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Why Mobile Search Engine Optimisation Is A Must?

Mobile Search Engine Optimisation In this ever-growing technology world, mobile has become an important part of one’s life. The main reason behind its importance is because it is handy to use and it is present whenever required. People these days prefer searching and shopping more using mobile phones and its important for any business is […]

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5 Essential Tips for Building a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

With the use of smartphones continually rising if you do not have a mobile marketing strategy you need to build a successful mobile marketing strategy or miss out on a large number of potential customers.  It is not just smart phones either, now there are wearables as well. The majority of people worldwide are using […]

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Starbucks Reaps The Benefit Of Mobile Marketing Strategy: Case Study

     -     Jul 11th, 2016   -     Case Studies, Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

ABOUT- The Starbucks Story Starbucks, the coffee outlet ,which launched one of the most triumphant Mobile Marketing Strategy till date which resulted in significant adoption rates,with an estimated 11 million people signing up for Starbucks app.  This is really paying off with company itself reporting 6 million transactions through the program occurring every month, which shows its […]

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Google Destination Enables To Plan Your Trip

     -     Mar 10th, 2016   -     Buzz of the Week, Mobile Marketing, News   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Most of you might be reading this blog via your smartphone. There are more than 200 million internet users accessing through mobile. Without any doubt, along with these millions and millions of mobile internet users in India, there are more and more adding up by each progressive day. According to the recent statistics, over 50 […]

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10 Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

     -     Feb 26th, 2016   -     Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Today with the advent of smartphone technology, mobile phones are slowly replacing desktops and even laptops. Today in India, 8 people possess a mobile phone in every 10 people. As the usage of mobiles and mobile internet services increases, the marketers of corporates should be on their toes to implement mobile marketing in their marketing […]

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Interview With Sanjay Mehta, Business Owner And Jt. CEO, Social Wavelength

Sanjay has been an early Internet entrepreneur, and with 15+ years of experience, at a hands-on level, he would also be one of the most experienced in this space in India. Sanjay Mehta co-founded his first startup,, back in 1998 and ran it for 9 years, before divesting and exiting in 2007. Then, he […]

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6 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In Near Future

With anticipated 6 billion Smartphone users by 2020, the M-commerce would certainly present unprecedented opportunities for businesses around the globe. The ecommerce revolution has already evolved the marketing industry to be more focused on digital marketing. Digital marketing for mobile commerce is yet to be evolved as mobile marketing gains focus of more number of digital markers. Following are […]

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Forever 21 Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

     -     Oct 17th, 2015   -     Case Studies, Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Forever 21 is one of the leading fashion brands worldwide. Today, it is known to be the 5th largest specialty retailer in The United States Of America. Forever 21 started its journey in 1984, with the opening of its first store in Los Angeles. Previously, the store name was Fashion 21 but with gradual growth […]

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McDonald’s Mobile Marketing Strategy For Extended Hours Service

About McDonald’s McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of burger & fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets. McDonald’s primarily sells burgers, cheeseburgers, chicken fries, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include salads, fish, wraps, smoothies and seasoned fries. In 2012, McDonalds launched their Extended Hours service in which […]

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Urban Ladder Leveraged Mobile Marketing & Climbed The Ladder Of Success

     -     Sep 14th, 2015   -     Case Studies, Mobile Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

About Urban Ladder is a curated online furniture seller in Bangalore, India. The company offers a range of products such as beds, sofas, wardrobes, and dining among other furniture categories. Urban Ladder is present in 12 cities across India. The company handles delivery and installation of all the products it offers. Business Objectives Their  vision […]

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