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Video Marketing: A Leading Marketing Trend in 2018

     -     May 29th, 2018   -     Digital Marketing, Guest Posts   -     1 Comment   -    , ,

Every day, people watch billions of videos. Bloomberg reports that 10 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every day, TechCrunch reports that 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day and videos on Instagram are climbing rapidly in popularity. Riding the wave, even Twitter started to show view counts on their videos as businesses look for more detailed […]

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3 Ways How YouTube Video Will Increase Your Sales

A great YouTube video marketing Strategy can quickly grow your business online and how will you ensure that you are using a right platform or a right approach to showcase your targeted audience your content in a better way. YouTube You can consider YouTube the best video marketing platform in the world where you can […]

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Video Marketing: The New Found Love of Every Marketer

With the emergence of the of the Digital Media, its mass reach and influencing force, Video marketing has not only made its way towards overshadowing any other form of marketing but is also gaining huge popularity by attracting the maximum user engagement. The visual medium has fascinated the masses since its inception. It is hidden […]

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Webinar Recording: Video Marketing Strategies & Best Practices

     -     Nov 19th, 2016   -     Social Media Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

Companies using videos grow 49% faster than those who don’t invest in video marketing. Therefore, if you have not integrated videos to your marketing plan, then you are missing out an opportunity that might cost you a lot. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Big brands are investing extensively in […]

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Dollar Shave Club Uses Video Marketing & Social Media To Create Disruption in Men’s Grooming Market

Globally, ‘Men’s Grooming Market’ is over $ 18 Billion and expanding; and is estimated to touch over $21 billion in revenue in by end of 2016. Gillette owned by FMCG giant Procter & Gamble Co., controls over 66% of the total global market for men’s razors and blades*. Gillette founded by King Camp Gillette, is […]

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Instagram’s Video Count Feature Would Boost Video Marketing Campaigns

Currently, marketers have shifted their focus on online advertising because the expenses incurred for conducting a campaign is much lesser than the conventional media vehicles. Competition is an external factor that cannot be controlled overnight. However, making a note on how consumers access and use information can help a marketer to design campaigns accordingly. Most […]

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Social Media Marketing On YouTube Platform

Look at the above figures, so have you gone through all the points got the stunning answers– Right! for the question why to use “Youtube” as a one of the tools for your social media marketing? so what basically the youtube is? It is the video sharing website which allows users to view, rate, […]

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Learn To Leverage Video Content To Generate, Qualify & Score Leads

We have perceived till now that images creates a great impact on our audiences while posting on social media. But do not forget that now Video Content has better engagement rate compare to  text posts. Now a days the approach towards the way of marketing is changed. Including  Video in your post  is a way […]

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3 Ideas To Generate Business Through YouTube Videos

     -     Dec 30th, 2014   -     Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

YouTube is considered to be second largest search engines and termed to be bigger than search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. But can it help in generating businesses also? It is found that more than 4 billion YouTube video views are seen every day through PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. This amazing figure of […]

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8 Tips To Set Your SEO Campaigns Right Through Videos

     -     Aug 27th, 2014   -     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   -     0 Comments   -    , , , , , ,

Digital Marketers are now focusing on videos to set their SEO campaigns right and to generate interest in their activities. It has become an inseparable part of the digital marketing mix. Videos have several benefits for marketing, and the most important is the visual content which communicates more than traditional articles, pictures and ads. Videos […]

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