10 Amazing Tips to Secure Awesome Instagram Jobs

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Instagram is a mere photo sharing app founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. With Facebook ruling the market since 2008 with much more than just photo sharing on its platform, Instagram took the time to make its place in the market. But soon, the visual appeal of the app and exclusivity of photo sharing not only got the attention of the market but the big giant Facebook as well.

When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, Instagram had a mere 30 million users. Currently, Instagram has a huge user base of 500 million. In the first quarter of 2016, Instagram has shared 10% of Facebook revenue by contributing $570 million and proving the acquisition as the right move of Facebook.

Instagram with its increase in user base opened gates for businesses to promote their product/service. With visually appealing creatives, brands are nailing it by gaining followers and ultimately customers from this platform.

With all this, there incepted a profession of Instagram Marketer. An Instagram marketer is a person who promotes a brand on the platforms, gains followers and thereby consumers. But it is not as simple as it sounds. It is a highly competitive platform.

An Instagram marketer needs to carve intrinsic strategies carefully and implement it with high efficiency and consistency. Instagram jobs India, Instagram jobs London and other parts of the world are in high demand.

Well, don’t worry. In this article, we are presenting you 9 awesome tips to get you awesome Instagram jobs. Let’s get started!

9 Awesome Tips to get Instagram Jobs

1.) Become an Instagram Influencer

Types of Instagram Influencer

Before we get into who is an Instagram influencer, let’s unravel one of the biggest opportunities for digital marketers, especially social media marketers to prove their skills.

Let’s say you are aspiring to be an accountant? What way do you prove your skills to a prospective employer?

The answer is by having a relevant education, able to solve problems in the interview process and finally impress the interviewer by giving convincing answers. The whole process looks flawed as it doesn’t help to understand the potential of the candidate for employer and same way, the candidate can’t showcase all their abilities. But such profiles don’t have a choice.

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Thankfully, social media marketing aspirants such as Instagram jobs seekers have a great opportunity to showcase their skills.

Before you start marketing other companies, you should market yourself. Yes, personal branding is the best first step in the search for the perfect Instagram jobs.

Through self-branding, you learn everything required to promote an Instagram profile. You have got hands-on experience.

 If you succeed in creating your brand, you get to sponsor products and earn commissions, free products, free tips etc. Well, who doesn’t want an extra penny!

2.) Build a strong profile on freelancing websites

You have got your profile up on Instagram. You are an influencer already. Great, that’s a good first step!

Now it is time do some real business. With your charming Instagram profile, you should handle Instagram profiles of real businesses may be startups.

Freelancing websites are one of the best ways to expand your horizon and keep your wheel running.

It is crucial to keep your profiles up to date, search for the right projects and bid modestly to acquire projects. Until you set your reputation on the freelancing websites, it is crucial to maintain a very competitive quote.

Pro tip is getting first few projects through referrals, do a good job and ask your clients to review on freelancing platforms with genuine feedback. This will help you kick start.

3.) Create a strong presence on the web with Instagram Marketing Content

One more awesome way to showcase your skills and get the attention of prospective employer is by hosting a website and producing content related to Instagram Marketing.

Look at it this way!

Your prospective employer or client would search for ways to do Instagram marketing or any other query regarding Instagram marketing. If your content is right on the first page of search engine, prospects discover it, consume your well-written content, discover you or your company and eventually become your customer. This whole process is a way to build trust with your prospects.

4.) Be pro in Facebook Ads Manager


In order to succeed in Instagram marketing, it is necessary to spend some money to get your brand out there.

If you don’t know it already, Instagram ads are run through the Facebook Ads Manager platform.

In Facebook ads manager, one can select the placement of ad where you can select Instagram. You can choose your target audience with vast methodologies available in the ads platform.

Facebook ads manager is an overwhelming platform with various options to help marketers to present their content to the right audience and drive the right action. You can read in detail about What is Facebook Marketing and learn more about Facebook ads manager.

5.) Know the nitty-gritty of Instagram platform

Though Instagram is just a photo sharing platform, its features have increased drastically. Currently once can post images with splendid filters and editing option, stories with creative & funny filters and the carousel of images!

Along with these 3 ways to share content on Instagram, there are multiple concepts which have taken birth such as hashtags. Right usage of Instagram hashtags can ensure higher visibility for your posts to the right audience.

Some of the best practices of Instagram are consistent posts, creating trending hashtags, shoppable posts etc.

6.) Build an Impeccable network

Social media marketing is all about building a community and in turn building loyal followers for your brand, Instagram is no different.

One of the best ways to build community and network on Instagram is by shoutouts – networking with influencers whose followers are your target audience, make a deal with them to promote your product or service and enjoy the increase in your followers count.

The other ways are cross following relevant profiles, commenting, mentions, tags etc.

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7.) Ability to Build the Brand Story

Instagram marketing isn’t simply about posting visually attractive images (it is very crucial, but it’s just not it)

Marketing is all about the ability to convey your brand’s message to the audience.

In Instagram, you need to build the brand story visually.

For some inspiration, the brand @labellife is best!

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8.) Being creative is the basic necessity of Instagram Marketer

Do you know? On an average, 60 million photos are uploaded on Instagram daily.

Woo!!! That is a scary number.

If you really want to stand out among this humungous number of images, creativity is the key ingredient.

Creativity can be in the form of anything; making creative campaign strategies, formulation of creative content, creativity in capturing your product or service.

There needs to be something out of the box to stand out from those 60 million photos.

9.) Copywriting & photography skills are the musts

The one major skill required in marketing is the ability to make super amazing strategies.

When it comes to Instagram marketing, there are 2 more added; copywriting & photography skill.

By this, we don’t mean you should buy the expensive DSLR & go out on solo trips to get your first album or put on those nerd glasses and bury yourself in novels to improve your writing.

The whole agenda is you should have the knack. The knack of choosing the best photos and the knack of framing catchy & timeline description.

Are you ready to get perfect Instagram Jobs?

We think you are all set with these 9 awesome tips. Instagram jobs ads and Instagram jobs openings are all over the internet. There is surely high demand. The only scarcity is the right supply.

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Instagram marketing jobs are one of the challenging jobs filled with extreme fun. Who doesn’t love to be on social media all day? When your work demands it, that is like heaven on earth.

Instagram jobs salary is also pretty decent compared to other profiles. With all its fun elements, the job is pretty competitive. With these tips, get relevant social media marketing certification to give your career a boom!

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