How Dunraven Inn Generated Leads Via Microsite Marketing

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About Dunraven Inn

Established in 1970, Dunraven Inn is an affordable dining restaurant in Estes Park, Colorado. In 1970, when the restaurant opened it basically served Mexican food. But today, they have home style Italian cuisine, variety of seafood and steak selections in their menu. Dunraven Inn provides great food, service and friendly atmosphere to their customers. The restaurant is popular among locals and they have great local followings.

The restaurant has approximately 16,000 one-dollar bills all over the restaurant. The bills contain messages, memories, illustrations and even marriage proposals. When the original owner opened the restaurant he posted a good luck dollar on the wall and from there the tradition of posting bills started.dining-estes-park-coEvery year they remove 5,000 dollar from the wall and donate it to the local charities to make room for the additional bills for ongoing tradition. The restaurant is now owned by Andy Morgan and his wife Cindy Morgan. They purchased the restaurant in April 2011.

Marketing Goals & Objectives

Microsites are easy to maintain and it is very cost effective way of marketing. It also helps in increasing the better ranking of the main website of business. Microsites are the easiest way for the customers to find your product and service faster. It provides detailed information and helps in effective branding of the product and service as it is less over crowded like the main website. For effective Search Engine Optimization keywords plays an important role. Effective keyword helps business to be listed on the Google page and microsite comes with unique URL and has an assortment of keyword rich domain names. This helps in increasing the ranking of the site in search engine optimization.

With the increase in number of users in the internet platform, the businesses are looking for ways how they can target their prospective customers to increase their sales. It has increased the curiosity among the marketers to tap this new platform to promote their business.

Dunraven Inn’s main objective and the biggest challenge were to increase the visibility on search engine platform and they wanted to promote their business to the local searchers by creating a microsite for the company.

Earlier, without notice their contract with their domain server expired and they wanted a new website and local listing within a month. They engaged with Consolidated Graphic Communications for the following:

  • To get local listing by creating a microsite
  • Streamlined and fresh look for the website
  • Promote restaurant to attract the local searchers

Results Achieved

As, a result of the marketing campaign, the Consolidated Graphic Communications managed to beat the deadline was given to them. Within a month they have completed the target of creating a new website and an optimized local listing to attract the local searchers. It also helped Dunraven Inn in achieving other goals like:Dunraven Inn

  • They started getting around 200 plus conversionsa monthfrom their website

  • Their conversion rate increased with 6.8 percent
  • They have optimized Google places listing


Microsite Marketing is one the most effective tool for increasing the business reach. It helps in increasing the visibility of the company website in the search engine platform as well as increases the conversion rate of a business in a very short span of time. Microsite provides credibility to the all kinds of businesses whether it’s small or large. It helps in bringing organic traffic to the business and helps in understanding and targeting the customers better. Microsite is the platform which provides best Return on Investment (ROI) in advertising and branding of products, campaigns or projects the way it worked for the Dunraven Inn.

Microsite is not only focused on increasing the awareness of products or campaigns of business. It also helps in creating brand awareness. Microsite provides precise and relevant contents to the targeted audience which in result provides better experience to the customers. It is easy to develop a microsite and is beneficial for the promotion of campaign and seasonal products or services. Businesses can also remove it after a period of time or as soon as its requirement is over. 

The main reason behind the success and growth of the Dunraven Inn was the creation of microsite and local listing of the business. They acknowledged the importance of how local customers can play role in the growth of their business. They have used cost effective way to market their product and services for local customer targeting purpose. It does not only increased traffic on their website but also helped them to reach out to the local customers and create awareness about the brand.

Microsites helps in creating valuable Inbound Marketing opportunities to target and attract the prospective customers and drive sales. It is easy to manage and operate and keep visitors focused on specific topic, campaign, product or service. It also provides the creativity freedom to the companies. Companies can create content more appealing and creative as the main website is not part of the microsite.

 Image Credits: Dunraven Inn

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