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How to Run Twitter Ads & Optimize Twitter Ad Campaigns

How to Run Twitter Ads & Optimize Twitter Ad Campaigns

Twitter provides a brand-friendly environment that can easily let businesses reach to their potential new clients. Twitter followers add real value to businesses and according to some statistics, 69 percent of Twitter users are the part of small or medium business (SMB) on Twitter, and 90+% percent of them like to purchase from the SMBs they follow on Twitter.

Power of Twitter Ads cannot be ignored in terms of ROI and as 2016 is ending, a recent survey was conducted recently that says 64% of social media managers find Twitter as one of their most preferred social media platforms to enjoy great returns on investments. As a marketing channel, Twitter drives traffic and generates leads as 45% of Twitter users follow companies and brands that suit their preferences. That is why; it is must for businesses to include Twitter in their marketing strategy.

How to Integrate Twitter with Your Business

You need to set up your Twitter ad account for your business. Twitter Ad lets you have great advertizing experience on a relatively small budget and with its help, you can produce your tweets in front of your target audiences in more convincing and well-targeted manner. Twitter provides different kinds of Twitter Ads e.g.-

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

 All such ads are clearly marked with a “promoted” icon on Twitter and they let you interact with your audiences through promoted content in the same manner as you do through organic content. By retweetting, liking and following organic and promoted content on Twitter, your followers increase the visibility of your brand or business that ultimately converts traffic into profits. Twitter Ads represent Twitter account of your businesses to those too who do not follow you, and in case your content is useful for them, you can generate more leads, conversions and profits.

How to Run Twitter Ads

After seeing all such blings for your bucks, now you must be thinking of how to run a Twitter ad campaign successfully to reap those kinds of bonanza benefits. I will describe that later, firstly let me explain you easy steps to setup Twitter Ad account.

How to Setup Twitter Ad Account

By setting up your Twitter Ad account, you will be able to enjoy entire Twitter advertising experience. You can easily channelize your Twitter Ad campaign by settling your personal Twitter Ads Centre and to setup your Twitter Ad account, you need to complete these steps-

1. Sign-in

To ‘Sign In’ to your Twitter Ad account, firstly you need to open Twitter Ad Page. There you will be asked to enter your username and password. Once you do this, just click on ‘Sign In’.sign-in-to-your-twitter-account-to-set-your-twitter-ad-account 

2. Enter all your regional details

To enter your regional details, firstly you need to select your country from the drop-down menu– ‘Set a permanent country’. This will let you bill current currency and correct taxes with absolute accuracy as per your region’s specific tax rules.

You can also set the time zone as per your choice, by using- ‘Set a permanent time zone’ menu.

Time Zone is a one-time setting you need to do this by paying needed heed as you will not be able to change it later and only then, you should permanently save all the setting.

3. Property Set Up Your Credit Card Details

To setup your first Twitter ad campaign, now you will be required to provide your Credit Card details and for this, you need to click on your profile name (at top right-hand corner). Now you are required to ‘Set up Credit Card Payment’ by linking a credit card with your Twitter Ad Account.

4. Provide all Your Tax Status

Now you need to select your tax status from the two available choices ‘business’ and ‘personal’ tax status. To prevent your Twitter Ad account be automatically subject to Vat charges, you should select ‘Business’ option.

After this, you need to enter your company name and address and answer about questions related to your VAT ID. To go further you need to click- ‘Save tax information’.

5. Know ‘Twitter Advertising Terms’ and ‘Launch your Twitter Ad Campaign’

Provide all your credit card details and then click on ‘Twitter Advertising Terms’. Read them and try to know all the dos and don’ts of Twitter ads. Once you do this, click on ‘Proceed to Confirmation’ button.

You can also modify and correct your card details if needed by clicking on ‘Modify card details’ option. Then at the end- to launch your ad campaign click- ‘Save and launch campaign’ button. 

