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Online Advertising Market: Global Industry Analysis

Online Advertising is used to make usage of the cyberspace to disseminate the ideas and intentions of launching a brand, product or service for the masses to bridge easily. This is the best way to reach the customers as it is intangible and would stay for years after the period that you have already run […]

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4 Metrics That Measure The Success Of Online Advertising

What is Online Advertising? Online advertising has become one of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign. It’s a great way to have more traffic to your site and increase business. However, it can be a serious challenge if you are not careful. First you have to decide which channels or websites you […]

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15 Handy Social Media Marketing Tips For Assured Business Growth

The term ‘synergy’ would be more appropriate to social media marketing than the term ‘strategy’. On social media space, the giant networking ecosystem, there is very limited scope for strategic interventions. Rather, as a marketer, your role is to create synergistic effects continuously and consistently. There your job is not to find out GAPS but […]

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3 Best Ad Designing Practices You Must Include In Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

     -     Jul 2nd, 2014   -     Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     4 Comments   -    , , , ,

An Ad is successful when the audience likes it. And when the audience likes it, it results in conversions and hence increase in sales and returns for a business. In Search Engine Marketing (SEM), these are the three main ad designing practices one must pay attention to : Ad Copy: For any advertising to be successful, the […]

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4 PPC Tips To Cut Down Your PPC Cost And Attain Success With SEM Strategy

     -     Jun 30th, 2014   -     Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     4 Comments   -    , , , ,

The ultimate aim of starting a business is to make profits. And profits as everyone understands, happen when sales are high and costs are less. So for any strategy to succeed, the costs incurred on achieving the goals of the strategy have to be minimized. Likewise for the success of an SEM strategy, one has to cut down […]

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20 Creative Ideas To Rock On Social Media And Generate Leads Through Visual Content

The importance of ‘visual content’ is undisputed everywhere. People prefer a photograph or a video or any other visual content over text or verbal explanation to take final decision, including purchasing. Be it a marriage negotiation, selection of an interior designer, choosing a product or service, presenting the research report or performance to the board, […]

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My Cuban Store Used Search Engine Marketing Techniques Efficiently To Reduce Conversion Costs By 29%

About My Cuban Store: Born out of entrepreneurial spirit, ‘My Cuban Store‘ was started by Alexis Martin in 2002. He started the retail internet business by selling Cuban Memorabilia i.e. things that belonged to Cuba’s history, a classic era. Items sold were currency, coins, books, art etc. Later on, Alexis decided to add Guayabera Shirts […]

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8 Social Media Marketing Tips For Sucessful Facebook Advertising Today

The physical world has boundaries, but the virtual world does not. As a marketer on social media, you need to be an achiever, who knows how to accommodate with the fast changing digital media space. To be a successful social media marketer, you need to be an effective watch-dog to understand and track the flow […]

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MTS India Used Social Media Marketing Tactics To Reach Over 8 Million People Online

About MTS: MTS or Mobile TeleSystems is a company providing messaging, broadband, data and wireless voice services in India. It is a subdivision of Russian group ‘Sistema’ and provides its services across India. In India, it is headquartered at New Delhi. In the year 2012, it enjoyed more than 16 million customers. Business Objective of MTS:  During the […]

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5 Tips While Preparing Your PPC Campaign

Advertisers using PPC campaigns find tough time looking for the right mix of strategies for their product or service. As a business you would like to maximize your ROI through these campaigns, So what is that right mix? Here are 5 tips for a successful PPC campaign:- 1. Geo Targeting When you want to target only […]

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