How to become a Google Analytics Expert?

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Google Analytics decides the success of a digital marketing campaign. It lets marketers know how well their campaigns are performing and how result driven they are. In addition, it is very important for a company to run a campaign that is data-driven- And a Google Analytics Expert does this for them.

Let us understand what an analytics is expected to do-

What do Analytics experts do?

They break down different kinds of information and data related to the site’s performances and visitors’ preferences. This way they help digital marketing managers have the right kind of site-reports at their disposal to get the expected outcomes.

They also dig deep into site visitors and find out different information related to visitors’ inclinations and demographics to run a campaign without any ambiguity.

To know more about how to become a Google Analytics Expert, first, you need to have the very clear perspective of what Google Analytics is-

What is Google Analytics?

The very first thing you need to know about Google Analytics that it is a free service to get insights of a website’s performance.

You only need to have a Google account to use it. It also tells about the behavioral preferences of site visitors. Distinctive sorts of information/report that you can get by means of Google Analytics comprises of-

  • Site visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Page/Visit Ratio
  • Page Views
  • Time Spent on Site
  • The ratio of New Visits, etc.

To become a Google Analytics Expert, you need to master all such reports, as analyzing them is the main job of an analytics professional. Here, I think you should know what you would be required to do as an analytics expert-

What does a Google Analytics Expert do?

Google Analytics Expert Job description includes-

As a Google Analytics Expert, you need to have expertize in data research and analysis. You should have the complete knowledge of web analytics tools and having a certification in Google Analytics is going to get you best-suited Google analytics jobs. Typical job responsibilities of Google Analytical Expert are-

  • You need to have the ability to analyze a website’s key performance metrics
  • You should also know the metrics for creating forecasts with the help of some operational and statistical tools and models of web analytics
  • An analytics expert should also analyze queries and databases. They should also produce a report on the monthly, weekly and daily basis to make a digital marketing campaign result driven
  • You would also be responsible for making different recommendations that can ensure process improvements and can help in developing policies and procedures as per the reports provided by web analytics tools

To do all these jobs, you first need to set up Google Analytics and then join a training that can help you be ready to pass Google Analytics Expert Certification exam- In the next three sections, we will talk about all these three things.

Let us start with the steps you need to follow to set up Google Analytics account-

How might you set up Google Analytics?

You can set up your Google Analytics account in a few simple steps. Let us go through those steps-

1. You need to go to com/analytics and then by tapping on “Add a new account” you can Sign UpGoogle Analytics Expert

2. You can locate the “Sign Up” button on the lower left corner of the page. Now, give all the desired information i.e. site URL, account name, time zone or region, and so forth. Then, tap on “Continue” button

Google Analytics Expert

3. Time to accept all the Google Analytics terms and conditions by clicking on given checkbox

Google Analytics Expert

4. Tap on ‘Create New Account’ and you can complete the registration process now. On the next page that will pop up after this, a JavaScript Code will be there that you have to copy and afterward you have to tap on “Save and Finish”

Google Analytics Expert

5. Now you can see the overview of your account. You can see Tracking Error here which tells that copied code is not pasted yet

Google Analytics Expert

6. So, now in this progression, you have to paste the Google Analytics JavaScript code just before the body tag (inside the code) for each page in your site

Google Analytics Expert

Finally, you have precisely set up your Google Analytics account. Sit tight for around 24 hrs and afterward return to your Google account to see your analytics data

Here and now, as you have set up your Google Analytics account, you need to practice on practical examples to understand the working of analytics. The best way to start all this is going through Google Analytics training resources. Let us discuss some amazing options that you have to master Google Analytics Training-

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Free Digital Marketing Webinar

Date: 30th Jan, 2021 (Sat)
Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)
google-analytics-expert, CCBot/2.0 (

How might you Train and Master Google Analytics?

There are two simple ways for you to do Google Analytics training- One is via the Google Analytics Academy & Second one is an Online Training Course.

