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If you are considering to make your career as a Google Analytics Specialist, then you have stumbled upon the right place. Today, every industry is getting digitized by creating a spectacular website for oneself, and thereby creating a profile for Google Analytics Job. The demand for this role is increasing day by day. Some of the important cities which are the best place Google Analytics aspirants are Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai etc.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics platform from Google which is used by most of the organizations to track and measure the user behavior on their websites. This tool is widely accepted owing to the fact that it is free and it’s super advanced features which let’s user measure any of their campaigns’ performance with the aid of UTM parameter.

Like any other service, Google analytics has many competitors in the market. But this platform has been the markets’ favorite in the free analytics tool section. Google Analytics is used by the 50% of top 10,000 websites in the world. Google also has a premium tool called as Google Analytics 360 which is competing with Adobe Analytics in the market. 

Various profiles for Google Analytics Professional

To manage a successful Google Analytics account, a company needs a varied set of skills and capabilities.

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Due to these requirements, there are 4 major job profiles for Google Analytics:

1.) Google Analytics Manager 

Google Analytics Manager

This is the topmost profile among the 4. The manager is responsible for planning the account structure, strategizing the requirement of properties & views, finalising the goals of the website along with campaign managers, ensuring the implementation of tracking mechanism, planning the reporting structure for various purpose & teams, working closely with Google Analytics Analysts (Described later) in fetching out the data-driven actionable insights and accommodating the changes in the tracking & data collection process as per the business requirement. This role is the team lead role who is responsible for the end to end functioning of the Google Analytics team.

The ideal candidate for this role would be someone who has complete knowledge & experience in managing Google Analytics from end to end, expertise in data analysis, knowledge of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and experience in managing digital marketing campaigns (Though this isn’t mandatory, but having this experience will be useful in comprehending the requirement of campaign managers and serve them better).

2.) Google Analytics Implementer

The major responsibility of Google Analytics Implementer are:

  • Creating the Google Analytics Account as prescribed by the GA Manager.
  • Implementing the GA tracking on the website and ensuring the appropriate tracking of metrics
  • Creating views in each property and applying the filters as per requirement
  • Creating goals as per the requirement. Destination goals need to be created in the GA account and event-based goals need to be created on GTM account. Ensure the tracking of goals.
  • Integrating other accounts of Google such as Google Adwords, Google Webmaster etc.
  • Implementing tracking codes of third-party platforms such as facebook pixel, LinkedIn tracking code etc.
  • Integrating offline platforms such as CRM with Google Analytics to help Google Analytics Reporters (Described Later) to create customized metric & dimensions.

These jobs are more or less one time tasks. Most of the small & medium companies would outsource this job or merge with other roles, which however depends on the type of industry. In a typical marketing agency, this role would be one of the critical ones.

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who has the fair knowledge of Google analytics, strong hold on GTM, HTML, and javascript.

3.) Google Analytics Reporter 

The few responsibilities of this role are:

  • Preparing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly report by fetching the data from Google Analytics and sharing the report to concerned people
  • As per GA analysts’ requirement, fetch the data, process the data and prepare excel reports
  • As per the requirement, create custom metric and dimension in GA with the help of GA implementer

The ideal candidate should be familiar with the Google Analytics User Interface and expertise in Microsoft Excel.

4.) Google Analytics Analyst

The major responsibilities of this role are:

  • Checking the trends in the periodic reports shared GA reporter, analyze the data in statistical tools like pareto chart, scatter diagram, hypothesis testing etc. Give actionable insights based on analysis. 
  • Conduct A/B testing for different campaigns and analyze the results statistically.
  • Measure every small change done in campaigns to test their effectiveness and give the verdict whether the change is right or wrong.

The perfect candidate for this role is someone who loves data and has hands-on experience with statistical tools. Preferably a six sigma certified.

The above job profiles are the most commonly used GA profiles. Depending on the size of the company, these roles can be merged or further divided.

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Which Industries have Google Analytics Job Profiles?

To put it bluntly, Google Analytics experts are required in any industry which has a live and active website used for its marketing purpose. In order to understand the roles in detail, let’s understand the requirement in the following industries: 

1. E-Commerce Industry

This industry requires a dedicated team for Google Analytics, who give insightful analysis to match dynamism of this industry. As these websites have payment gateways, the analysis by Google Analytics team is very important for business decisions.

2. Lead Generation Industry

This industry collects the lead information through different means and contacts the prospective offline. As there is no online transaction involved, the dynamism as not as much required in an E-commerce industry. The size of the team depends on the size of the industry. A large company would need a dedicated team working and a small or medium company would 1 or 2 people handling all the responsibility of Google analytics.

3. Marketing Agency

This industry needs a dedicated Google Analytics team again, as they cater to marketing needs of multiple clients.

How is the typical day of a Google Analytics Professional?

Let’s put us in the shoe of a Google Analytics Professional. Let’s give this person a pseudo name Shwetha.

Google Analytics AnalystShwetha is a passionate Google analytics professional having an experience of 3 years in the industry. She starts her new job with an MNC who have started their new business in India. The marketing objective of this new business is to generate leads for property purchase. As this is a new business and needs lead generation rather than sales, the company decides to have Shwetha as an individual person responsible for Google Analytics to start with. She has been given support of web development for implementation purpose.

Let’s see how first few days of her work days look;

  • Shwetha understands the whole website structure and educates herself about the marketing strategy for the initial days. She understood that the first quarter the marketing will be concentrated on Google Adwords.
  • She plans the whole Google Analytics account structure. She decides to have 1 account > 1 property > 5 views; 1 master view and 4 views for each metropolitan city the company is concentrating
  • She finalizes the goals which marketers need to track and guides the web development team to implement the same.
  • She makes sure the AdWords and analytics platform are integrated and data are imported.
  • She makes few regular report structures which need to be shared on regular basis

Shwetha is all set to track, measure and analyze the data. On subsequent days, she would be analysis data with statistical tools and give data-driven insights to the company. She would be also tweaking her account based on the requirement of the company and their marketing strategy.

What is the Remuneration for Google Analytics Professional in India?

Google analytics professionals are one of the highly paid professionals in India. The supply is way less compared to demand in this market. Following is the salary details published by Payscale;

Cities Salary
Bangalore Rs 248,338 – Rs 670,986
Hyderabad Rs 102,060 – Rs 406,455
Chennai Rs 187,198 – Rs 650,656
Mumbai Rs 132,000 – Rs 382,719
Pune Rs 173,760 – Rs 457,814

How to Prepare Yourself for Google Analytics Job Interview?

The best way to prepare oneself for Google Analytics Job interview is to secure Google Analytics certification from a reputed institute and also officially by Google. Along with certification, it is important to get some hands-on experience by trying out on the demo account provided by Google.

Along with Google analytics, it is advisable to learn and secure certification for Google Tag Manager. Considering the massive ocean the Google analytics is, it is really a good idea to check top Google Analytics interview questions asked in the Interview. Some of the top questions asked in Google Analytics interview are;

Why is Google Analytics an integral part of digital marketing?

What do you mean by “Property” & “Views” in Google Analytics?

What are Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics?

How do you track conversions in Google Analytics?

Explain custom dimensions and custom metrics in Google Analytics.

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A Freelance Google Analytic Job can open a pandora for opportunities for oneself in the analytics industry. This role would be very powerful considering the fact that many major decision of the business would depend on this role. If you are someone who has a thing for numbers and data, then this is the best profession for you. Go ahead and crack that interview.

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