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10 Amazing Tips to Secure Awesome Instagram Jobs

Instagram is a mere photo sharing app founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. With Facebook ruling the market since 2008 with much more than just photo sharing on its platform, Instagram took the time to make its place in the market. But soon, the visual appeal of the app and exclusivity of […]

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5 Best Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Business

Instagram Stories Social Media is all about sharing stories from our life on a day-to-day basis. That is why it is called social media because it enables us to stay in touch with what’s happening in our near and dear’s lives and get to know what is happening in their lives. The advancement in Artificial […]

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7 Quick Tips to Boost Your Ad on Instagram Campaign

     -     Jun 5th, 2017   -     Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Instagram Advertising for Your Brand Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms going right now.The beauty of Instagram is that it’s a creative platform.Instagram now has more than 600 million users That’s a big audience.As Instagram ads are quickly evolving, businesses now have the option to not only increase brand awareness but to also, increase […]

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12 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

     -     Mar 17th, 2016   -     Guest Posts, Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

Everyone loves Instagram for its picture-sharing feature. But, that is just one part of it. On a larger scale, it is a way of branding yourself with an impact. For businesses, this means marketing your brand and getting more exposure. Nowadays, every business is focusing on Instagram-centric strategy and there is a reason for it. […]

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Top 4 Tools For Effective Marketing On Instagram

“Pinterest and Instagram are fundamentally different compared to the first generation social networks like Facebook and Twitter,” This is what Nick Mueller, head of content marketing at Piqora, San Francisco, thinks and truly so. The Piqora executives were invited to Luxury Interactive 2014 where they shared their own view and knowledge about one the most […]

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Did You Know? Instagram Offers New Explore Page Search Options

Instagram is the most loved photo and video sharing network which allows the users to share the photos and videos instantly and that too in a real time. You can capture any good moment of yourself, or some place or product and you can upload it on Instagram through your iPhone or android phone and […]

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Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Through Instagram

Usage of Images on social media platform is very unique concept now days. Images create a great impression on your viewers and have a better engagement rate. Altogether the social media channels like Facebook, Google plus Twitter allows users to post an image content. On the other hand there are also some other popular social […]

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4 Tips To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

It is very important that the marketers should be familiar with the social media platform that they intend to use for their business. Prior to start using any social media channel for a product promotion or brand building, one needs to ensure that a proper research has been done on that social media channel and […]

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7 Tips To Use Instagram In Social Media Marketing For Sending The Message Across

     -     Nov 3rd, 2014   -     Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

About Instagram Instagram is an online social networking platform that enables its users to share their moments through photographs and videos. In other words, a world connected through photos that gives a glimpse of their lives to family and friends through the snaps. The name Instagram comes by combining two words, Instant and Telegram and thus, became […]

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15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your Restaurant

Many restaurants want to use social media tools in their marketing mix, but they don’t know how to implement it to generate more engagement and get more customers walking through their door. Here are 15 top social media marketing tactics for restaurant business that will attract more customers. Think like a customer: When promoting a […]

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