6. Provide Phone Number and Your Industry Details to let your Campaign be more Target-Oriented

This is the final step of setting your Twitter Ad campaign, and in this, you will be asked to provide phone number for prompt communication purposes. Additionally, you need to select your industry from a given drop down menu, that will assist your Twitter ad campaign be more target-oriented.

This step is also must and you cannot skip this one. Therefore, provide all the details and then click on ‘Save’ button.

Now, you have setup your account and next section will guide you to know exactly how to run ads on Twitter.add-contact-details-in-your-twitter-ad-account

Once you have set up your account, you have arrived one-step closure to satiate your longing to know how to run Twitter ads successfully to generate leads and ensure conversions. There are some easy steps that you need to follow to understand how to run Twitter Ads in India and they are mentioned below-

Steps to follow to Run a Profitable Twitter Ads Campaign

1. Know the Difference between Promoted Tweets & Promoted Accounts to Choose the Bes one for Your Ad Campaign

The first decision that you need to take for setting your Twitter Ads is to choose between ‘Promoted Tweets’ & ‘Promoted Accounts’ options.

  • Promoting Tweets lets your tweets appear in your audiences’ Twitter search results or Twitter streams.
  • Promoting accounts let your Twitter account’s username get displayed under the “Who to Follow” sections of your users’ home pages.

Now, the important question is how to run a twitter ad campaign by accurately choosing between Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. It is also quite easy- in case you wish to increase your followers and intensify your user-base, without any iota of doubt, you should start promoting your account.

For lead generation, you should invest your money to promote your tweets. Promoted Tweets let your tweets get crafted to advertize your Twitter Content that influences users reach to your landing pages. There, at your landing page, your Twitter users get persuaded by your offers that let them become your leads. Promotion of tweets provides great flexibility in deciding kind of content you want to use to target your audiences that let you channelize a well-customized Twitter Ad

2. Know your Target Audience to Customize your Twitter Ad Campaigns

Once you select the one from Promoted Tweets & Promoted Account Options, you need to know who your target audience is and how to run twitter ads by customizing for them. By determining your targeting criteria as per your company’s product and services, you will pay only for those clicks that will actually get converted into leads and profits.

Customizing your campaigns lets your Twitter Ads target audiences who have some interest in not only following you but also downloading your content and knowing more about your brand. Qualified leads are generated through targeted campaigns but here, it is important to know how you can customize your campaign. You need to know your options that you can target. If you promote your tweets, then you can use Tailored Audience feature of Twitter for customizing your Twitter Ad Campaign.

  • Targeting your audience as per their interest and followers will let you customize your campaign in target-oriented fashion.
  • You need to create a database of Twitter Usernames, and then you can target users who have similar interests that suit your brand or branding campaign.
  • Make a list of the top influencers in your industry and target them, as this will automatically influence other users who follow those influencers. 
  • You can also target by using keywords as this will allow you to reach audiences who tweet or search related to particular keywords.
  • Targeting by followers and interests lets you do powerful brand publicity in front of new audiences but this lets you target less qualified audience, while by targeting by keywords, you can target audiences who follow you with purchase intent.
  • You should perform A/B test by channelizing campaigns of each type with same tweets to know which one suits your

3. Try to Use Some Other Targeting Options & Create Creative Tweets

While in second step, I asked you to target your audience by interests, followers and keywords, but beyond that, there are other ways too that you need to use to target your audiences to utilize Twitter for maximum benefits. Try to target audiences by locations, genders, and devices as per your business, product or services’ characteristics.

  • In case you sell to a particular region or run a local business, you have to run Twitter Ad campaigns by targeting locations.
  • If your product/service is specifically useful for either males or females, you should target audience according to the gender that belongs to your product or service.
  • Ensuring device for your promoted Tweets by choosing a particular combination of desktop and smartphones will also aid you channelize your Twitter Ad Campaign in more acclimatized fashion. It lets you reap great benefits if your audience is regular office goers and more tech savvy.

Once you ensure adapt targeting, creative side of Twitter Ads starts. Now you need to create interactive tweets that can turn on your followers the moment they see your tweets.

