Future of Social Video Marketing & 10 Tips to Create Best Video Content in 2016

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Content Marketing

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Persistent creation of engaging content on a regular basis- is the focal point of Content Marketing.

Content influences target audiences in a result-oriented manner. Over the past few years, it has moved from articles, blogs to infographics to video content and now, Video Content Marketing has become one of the most influential mediums for brands to tell their stories on Social Networks.

Video content is one of the most powerful storytelling medium- it channelizes marketing campaigns of your business by blending intelligence quotient with emotional quotient. Videos dive deeper into the psyche of your audiences, and aid in having a kind of relationships that are more entertaining and productive.

Marketers prefer video content to entice customers through visual appeal– Video content can develop the most convincing emotional connect with your audience that normal text content can never do. image-0-source-videouniversity

    —The combination of VISUAL, MOTION & SOUND creates a resonating impact that offers powerful wings to your experimental content-efforts and influential ideas that ensure conversion!image-1-source-socialmediatoday

Statistical Influence of Video Content in 2016

  • Adobe research says that 52% of marketers worldwide rate video content as the type of content that ensures best ROI.
  • Consumers of big online brands have57% more confidence with video compared to other forms of social media content.
  • 5% of small business owners are seeing great impacts on the returns from their social video campaigns.
  • In last twelve months, 84% pro-marketers and 55% SMB owners have outsourced or produced a video content.
  • Video content is responsible for increasing organic traffic from SEO by 157%.
  • A Website that includes Video enjoys 88% more time by site-visitors.
  • Video content generates 3-Times visitors to a site compared to other contents.image-2-source-valoso

Value proposition of Video Content

                 Videos incorporate versatile tactics that content marketers can use in variety of ways. They can be used on so many content platforms like blogging sites, social medial channels, emails, third party sites such as YouTube, Webinars, SlideShare presentations and so on.

Videos work fittingly in both short and long formats, means– you can go for a 10 seconds Vine Video to full-length documentary video and everything that falls in between, with equal amount of efficiency.

Videos are flexible & add value to your campaigns by-

  • Being presented as serialized conversations that unfold periodically.
  • Being prompt and independent statement that serves instantly as advertizing appetizer.
  • Being befitting for both mobile and desktop environments to act as a main course of marketing.
  • Being able to republished and repackaged as per the changing trend and your specific content marketing needs.
  • Being shareable right away after creation, on different social media networks like Instagram, Twitter Facebook, Snapchat and so on.
  • Being capable to stay archived for many years or being played on live streaming platforms, such as Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live, etc.image-3-source-bodeanimation

Bonanza Tip- Videos are not something that will always be the ideal content format for your audiences. Sometimes your customers may prefer reading brief articles and informative blogs. Therefore, knowing the right time for creating video content is must for successful social video marketing—

                    How can you know the right time for social video marketing?— Ask yourself and your marketing team if the story you wish to tell misses anything if not told trough visuals and sound. If yes then go ahead with video content, but if answer is no, try any other content format that needs lesser engagement than Video content. You can repurpose the content into video format later; once your audiences like text version.

Decision of creating video content should trace back to the marketing objectives and goals decided by you.

However, videos offer a wide variety of strategic and creative abilities that can effectively enhance any content marketing-campaign in a powerful revenue-generating marketing-maneuver.

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Following 10 tips span around technical arrangements, powerful social strategies, and measurement of video marketing:

  • How to shoot accurate, effective & technically sound videos

  1. Try to shoot your video in conference room compared to middle of an office as it provides better lighting and sound opportunities.
  2. Go for solid colored background and you can buy a roll of seamless paper from any photography supply store for this. For consistent look, you need to go for studio lights.
  3. Have proper mechanism for controlling sound to prevent echo and reverb. You can also try iPhones’ camera for creating high quality video. Try to use tripod and do not go for vertical videos at all.
  4. Your microphone needs to be closure to your subject and additionally, for wider shots, you may try clip-on lens. Slow motions should be shot wisely.
  5. You need to have proper script as this aids video production be more organized. Try your script to be letter-perfect and engaging. Record voiceover appropriately and befitting tools for this can be Apple Soundtrack, Quicktime, etc.
  • How to stick with company’s marketing goal while designing Video Content

  1. You need to keep your end goal in mind while creating a video content. Your video needs to have a purpose and it has to be leads-oriented.
  2. Before creating a video, you need to know the role your video will play in brand awareness. You need to include a conversational tone that engages your audiences to follow you.
  3. Having a powerful transcript for your video content aids your videos rank higher in search engine result pages.
  4. Know influencers, followers, subscribers and fans of your brand and push your video content to them through different alerts like email and so on.
  5. Include call to action with your video content the ensures better customer relationship management as per your marketing plan.
  • How to Create the Right Video Content that your Audience Wants to Watch