Let us delve into both respectively and understand what key idiosyncrasies they have-

Google Academy Courses

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics learning community channelizes this one.

You can join this and learn key features and their implementation from Google specialists. The portion of the best Analytics Academy courses are-

  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Platform Principles
  • Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

Different Google resources available for you to learn Google analytics are- Google Analytics Academy, Google Analytics YouTube Channel, Google Analytics Blog, Google Analytics G+ Community, Google Analytics Demo Account and Google Analytics Help Center.

Opting for Google Academy Courses will let you master Google Analytics from the experts like Justin Cutroni (Digital Analytics Industry’s Most Influential Contributor and publisher of blog ‘Analytics Talk).

Online Google Analytics Training

On the off chance, that you wish to take in more practical training on Google Analytics then you should join live Google Analytics Training workshops.

Industry experts conduct these sessions and they will help you learn different metrics and reports related to analytics.

To be a Google Analytics Expert, this one is considered one of the most result driven techniques. Your training incorporates Live Instructor-led Sessions that move forward on Hands-on Projects and Assignments.

Online Google Analytics training covers every one of the aspects related to web analytics. Topics covered in Online Google Analytics Expert training are-

  • Campaign Tracking & AdWords Integration
  • Event Tracking & Virtual Page Views
  • Internal Site Search
  • Motion Charts
  • Custom Reports
  • Domains & Subdomains
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Regular Expressions
  • Cookies
  • Advanced Segments
  • Filters
  • Funnels
  • Goals
  • AdWords
  • Traffic Sources
  • Interpreting Reports
  • Tracking Code
  • Interface Navigation
  • Accounts & Profiles

Once you are trained in Google Analytics, the next thing that you need to do is applying for Google Analytics Expert certification exam.

Businesses hire Google Analytics expert who is certified- Let us understand, how you can become a certified Google Analytics Expert-

How can you pass GAIQ Exam?

GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) is a free exam and to appear in this you need to register at

You can find the complete guide on how to take your GAIQ Exam here.

Once you pass this exam, you will get a certificate from Google. The certificate will have your name, which is listed in the Google’s list of qualified individuals.

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics Expert Certification

In this exam, you need to score at least 80% marks to pass it. After joining an online training, you can participate in a sample exam at Google Testing Center. This will let you understand everything about the exam because it has the same pattern and type of questions that the original exam will have.

In case you fail the exam, you ought to wait for around 7 days and then you can reapply for this exam. GAIQ certificate that you get will only be valid for 18 Months. So, you would be required to reappear in the exam after 1.5 years to let your Google Analytics Expert certification stay updated and valid.

To get the best Google Analytics Jobs, it is very important to be a certified Google Analytics Expert- If you do all this; you can also expect really a good salary as an Analytics Expert for you.

Want to know what salary you should expect? –Let us understand that-

What is Google Analytics Expert Salary?

Once you master Google Analytics and pass the certification exam, you would be eligible to get a really good salary as a Google Analytics Expert.

As per Glassdoor, Google Analytics Expert Salary ranges from ₹3,72,400-₹23,59,952.

In the image below, salary of Google Analytics Expert in three different companies are given-

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics Salary based on Company


Salary also varies as per the city you are planning to work as a Google Analytics Expert- Let us see Google Analytics Salary in Delhi location.

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics Salary based on Location

Summing Up…

Now, the time has come to conclude this post and I hope, you would have understood how easy it is to be an analytics expert.

You need to prepare well, practice hard, have patience and show perseverance- And soon you will have all the web analytics tricks and techniques right up your alley.

Want to pass GAIQ exam in the first attempt and become a certified Google Analytics Expert? -Joining the Web Analytics Course will help you learn and execute the best strategies of Google Analytics in the most practical way possible.

In case you have already participated and passed the GAIQ exam then share your experiences with us.

If you had participated in GAIQ exam, but could not pass it- Then share all your confusions about Google Analytics in the comment section below.

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