  • After crafting your Tweet, you need to click on the eye icon to select Delivery Types, which are of following two types-
  1. Standard– Promotes your tweet right away to your followers as happens with organic Tweets.
  2. Promoted-only– Promotes your Tweets through your Twitter Ads

Now, you are almost done and your skepticism of how to run Twitter ads is well sorted.  Just pin-on a daily budget for your Twitter Ad campaign with a fixed maximum limit and let your ad campaigns go live. To optimize your Twitter Ad campaigns, you need to constantly watch-out your campaigns’ analytics attentively; as such close ministration optimizes your Twitter Ads to ensure better conversions and related ROI. Twitter Ads let your consumers stay engaged with your brand or business and spread your campaign. Let us discuss some of the popular types of Twitter Ads that can add value to your Twitter Advertising.

Top 5 Types of Twitter Ads for Twitter Advertising

  1. App Card- App card Twitter ads are best fit for businesses that have a mobile application. With app card, you can drive your followers to the app store and download the application. You can also showcase rating and other important features of your App on Twitter through App Card. With app-installation ads on Twitter by using App Card, more lead generation and conversion can be done through your mobile applications.example-of-app-card-twitter-ad
  1. Website Card- To increase web traffic of your website, you can use website card as Twitter Ad as this will send your Twitter users to website or landing page of your company site. Website card includes space for text, horizontal image, CTA button and link to ensure effective results. You only need to create the website card in your Twitter Ads portal, and then you can use the link in any of your Tweets.
  1. Photo Card & Gallery Card- Photo Card lets you add a full-width image with description, link and title along with your Tweet. By clicking on your image, your Twitter user will reach to your website. This impressively increases web traffic of your website. Gallery Card as Twitter Ad allows you to add variety of images related to your site in your Tweets that give an interesting preview to your Twitter users that what they will get on your site.example-of-gallery-card-twitter-ad
  1. Lead Generation Card- As Twitter Ad, lead generation card aids you collect high quality leads. You can capture email addresses of your leads through lead generation card and grow your email database. Lead generation card is designed to convince Twitter users to submit their contact details in exchange of landing page information. With lead generation card, process of email collection gets streamlined in easiest possible way.
  1. Product Card- For retailers on Twitter, product card is one of the most beneficial Twitter Ad options. You can easily display your products with a description in 200 characters along with an image, stock availability, product details and price information. Use Product card to show off your products in front of your Twitter users, as this will boost your online presence and conversion quite lucratively.example-of-product-card-twitter-ad


Giving proper attention upon all the over-mentioned steps and related Twitter Ads will let you channelize a lucrative Twitter ad campaign. Twitter Ads offer a lot of features to grow your business; however, in case you are a little overwhelmed due to lots of available option, you need to be prudent in selecting best Twitter practices for you. You may also try Twitter marketing tools like to automate the processes and know the analytics. Using 5 Twitter products prudently as per your goal will also help you in generating more leads and ensuring conversions.

5 Twitter Products5-twitter-products

  1. Followers- Looking at interest and using particular keywords will let you have more followers.
  2. Website Clicks & Conversions- To drive more people to your site and ensure more conversions; you may use Twitter’s website card tools. This redirects your followers to your site.
  3. Tweet Engagement- To create more buzz, you can select a particular topic related to your product/service/campaign and start a tweet engagement campaigns. You can choose buzzing keywords to do this.
  4. App Engagement- If you have your own mobile app then you can use apps installs or engagement campaigns to ensure more awareness about your app.
  5. Twitter Leads- You can use lead generation card to generate Twitter leads.

While ensuring proper inclusion and channelization of all these, you need to constantly have a look at your twitter goals and the audiences that you need to target. Targeting right audience and then regularly measuring your activity will let you optimize your Twitter Ad campaigns. Do remember that Twitter is the most powerful marketing platform that let your brand get connected with right audiences in real time at all the different stages of a purchase funnel.

What types of Twitter ads work best for your Twitter ad campaigns, and what are your thoughts/techniques about how to run a Twitter ad? Let us know that in the comment section below.

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