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by | Apr 6, 2015 | Mobile Marketing, Webinars

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With the advent of internet being accessed on a regular basis on the mobile devices, especially in India, the need for marketers to analyze the usage and demand of internet accessibility on mobile devices is on the rise. This is the prime reason why mobile analytics and the information related to the user-friendly mobile accessible websites has been rising and shall only continue to rise. This stands true for the high-end e-commerce players that are realizing the need for mobile analytics to be studied in an in-depth manner.

You too can get insights and seek enlightening information pertaining to mobile analytics as being the driving force to fetch consumer insights via the webinar led by Theodore Hayes, Head of Analytics at iProspects Communicate 2.

Q&A During Webinar With Theodore Hayes

Q- Some applications have ethical policies that keep them from segmenting data from user policy. How bad can that be?

A- If you have an app that stops you segmenting user pages and you’re the business person who have developed the app, why would you develop it in such a way that you can’t get to the relevant page out of it. If it’s against your end policy, it is your data you should understand.

Q- Is Mixpanel a good option?

A- It is a good option, but it depends on what you want. You should really ask yourself, what price your apps should be. Mixpanels are normally $150/month, but it is lot cheaper when there are free versions available. And it depends on what you’re looking at, when you are keeping this as a requirement, and looking at your digital management strategy, you know exactly what you measure. Now, to mix our self, you use acquisition doesn’t allow you to the post click per user which is means if you look at, that very keys your business, is decade of a product for year. Strong point in real transit, is you will be doing something that you’re really interested in actual, may be you are ready to message coming on you app, then real-time analytics data is use full. But they will all get the strong points relatively since they get use to the base matrix, how well you can segment if there is any collapse. Analyze, go forward and apply your app and your analytical solution on top.

Q- Any views on what will be critical to success of
i) mobile commerce solution
ii) mobile payment solution/ digital wallet solution

A- I think the Digital wallet solution is a great one. The problem is the digital wallet solution is you can pay cash. The trick is on sticky area. You can top up your digital wallet with cash, I think that solution will work in India. You will find a lot of people who will stop, buying digital wallet.

Q- Is Appsular as good as Mixpanel?

A-  Yes Appsular is a very big one. That reason for using mix panel is that, it is used more, so I have more expertise on it. Yes, Appsular is definitely top 10 for sure.

Click Here if you wish to go through the recorded webinars and want to seek updates on the upcoming webinars.

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  1. Bhaskar Ballabh Saikia

    Quite a helpful session. Effective use of mobile analytics tools is discussed.

  2. Venkata prasanna Tungala

    Simple slides with lot of information.Theodore Hayes is expert in teaching.

    • Digital Vidya Editorial Team

      Indeed, Venkata prasanna Tungala. Glad you found it useful.


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