Santalia Employed Inherent Inbound Marketing Strategies To Achieve 34 % Hike In Lead Conversions

by | May 21, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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Santalia is an Australia based industry, specializing in skin care products. They develop many skin care products that have good and positive effects on humans. Most of their used formulas are a blend of Sandalwood with other active ingredients to help people get a clear, balanced skin. Santalia was created by Santalia Pharmaceuticals. Santalia had always focused on developing and commercializing the innovative, proprietary botanical products that provided their customers and patients with the healthcare benefits of sustainable harvested sandalwood. Santalia has always been committed towards the betterment of skin by conducting various experiments and creating new products accordingly. They mainly rely on sandalwood.


The main motto of Santalia is to protect the health and beauty of the planet as well as the health and beauty of their customers and their skin by extracting the benefits from the sandalwood. They only manufacture their products from sustainably grown sandal wood trees, thereby increasing their number in the world. The company’s factory in Albany, Australia has set a world example of its implementation of environmentally sustainable production methods, including burning waste wood in the biomass boiler and recycling rainwater for the distillation process. Recently, the company had reduced their water-use almost by 75% through this method.


The main challenge that Santalia had was to introduce their products in the highly competitive US markets and hence needed to gain a market share by building reliable following. To achieve this successfully they have adopted the following strategy:

• Santalia asked the Green House Agency to build an eCommerce site using the Magento platform that reflected their products themselves.

• After having an appropriate website, they then started aggressive inbound marketing of their site, which increased Santalia’s presence online from a scratch, which resulted in an increase of Santalia as a brand in the US.

• They implemented a 30 Day Clear Skin Challenge to encourage the consumers to try the brand for themselves with no risk.

• They integrated their eCommerce site with Hubspot in order to have a look at their analytics and improve themselves day by day.


After implementing several inbound marketing strategies, Santalia has achieved the below results:

• Santalia had achieved a dramatic increase in their website traffic after six months. Almost about 43% of the traffic had come from organic sources.

• 65% of its keywords ranked in top 10. Santalia currently ranks for about more than a hundred keywords, with about 57 keywords ranking number one, 88 keywords ranking in the top 3, and 127 keywords ranking in the top 10.

• Achieved 34% increase in lead conversions.

• Monthly web traffic from social media almost grew 20 times.

Associating itself with the Green House Agency proved to be a boon for Santalia in establishing itself as a brand in the US. Today everyone in the US recognizes Santalia as an effective skin care brand.


An engaging presence on several social media platforms, improved Santalia’s web traffic tremendously. Using HubSpot provided a detailed view on how visitors were interacting with the website and followed-up with customized email marketing based on their purchase record. This helped them understand their customers better. By implementing the 30 day skin challenges made them reach their customers in a very effective way. However at the end the aggressive and inherent inbound marketing techniques helped Santalia establish themselves as a world renowned brand.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Being an Australian company, Why Santalia was so keen to develop market in USA? What is the business objective of Santalia? What was the concrete learning of the company after using inbound tools? The matter mentioned in the learning column reflects the benefits of the company, not particularly its learning.

  2. Raj shekar

    Very Good article demonstrating the power of inbound marketing and its power in getting quality leads. A must tool for the new generation companies who want to excel in this digital world.

  3. Dipty Bisen

    @Indrajit, in your question itself locate their current business objective that is they needed to gain market share and wanted to expand their brand loyalty tht’s why they released particular product line targeting Saturated US market since joined with greenhouse agency which related with their product identity.

  4. Dipty Bisen

    @Nikita However it would have been more apt to describe what challenges they faced and describing what they’ve learned whist facing challenges however nice follow-up of the brand identity and strategies related their goal 🙂


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