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How to Improve Page Load Time to Impact Sales

     -     Sep 28th, 2018   -     Guest Posts, HowTo   -     2 Comments   -    , ,

What exactly is Page Load Time? If you are in the field of digital marketing, you would have surely heard of how crucial your page load speed is. The search giant Google gives utmost importance to quicker loading speed, both in SEO and Google AdWords. For a layman, load time page is nothing but the […]

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How to do Guest Blogging? – The Ultimate Guide

What is Guest Blogging? “Guest Blogging” is the most popular yet underutilized methodology of SEO. You might have heard people saying – “We are doing a guest blog post for our website and it is very effective?” Well, first of all, what is Guest Blogging? Let’s figure out. This guest blogging guide will give you all […]

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10 Amazing Tips to Secure Awesome Instagram Jobs

Instagram is a mere photo sharing app founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. With Facebook ruling the market since 2008 with much more than just photo sharing on its platform, Instagram took the time to make its place in the market. But soon, the visual appeal of the app and exclusivity of […]

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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Campaign to get Inspired From

Influencer Marketing is one of the trending and very effective marketing methods these days. The power of Influencer Marketing has captured even the big players in the market in its net. Some of the brands influenced by Influencer Marketing are; Walmart, Microsoft, Disney, Coca-Cola, Subway, Colgate etc. In this blog, we are covering the story […]

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The Ultimate Guide to become an SEM specialist

     -     Jun 8th, 2018   -     Guest Posts, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

SEM specialists are new IT employees in the market. You find them everywhere. This industry is for people who are passionate about it rather than people who enter it because it is in scope. One needs to have the affection towards data and obsession towards the working of a search engine. Also, a person who […]

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All you need to know about Digital Sales Exam by Google

Google has redefined the way businesses do marketing with their revolutionary products such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Remarketing, Google Display AdWords etc. With the increase in demand for these products, there has been high demand in the market for experts to manage these accounts for businesses, hence many Digital Marketing Agencies mushroomed who became […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Google AdWords for Business Growth

Top 10 Benefits of Google AdWords Google AdWords is the advertising platform of Google, where ads are served to users when they perform a search. Google AdWords improves the visibility of the brand and brings in faster results. Google AdWords itself is a boon to advertisers to speed the process of revenue generation. Other than […]

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10 Best Google Analytics Case Studies

Best Google Analytics Case Studies Google Analytics has various products under its umbrella such as Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager, Google Big Query etc. These products have assisted many big brands to achieve their milestones with their new and innovative approach. The power of these platforms has been beautifully captured in these […]

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PPC Guide – How to do PPC Advertising with Case Studies

     -     Mar 9th, 2018   -     Case Studies, Guest Posts, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     1 Comment   -    , , ,

PPC advertising is a huge ocean. One gets overwhelmed with the possibilities and opportunities available in this platform. It’s common to get excited as well as scared by looking at those various numbers. This PPC tutorial would help you sail through the basics of PPC den and come out as a PPC champion. Definition of […]

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Google Analytics Scope in India – Build Career in Analytics

Google Analytics scope has skyrocketed in the recent years. This article deep dives into the nitty-gritty of Google analytics and its growth. You would get a fair idea of the Google Analytics scope in India for businesses and career aspirants. Let’s start the journey to understand the scope of Google Analytics. What is Analytics? Analytics […]

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