Tools To Boost Your SEO Traffic

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One fine day when you come up with an idea of putting up a website, the next trouble you will get is how to make it work? People normally face this at some point of time. Most frequent suggestions that you will get from people regarding this problem is to consult an SEO expert. And this is where top competitors analysis tools will come handy.

Well yes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does work great, to boost your online presence, as well as sales. But to make your SEO practices effective, you must know what does the Google algorithm wants from you. And that you can fix by practicing those SEO techniques which are well updated with the Google Search algorithm Guidelines.

Those days are over when people made use of Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and got a quick effective return. Few years ago, you were able to reach at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by using Black Hat SEO techniques. But after the Panda, the Penguin and the Hummingbird algorithm were born, those pages which had Black Hat SEO practices were kicked out of the SERPs. Many websites were there that took link farms, guaranteed. And now all most of the link farms were banned, and all those who leveraged that platform for link building witnessed unnatural links message, which was one the main reasons of the drop in the SERPs ranking.


Can you imagine, Google takes 4,00,000 manual actions every month to look out for such bad quality links and maintain better ranking for better quality webpages. For some this might not sound a big deal, but when you can relate it with those sales that have dropped down due to Google’s penalty can know the gravity of the situation.

This is why it is really important for you to keep a track of your competitors via competitive analysis tools and learn who is using the best techniques. Link building is a big concern as lot many people fail to gain natural links. But you need not fear as you have the comprehensive list of top 10 competitor analysis tools to boost your SEO traffic. This will ensure safe linking building to make it more natural for you. It can also save you from the webmaster message saying “Unnatural Links”. This list of competitor analysis tools will assist you to ensure the use of White Hat SEO, leading to a better ranking in SERPs.

Top 10 Competitors Analysis Tools

Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 Competitors Analysis Tools to boost SEO traffic:

#1 Alexa

Alexa Ranks is the best ranking model that provides immediate analytical details of any website’s quality. It is undoubtedly, the most sought after competitive analysis tools and is considered as highly reliable for marketers to assess the performance of a website. Google’s Alexa rank is 1, while Facebook & YouTube respectively score 2 & 3 Alexa Ranks. Ranking metrics of Alexa are set by (a subsidiary of, and it calculates ranks by gathering browsing details of millions of websites that have Alexa Toolbar.

#2 SEMrush

SEMrush is amongst one of the most leveraged upon competitor analysis tools that helps in determining the list of pages and sites that are ranking for your keywords. Basically, the primary role of this competitor research tool is to conduct and in-depth backlink analysis, view displays from different devices to ultimately enhance the organic search.

#3 BuzzSumo

Another competitor analysis tool that primarily helps marketers analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor is BuzzSumo. It is one such SEO competitor analysis tool that readily lets content marketers gain insights into what kind of content will perform the best with particular set of keywords, topics and competitors. If you wish to know about which titles will work best for your blogs or Social Media Marketing activities, BuzzSumo is your go-to-place, thus enabling to stay ahead in the race of competitor research.

#4 Ahrefs

If you are serious enough to make use of fully ethical SEO practices, you should consider to buy this tool. The huge amount regularly update links that Ahrefs has in it is really a wonderful factor, which makes it more reliable. This is a tool which can be your best option when you are performing Link Building. You can sort all your inbound and outbound links according to their performance. So, if you take in a other way around, you can find what you need from your competitors website by using Ahrefs. Get the competitor analysis done easily by checking all the performance report of your competitors inbound and outbound links in their website. Though not amongst the free online competitor analysis tools, Ahrefs is worth investing your bucks on to be able to grab the competitor’s place.

#5 Moz

Moz is another great SEO competitor analysis tool that comes with a 30-day trial. After 30-days time is over, you need to access the paid version of this top ranking SEO competitor analysis tool. With Moz, you get the privilege to identify SEO opportunities, build reports, track growth and get all efforts optimized, after analysing what your competitor is up to.

#6 Google Analytics

Google Analytics will always remain as one of the bests way to analyze your website’s performance. It gives the complete details of your website in terms of audience and their behaviour. The best part is that it is amongst the free online competitor analysis tools. However, ensure to have the tracking code to fetch the correct analytics report of your website’s performance.

#7 SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a CRO research tool that lets you know about the origin of your visitors, as it guides you to create well-targeted campaigns for your site conversions. SimilarWeb lets you know about keywords that are fueling traffic. It also offers competitive analysis of sites that are similar to your site.

This competitor analysis tool provides you the opportunity to optimize content of your site for the most influential traffic resources. It lets you dig into your competitors’ strategic territory and know what they do to drive conversions.

#8 Social Blade

This competitor analysis tool is primarily used for video analysis or video marketing to be precise. Social Blade is primarily accessed my marketers to keep a track of user statistics for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch! So, utilize Social Blade thoroughly  to gain deeper understanding of user growth and trends.

#9 Majestic SEOcompetitors analysis

Majestic SEO is an amazing competitors analysis tool when you want to explore more about a website. It gives you complete in-depth details of your audience as well as the links and online authority. Suppose you are looking to check the number of backlinks that is valuable for your website, you can just go to the site explorer tool and just type the URL. The best way to make use of this one of the free online competitor analysis tools is to make a competitors analysis report. This tool can exactly give you the number of natural and unnatural backlinks. You can also put up multiple number of URLs to compare their performance based on the competitor analysis report of various parameters that affects SERP ranking. The free feature of the site explorer tool comes with a limit but you can always upgrade with a price.

#10 BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a great competitor analysis tool tool which provides multiple features for SEO practices. Besides, it also offers this cool feature of outreach which is the process to reach out all those bad link sources and request them to remove your link. This can be a very tedious job, if you have to manually pull out every information and send them request to remove your link. But thanks to BuzzStream, now you can send automated emails to all those bad links and stay safe.


For competitors analysis, the aforementioned tools will prove to be the best for you. Use these tools to boost your SEO traffic to the next level and beat your competitor. The use of these tools can help you in a great deal to keep you safe from the Panda and Penguin Penalties of Google. This will thus increase your chances of getting to the top of SERPs.

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Inputs by Jasleen Kaur

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