The Complete Guide to Building an Ideal Data Scientist Resume

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Let’s give a happy learning start to ‘ data scientist resume’.

According to the LinkedIn Workforce Report for the US, there is a shortage of 151,717 data scientists across the United States. This shortage is not just restricted to the USA but is prevalent across the world, including in India. With so many positions available, data science does present great career opportunities.

However, to get your dream data science job, you need to have the best possible data scientist resume. In this article, we will talk about what you need to keep in mind to build an ideal data scientist resume.

Why a Good Data Scientist Resume is Important

Data science and analytics jobs abound today. At the same time, it’s important to put your best foot forward if you want a job that can take your career to the next level. Your data scientist resume is the first impression for any job you’re applying for.

Most importantly, it is how you make the shortlist and even get to the interviews for those dream jobs. You need to remember that the hiring manager will probably get just a few seconds to peruse your resume even while she is going through hundreds of other resumes.

As a result, your data scientist resume needs to be brief yet succinct. And within one page, you need to be able to talk about all your data science skills and experience in such a way that someone is able to figure out everything you know with a quick glance at your CV.

This is much easier said than done and creating a brief data scientist resume that tells someone everything they need to know is easier said than done.  

Data Scientist Resume Source - Zety

Data Scientist Resume

What are the Important Features of An Ideal Data Scientist Resume Template

While there are many data scientists resume samples and data scientist resume examples out there, it’s better to begin by understanding the dos and don’ts of a good resume. Here are some tips for you to help you figure out how to build the best possible data scientist resume template.

1. Make sure it’s brief

Did you know that recruiters on an average have just 30 seconds to go through a resume? This means a recruiter is unlikely to go through a resume which is more than 1 page long. Brevity is the key to a good resume.

You need to keep paring it down until everything that needs to be said can be said within 1 page. Of course, there may be some exceptions like if the job requires a detailed skill set or if you have 15+ years of relevant experience. But by and large, stick to brevity.

Data Scientist Resume Source Dribble

Data Scientist Resume

2. Do Your Research & Let Your Employer Know About it Through Your Resume

While it’s perfectly okay to use a standard data scientist resume sample to design your resume, it’s also a good idea to customize your resume based on the job you’re applying to. Contrary to what you’re thinking, this doesn’t mean you need to rewrite your resume every time you apply for a job.

What it means is that you need to look at the specifics of the job and tailor your resume accordingly. For instance, you may notice that the job demands specific data science skills or experience that you may have entirely overlooked in your resume or not emphasized enough.

So you should make sure you either add or elaborate on those skills and experience in your data scientist resume. You may also notice things like brand tone and style, which would be great to incorporate into your CV if possible.

Here are some of the places you can look while you’re doing your research:

(i) The Company’s About Us Page

This is the first place you should look to get an idea of what the company stands for. You can understand their values, vision, and mission and see how you can incorporate those into your resume.

(ii) Company Blog

The company blog is addressed to customers and usually talks about the main problem it’s trying to solve and other related topics. This is the best place to understand the brand voice and see why you might be a good cultural fit.

(iii) Relevant website pages

Go through webpages that talk about the product and services of the company and keep in mind how you can help with revenue maximization or cost optimization as a data scientist. While you may not be able to include this directly in your resume, there are a lot of ways you to subtly indicate that you have relevant skills and experience.

(iv) Browse Through the Internet

Once you’re done with the official website and blog, see what different press releases are saying about the company. Also, check the company’s Glassdoor and Linkedin account to get a 360-degree perspective.

(v) The Job Description

Last but not least, the actual job description is your most powerful ally. It is the easiest way to understand what the company is looking for in a candidate in terms of skills, experience, location, and even attitude, and customize your data scientist resume to fit the bill.

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Pick a Data Scientist Resume Template & Organize It

There are several data scientists resume examples out there and every resume will include the basics like experience, skills, education, etc. However, you need something that suits you stylistically.

One option is to create a resume from scratch but unless you’re an ace designer that can be time-consuming and unnecessary. An alternative is to start with a data scientist resume example from a free site like Creddle, SlashCV, Canva or even Google Docs.

Of course, your resume template should also be in-sync with the kind of company you’re applying for. If you’re applying for more traditional tech giants like IBM, Dell, and HP, a more subdued and formal template is more suitable. Also, If you’re applying to a quirky, innovative startup, on the other hand, you can experiment a little.

If you’re struggling to fit all your information into one page, consider using a column-style resume vis-a-vis a block style resume. Even though you have to fit things into one page, some white space helps readability and visual appeal.

Data Scientist Resume

Data Scientist Resume Sample

Headline & Contact Information

When it comes to the headline just below your name, you need to make sure it reflects the position you’re applying for not the one you currently hold. This is especially important if you’re not a data scientist yet but aspiring to be one.

Make sure your contact information is prominent and can is at the start of your resume. Here’s what you need to include:

(i) Address

(ii) Phone

(iii) Email id

(iv) Linkedin profile

(v) Github profile (if any)

When it comes to contact information, you don’t need to put your entire physical address, just your location will do. Also, make sure you put an email id that’s professional. It can be a Gmail id also but shouldn’t be unprofessional in any way. Email IDs like should be avoided at all costs.

Data Scientist Resume

Data Scientist Resume Example

Data Science Publications & Projects

This is probably the best way to show off your skills. You can include data analysis projects, machine learning projects, coding tutorials, and scientific articles. One can even include personal projects but you need to make sure that almost every project is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Make sure you highlight what you contributed to the project. While describing the project, do explicitly mention the skills, tools, and technologies including the language and libraries you used.

Data Scientist Resume

Data Science Projects & Publications


Your work experience is obviously the next step. Even if you’re a fresher data science internships would be useful to mention. If you don’t have any, you can skip to projects.

All the different work experience should be mentioned chronologically, starting with the most recent. Ideally, your work experience should not go back more than 5 years unless there is some experience further back that is relevant to what you’re applying for. Here’s the ideal format for this section.

(i) Your job title,

(ii) Name of the company,

(iii) Time you worked in that position

(iv) Your accomplishments in that role

Make sure you quantify your accomplishments to the extent possible. Data scientist resumes should always include the outcomes achieved in terms of profit and revenue maximization and cost optimization.

Data Scientist Resume



Unless you’re a fresher, this section should come below experience and projects. If you have a graduate degree that’s relevant, definitely highlight it as it’s a huge plus. Now, if you have a college degree which isn’t in the field you’re applying for, mention it anyway.

If you haven’t gone to college, leave this section out completely. Don’t mention online courses or certifications in this section, they will come in the next one. You just need to mention the name of the college, and the year the degree was obtained.

Skills & Certifications

For technical positions, you have to mention the skills you have in a separate section. You can also mention micro degrees and online certifications here.

Here’s a video that will take you through preparing a data scientist resume in some detail.


Your resume is the first step towards getting your dream job in data science. While there are several data scientist resume samples that you can go through, your resume needs to have your own unique voice that can shine through. Of course, it’s also important to provide all the important information in a way that’s readable and accessible. The tips in this article will help you ensure that.

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