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Top Data Science Career Opportunities To Explore

What is Data Science? Data Science comprises of different disciplines which include Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Computer Science, and Research. If you want to pursue Data Science career, after reading this you must be wondering, how and where to learn about different fields in order to advance your career, right? Don’t worry. This may […]

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A Complete Tutorial On Python For Data Science

Introduction Let me start this with a question, have you ever tried to learn something new but never made it to the end as there are no right resources to start with? or are you having difficulties gathering all resources that are scattered over the internet before starting something new to learn? If your answer […]

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Future of Data Science, Skills and Employment

As the title suggests, if I’ve to tell you about the scope of Data Science in India as well as around the globe in one sentence, I am 100% positive. But I am no Michael Burry (He is the one who predicted the 2008 recession) so why’d you believe me. That’s why let’s take a […]

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How to Install Hadoop On Ubuntu 17.10 And Run Your First MapReduce Program

     -     Mar 20th, 2018   -     Big Data   -     3 Comments   -    , ,

Introduction Apache Hadoop is an open source framework which can develop open-source software for scalable, reliable and distributed computing. Hadoop allows distributed processing of large data sets across clusters (Collection of computers) using simple programming models such as MapReduce. The main advantage of Hadoop is that it is entirely scalable. It is designed to scale […]

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Best Places to Find Data Sets for Data Science Projects

     -     Mar 12th, 2018   -     Big Data, Data Analytics   -     1 Comment   -    , , ,

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a firehose. If you are working on a Data Science project or you have worked on one, chances are you have spent plenty amount of time exploring interesting and useful datasets to analyze. It is fun to sit and explore different datasets until you […]

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Google’s Cloud AutoML Vision: Train Machine Learning Models Without Coding

     -     Feb 7th, 2018   -     Data Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , , , , ,

Even with consistent data and Machine Learning Engineers on the go, using primary techniques to build the reliable and appropriate training model for your dataset is very laborious. With a comparatively few number of skilled individuals that can fill those jobs, demand for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning experts is more than ever right now. […]

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HDFS And YARN Explained!

Data is surely going to stay with us till the next big bang happens, and not only staying but growing exponentially. Storing and processing that data to help grow humanity is really crucial and important. Hadoop provides a solution to our questions about enormous amount of data by its ability to store and analyze huge […]

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Popular Tools for Building Visualizations

Humans have a tendency to understand things better when they see things visualized. Data Visualization is, primarily, representing data in a graphical format so that everyone including a layman can understand certain scrutiny. And no, it isn’t limited to a bar chart, pie chart or histograms. It goes far beyond that and qualifies decision makers […]

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Getting Started With Big Data

     -     Jan 12th, 2018   -     Big Data   -     1 Comment   -    , , ,

Introduction to Big Data We live in an era where a substantial amount of data is being generated every moment. Don’t know something? Google it. Going to new places? Maps. Want to make new friends? Social networking. Want to cook delicious food for your foodie friends? Videos. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, how do they […]

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