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Personal Branding Using Social Media: Webinar Recording

Branding is an inevitable activity for not only business entities but also for individuals who want to flourish as a brand. To ensure the essentiality of planning the basics of social footprint, learning about best practices from social media gurus and adding social media personal branding as a habitual activity, Karthik Srinivasan, National Lead, Social, Ogilvy & […]

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How Webinar Marketing is a Key to Brand Building: User’s Manual

     -     Jul 25th, 2017   -     Social Media Marketing   -     2 Comments   -    , , ,

In this digital era, business is emerging with digital trends in marketing whether it is social, viral videos, blogs, Ad campaigns etc. , but webinars need to be kept on the forefront for online marketing strategies. Let’s discuss how Webinar Marketing is being conducted. Best thing of this tool is that it can be accessed […]

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12 Fundamental Components Of Social Media Marketing Explained

Utilizing Social Media Marketing for showcasing can empower independent venture hoping to promote their scope to more clients. Your clients are interfacing with brands through web-based social networking, consequently, having a solid Social Media Marketing promoting arrangement and nearness on the web is the way to take advantage of their Competitors. On the off chance […]

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5 Best Practices In SEO To Boost Business On Social Media Platform

Social media has a massive effect on search results, and a strong social presence can enhance the search rankings. Social media marketing and SEO are two sides of a coin. Both are organic, inbound planning that focuses on creating a unique identity that naturally attracts visitors. Since social media is dependent on quality rich content […]

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5 Ways to Optimize Adobe Muse Sites for Search Engines

Here are few of the missing links of the small but often most critical factors in building and launching a successful website – SEO made with Adobe Muse. Day by day there is an increasing number of great websites made with Adobe Muse. Below are a few essential tasks for print designers new to the web do […]

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10 Essential Elements of Social Media Marketing Decoded

There is a paradigm shift in marketing. The world claims it, but how many can define it? Talk of Social Media Marketing? OMG- Oh my God, there is a sea change in the way social media marketing is done today. Well let’s demystify what it means? And to understand the 10 Essential Elements of Social […]

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5 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing can be Effective In UAE

     -     Feb 21st, 2017   -     Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Why Facebook Marketing? 1.1. Facebook is largest social media network in the world and it is very easy to use also. Facebook has 1.3 billion active users and out of this 62% of them login daily. With such a large user base Facebook marketing will be one of the good options for marketers. Facebook has […]

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Interview with Shreshtha Mathur, Reliance Jio, Social Media Lead

Shreshtha Mathur is a small town girl with over 10 years of work experience, 7 years in Social Media Marketing and Brand Management. She has worked on various brands and campaigns, like Idea, Tata Capital, Ambi Pur, Kellogg’s, Tata Value Homes, Airtel etc…  Currently handling Reliance Jio’s Social Media Marketing and Digital Campaigns, Shreshtha utilizes the […]

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Role of Social Media in Indian Politics

Social Media & Indian Politics The Election Study about “Social Media and Politics” is very much diversified. This study is an in-depth analysis of 2014 Elections. The success of BJP’s online campaign in 2014 Lok Sabha election was phenomenonal. Other parties also went up with the same way. All parties played war to spend on […]

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10 Tips to Become a Great Marketer on Social Media

     -     Dec 26th, 2016   -     Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

For becoming a marketer you must know how to post the content on social media platforms but to become a great marketer you should know what to post and when to post. You should follow some strategies to reach out to right and maximum number of people to get more people engaged to you making […]

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