Maruti Suzuki India League Generated 24 M+ Impressions Through Social Media

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Maruti Suzuki is an automobile  company. It deals with  manufacturing and selling  cars of various range from hatchback to sedan. It was founded in the year 1981. It’s headquarter is located in New Delhi. It is the oldest, the most loved and the most trusted brand in India in terms of automobiles. It has almost sold tenth millionth of Vehicles in India so far.

Maruti suzuki league

In the year 2013, in the month of April and May the Sixth IPL (Indian Premiere League) cricket match was played . As we all are aware that there are millions of IPL fans in India. It is celebrated as the festive season. During this time Maruti Suzuki planned a strategy which was associated with IPL6 on a Digital Media Platform and created a marketing strategy to reach out to as much people as possible. Maruti Suzuki campaign was named as Maruti Suzuki India League.  Maruti Suzuki India league generated 24 M+ impressions through Social Media. Let us look at the strategy execution which it carried out.

During  IPL season you get a large no. of audience being watching  the cricket match and it is  the most talked topic. They are completely involved in it. Maruti Suzuki decided to grab this opportunity through social media. It build a strategy choosing  IPL  theme. The main aim behind choosing this theme was to reach to the maximize people to Maruti Suzuki on social media and increase its fan base as well as the engagement rate. They  did not only wanted to create the banners and videos but they wanted to go beyond this and wanted to create their own event. Hence they designed their own game which they called it as Maruti Suzuki India League.  It was build  in the same lines as IPL match is played. To create the awareness in the public  about their game they created banners on YouTube channels and made announcements for Maruti Suzuki India league. The visibility of the banner was very massive and as IPL season was going on it easily attracted to drive the people attention to Maruti Suzuki’s campaign.

Banner on YouTube along with the IPL video

Let us look  at how the Maruti Suzuki designed a Game

 The game was created on the Facebook Page .They made compulsory for the interested audience to become a  fan of their page if  they wanted to play the Maruti Suzuki Premiere league, once the audience were fan they were allowed to enter the fan gate and play the game. Maruti created a special landing page for this and also a fan tab. Maruti Suzuki has created a perfect cricket game to entertain their fans and bring excitement.


landing page of facebook

Let us see how the game was played:

Maruti Suzuki Premier League formed a 6 teams, the fans were allowed to choose their  own team and play for them, play cricket  and  participate in the contest. Fans played a cricket game and scored the runs and also answered to the questions of the contest. The contest was conducted till a month The score was tracked by trivia. Individual was associated with one team, he has to score for his team and his individual points were added to the team score. They created an opportunity where their team scores were made viral, They also formed a leader board where they displayed best individual score as well team score, this bring excitement among the fans The winning team was also declared the  league of the season Maruti Suzuki India.

individual score

Leaderboard displaying individual score

Maruti Suzuki also customized its theme according to the Maruti Suzuki India League on Facebook Timeline images Facebook Tab, Twitter skins and also YouTube skins.

theme based images

During this contest they gain great engagement, visibility and popularity among the large set of audience. Every strategy like themes created on pages, leaderboard  been viral worked out very well. As the IPL progressed and loved, Maruti Suzuki Premiere League also become a large game among the people. IPL game was played for two months same was for the Maruti Suzuki India league and it definitely scored big in terms of its brand connection among its people. The overall reach and the visibility was outstanding for Maruti Suzuki campaign. YouTube also played a major role in gaining the popularity for Maruti Suzuki. Products video Ads and banners were showcased on YouTube which went viral.  The success behind Maruti Suzuki was its engagement rate and reach to its audience which  achieved by running this campaign.

Let us see the amazing result which Maruti Suzuki Achieved:

  • They receive 24 Million plus impressions
  • There were around 3.20 lakhs of clicks generated
  • There were more than 2.7 lakhs of game played
  • Approximately 72000 people became part of the league
  • Total time spent was 34000 minutes.

Cricket is the most loved game by Indians. There are million of people  who love to play cricket. Maruti is most trusted brand in India. Maruti Suzuki took the benefit of the event and strike when the iron was hot, that is when the IPL match was played. It is always the best marketing tactic to comprise the current trend as the medium to promote your brand as it will definitely receive high engagement rate. Maruti Suzuki had a perfect strategy of brand connect which involved lot of fun as well as engagement on the same time.

Image Credit: DSIM

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