Deutsche Telekom’s case study on going Digital

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deutsche-telekom-logoDeutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with over 62.7 of billion pounds of Net revenues & Net profit of 3 pound billions in 2014. They are serving customer base of 151 million mobile customers, 30 million fixed-network lines, and more than 17 million broadband lines (as of December 31, 2014). The Group provides fixed networks, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV products and services for consumers and ICT solutions for business and corporate customers. Winner of all major quality awards. With Magenta1, Deutsche Telekom offers attractive packages combining mobile and fixed-network services. Metapeople and Deutsche Telekom have been successfully collaborating in the field of Performance Marketing since 2007.

Deutsche Telekom had launched a new corporate strategy to become the leading European telecommunications provider. CEO Timotheus Höttges laid out the strategic vision: “We are a trusted companion in an increasingly complex digital world – at home and at work, anyplace, anytime. Making life easier for people and enriching it for the long term is the very essence of what we do.

The rationale: customers choose telecommunications providers with high-performance networks, particularly in light of the rapid growth in data volumes. A strong network is also the decisive factor for online service providers looking for a high-quality technical platform for their products that allows them to set up their own services quickly and easily. As a result, integrated telecommunications providers are generally in a better position than fixed-only or mobile-only providers.

Business Objectives


Source – Deutsche Telekom

  • Deutsche Telekom’s leadership goal covered following four dimensions which they wanted to be highlighted in all the Online targeting media platforms as well as get integrated in the website:
  1. The best network
  2. The best service
  3. The best products
  4. The preferred provider for business customer

Deutsche Telekom also wanted to be a leader in terms of customer perception, with service and network quality, and with reliable, easy-to-use products and services. DT is pushing integrated offers consisting of fixed network, TV and mobile communications all for a single rate.

  • By the end of 2017 Deutsche Telekom plans to be able to offer its customers in Europe LTE network coverage of at least 50 percent; in Germany, the LTE network is being expanded to provide transmission speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s with a network coverage of up to 85 percent as part of the integrated network strategy. LTE advanced is to offer speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s in future.
  • Deutsche Telekom’s overall target was to gain new fixed network and mobile network customers.
  • Deutsche Telekom aimed to increase online sales and simultaneously maintain a constant (low) level of Cost-per-Order (CPO).
  • Deutsche Telekom wanted an optimized keyword, ad copy and landing page mix for their different products.
  • They needed to analyze the company’s current website, measure its performance, and create detailed recommendations that will increase the company’s organic web traffic by 20 – 40%, attract an audience using generic keywords, and ensure that 30 – 50% of the company’s keywords rank on the first three pages of search results and 10 – 25% make it all the way to the first page


Approach / Strategy adopted by Deutsche Telekom

  • Deutsche Telekom chose metapeople as their lead agency to implement a coherent SEA/PPC-strategy in 2007.They performed a detailed CMS analysis, added an XML sitemap, regenerated information areas around the website, and optimized Google’s map page for Deutsche Telekom. The SEO team researched relevant keywords and then optimized all of Deutsche Telekom’s page tags, and implemented the Meta tags on the website, from the titles and descriptions to the URLs and headers. The team strengthened the company’s back-linking by submitting links in regional telecom-related directories. In order to get details about the optimization process,
  • Due to the granular account structure, they were able to address the right target group with the right advertising message, at the right time. In Telecom you either target Retail customer or Enterprise customer. Most of the time a big enterprise has consolidated base of their employees given mobile connections on COCP(Company owned company paid) or COIP(Company owned individual paid) accounts which are easy to distinguish & target.
  • To ensure the success of PPC-campaigns employed different targeting measures such as Remarketing, geo targeting and demographic targeting.Deutsche Telekom used existing customer application or in other words self care app of as a trust builder.
  • A sensible mix of brand and generic keywords ensured a constant growth in traffic directly coming onto the company website and get to know innovation capability of the company.
  • Implemented fully transparent, and real time tracking across all markets and channels. They also integrated their platform with Facebook, Twitter for better customer facilitation. They used promotional channels of Email marketing & Webinarsl for lead generation and promoting their applications like Connected Homes and Security solutions on LTE( Long Term Evolution- 4G) technology.

Results achieved by Deutsche Telekom

  • Metapeople helped Deutsche Telekom to acquire approx. 1 Million customers since 2007.
  • 500 Million ad impressions for fixed network contracts in 2013.
  • 1 Billion ad-impressions for mobile network contracts in 2013.

Image Credits: Deutsche Telekom

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