Webinar Recording Of Learnings Of A Viral Video Marketer -Finding The Method To The Madness

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Marketing which is an inevitable part of any businesses growth and success is being done in different ways. Gone are the days when marketing was done merely through traditional methods. In the present day world, to match up with the tough competition prevailing in the contemporary world, it has become imperative to learn the new ways, tips and techniques of doing marketing. Here is a webinar recording on ‘Learnings of a Viral Video Marketer’ who finds the method to the ultimate madness via apt content and viral marketing.
Gain insights from the webinar led by industry leader and expert Aashish Chopra, Head – Content Marketing at ixigo.com.

Q&A during Webinar with Aashish Chopra

Q- What is promoting on the Facebook organic curve?

A- When you post something on Facebook, it spreads or shares to 7 to 8% organically (for free) but it wants you to spend some money to show your content on broader level to a lot of people. So if you will keep spending money on every content, you will reach a lot of people but you will run out of money. So when a content starts getting organic shares & the graph is rising, so when it’s reached on the peak and when me spend money (boost post, paid advertisements) at this time right before it falls so that it continues to rise further. That is promoting on an organic curve.

Q- What is the highest CTR on videos?

A- In my experience, we have got 6.5% till now, & analysts says it’s pretty good but in next year for me it will be very exciting for videos in scaling up, so this number will definitely rise.

Q- What aspects to keep in mind for videos on mobile or WhatsApp?

A- Facebook owns WhatsApp, so you upload a video on Facebook & there is a version, you download that 1-2mbs video & just push that on WhatsApp. So just keep it very simple, because if you see online, already there is a lot of technology developed for content sharing & production, so it’s easy to upload & convert from Facebook and share it on WhatsApp but there is no thumbnail on WhatsApp, it just takes a thumbnail randomly.

Q- What should be the length of the video?

A- People hardly watch lengthy videos, the only videos which got people to watch them for 10-15 minutes on YouTube were either had a Celebrity in them or it’s the tedtalk. But tedtalk has lot of value packed in it. Other than that in my experience, 2 to 3 minutes max., because attention span are so low that in those 2-3 minutes just tell your story & get out and make it compelling for them to share it.

Q- What is the process of paid advertisement on Facebook?

A- As we have already discussed in context of Organic curve and Facebook wants us to spend on video ads, but I love the part where we spend money to boost up our post(s), which is the content. So the content is worthy of sharing as it becomes big then spending money to share it or boosting it in Fb’s language. But of course, many companies spend in getting likes and that’s like a different game adds as well but I personally don’t want a video an ad, it’s not an ad. If people are sharing it with their friends & then if you spend so that more people share it by boosting them.

Q- How & where can I learn Storyboard etc., dynamics of making good video & how to convert a presentation in good video?

A- You can find some online courses to learn filmmaking etc. for this specific niche and go for paid courses for systematic learning or you can try learning on YouTube or join some classes. & if you have a Slide Content and you want to make it a video, then there is a website called Prezi (prezi.com). It’s a new way of presentation & by zoom-in, zoom-out tools, it makes the animation look cool & it allows us to record and put background music as well.

Q- How technology & software plays an important role?

A- I started recording & editing on my phone, then thru the free software iMovie on the mac and right now I’m using Final Cut Pro but iMovie also works well, so just need to practise and you can learn any software, so just practice – Shoot, Edit & Practice..

Q- Please Discuss, How B2B branding approach videos?

A- In B2B, you want a video to be seen by a selected number of people, so to approach B2B in video making, try to analyse the problems faced by customers & try to make a problem solving video based on your type of business and the customers. So solving problems in that niche, then people will compel to share the video as it portrays challenges in their life & how they are dealing with it. But the benchmark of viral is different with B2B, as in viral your focus is on maximum number of views, whereas in B2B it’s niche.

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