  1. You need to do research and know what kinds of content do well on different social video sites. For this you can use analytics that tell about the trends associated with your kind of business.
  2. When you run a business, it is understood that you must be having in depth knowledge of your craft. You may share this with knowledge seekers.
  3. For consistent views, providing consistent stream of powerful video content ensures better engagement, more views, great traffic that over the time boosts your sales.
  4. You can create ‘how to’, ‘reviews’ and ‘tutorial’ videos as people prefer watching videos for easy, effective and interactive solutions.
  5. Create videos that describe uniqueness of your brand in an interactive, engaging and creative fashion. Try to make short videos and never unnecessarily drag the duration of your videos.
  • How to Implement Social Video Strategy by Using Twitter

  1. It is important to make platform specific content. Try to make short videos of about 6 seconds and upload that on Vine.
  2. Vine videos appear on Twitter as media, because Vine is owned by Twitter. Vine videos suit auto-play strategy.
  3. You can also take clip of your video and convert that into animated GIF without any sound. GIF automatically gets played when one visits your profile.
  4. You can directly upload your videos on Twitter that will be automatically played in your news feed. This option is best fit for videos longer than 6 seconds.
  5. Uploading your video content on YouTube is another powerful option for longer videos that come up as media. In Twitter, you only have 140 characters, so use a copy that has CTA.
  • How to use Instagram and Facebook for your Video Campaigns

  1. With Instagram, you need to keep your videos short and effective as you only have 15 seconds to influence your audience.
  2. You can share your Instagram video to your company’s FB page and ensure more traffic on your company page.
  3. It is important to let your videos work with or without sound with equal amount of effectiveness.
  4. You can directly upload videos on Facebook as such videos automatically play when your audiences scroll down through newsfeed, and generate more interaction.
  5. Try to use catchy descriptions or intro-lines that can grab attention instantly.
  • How to execute befitting video marketing campaign through Google+ & YouTube

  1. Google+ includes the encompassing power of Google and additionally, YouTube videos are best compatible with Google+.
  2. Google+ pages have special tab for videos that directly connects with your YouTube account, means you’ll not need to post anything separately.
  3. Such combination of YouTube & Google ensures better ranks in SERPs and aids in effective branding.
  4. To generate more traffic and views you can also repost YouTube video to your Google+ page.
  5. Reposting videos directly to Google+ page aids when your video is a teaser to other resources or any longer videos.
  • How to use LinkedIn and other Live video apps

  1. LinkedIn is considered as the least friendly for video content, still it ensures great revenues when you use YouTube videos on your LinkedIn profiles.
  2. Preview of YouTube Videos automatically pops up on LinkedIn pages. Use meta description prudently and with preview of video also paste an extra link of your site.
  3. Live video apps like Periscope and Meerkat let users post live videos streams instantly.
  4. Periscope is connected with Twitter that’s why you need to know the current trend in your Twitter family.
  5. Title of your video should be compelling to let audiences know what your video tells about and why they should watch it.

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  • How to Measure effectiveness of video content on Social Media

  1. To measure effectiveness of social video campaigns, try to find out analytical details of people who viewed your video, their actions, and comparative analysis with other kind of content.
  2. Facebook includes one of the most organized and powerful Facebook Analytics and under its video details section, you can know about video views, video retention, repeat views, reach, shares, likes, etc.
  3. Twitter also tells you impressions of your video posts through Twitter’s in app analytics. It lets you know about the quality and influence of your video content.
  4. Analytical information of Instagram is limited compared to other social networks, however, you can know which topics got most likes.
  5. By measuring effectiveness of Video content, you can understand the life of your current videos and then accordingly, you may refresh your content to ensure better engagement.
  • How Video Hosting Tools can help you measure analytics of your Video Content

  1. Video hosting tools such as YouTube and Wistia offer more result-oriented analytical details regarding video content.
  2. You can know ‘Rewatches’ that exactly tells you about the number of times people rewatched your video.
  3. Engagement rate is another factor that tells you about your audience’s interest in your complete video or any particular portions of that video.
  4. Video hosting tools give you information regarding ‘play rate’, which tells about people who only viewed your video, and who actually played it.
  5. With such tools, you can know about the latest trends and also about your videos which are trending and gaining high traffic.
  • How to measure effectiveness of Video Content in Marketing Automation & Conversion

  1. It is important to integrate analytics of your video platform with the marketing analytics platform as this tells you about the exact effectiveness of video campaigns in completing business goals.
  2. Use sales automation tools like HubSpot as they are already integrated with your Video platform and provide all kind of needed details.
  3. Try to find the leads that are generated by video content and later converted into loyal customers.
  4. Your sales team should be equipped with tools that can let them know about anyone who has viewed video content.
  5. To ensure conversion through videos, constant measuring of efforts and ideas through proper metrics is essential as video content is not a one and done kind of marketing.


By using video content, marketers can effectively offer immersive, entertaining and unique experiences to their audiences.

Videos let your consumers know what your brand stands for, and ultimately aid in developing constructive and productive association with them.

      You can use video content to raise awareness about any significant social or community issues as such campaigns gain lots of popularity in shorter span of time. Letting your viewers stay engaged in your video as it unfolds, is very important, additionally, there are tools that leverage the process of video creation- that I’ll discuss in my next article.

This post was majorly dedicated to 10 tips to create video content that hit bottom line of your marketing goal.

Do remember to always tie video content with your marketing goal and follow Digital Vidya blogs to know more about the power of video content in 2016.


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